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I wrote a book, The Case for Trump, in an effort — as an outsider who has no career investment in Trump and has never met him or visited the Trump White House — to analyze how and why Donald J. Trump was elected president and why his agenda so far has been successful. One Gabriel Schoenfeld has just published a hysterical attack on that effort in the Bill Kristol–Charles Sykes new Bulwark, and it is emblematic of that venue’s promised Never Trump ad hominem assault on individual supporters of the president.

In his review, Schoenfeld tosses out names such as Carl Schmitt and Martin Heidegger, the Third Reich Jew-haters in service to Hitler, to suggest, with a wink and nod, that I play a comparable role in relation to Trump.

Hanson adds more specifics on the disgusting cuck Schoenfeld’s ham-handed smear-job, then strops his razor and cuts the boob to ribbons by the numbers, rounding the righteous bloodletting out thusly:

Schoenfeld only fuels the popular perception of The Bulwark Never Trumpers as an angry, coastal elite who are anguished that their warnings about Trump were ignored by both hoi polloi and their conservative “grifters and trolls.” In careerist fury, he now damns others for his own self-immolation — as if the country must suffer for the sins of not listening to his own genius, which would probably have given the country a 16-year Obama-Clinton regnum.

That Never Trumpers at The Bulwark were wrong about the Trump nomination, the general election, and the first two years of the Trump administration seems only to have fueled their spitefulness. If Schoenfeld is representative of this rump movement, then they are engaging in projection.

How strange to suggest that writing a book about why Trump got elected and why he has done well is proof of one’s careerist effort to gain favor with a politician or perhaps find employment in his administration. This is a charge against those who have never worked in a campaign or sought administration employment, leveled by those who most certainly have done one or both in the past and no doubt will in the future — at least if they can pull off yet another careerist contortion in 2024.

The bitter hostility of Schoenfeld reflects the Trump-assassination theme pushed by celebrities. Just as Madonna, Kathy Griffin, and Johnny Depp vie to see who can most grotesquely envision Trump’s death, so too Never Trumpers seek ever-more-creative ways to gnash their teeth at Trump and his supporters. Instead of trying to smear those with whom they disagree, they might have at least offered a coherent defense of their own creed, such as it is.

Instead of shrill charges and exclamations, Schoenfeld might have explained why Trump got elected, and why the preferred candidates of The Bulwark did not. And why have Republicans not won 51 percent of the presidential vote since 1988, in an era when they’ve done well at the state and local level? And, most important, why exactly do Schoenfeld and his associates oppose a president who has enacted a conservative menu that was once mostly their own? Why do they attack a president who is trying to stop a neosocialist agenda that was once likewise anathema to them?

Were some always closet progressives, and have they now found Trump hatred a convenient entrée into the progressive world? Or is it that Trump’s agendas must be stopped because his handprints on them soil what they once favored? But for that paradox to be credible, the Never Trumpers would have to show us that past successful presidents have not engaged in behavior comparable to Trump’s during his tenure and therefore did not earn commensurate outrage from them, or that the current hatred of Trump is not due in part to singular media bias and a new electronically wired age.

Would they argue that the mostly unreported details of the White House behavior of FDR, JFK, or Bill Clinton, or the past business and career practices of Harry Truman or LBJ, nullified their presidencies, or that the behavior of these presidents was more reprehensible than Trump’s in the White House?

Like it or not, most Americans do not always have the choice to vote for presidents largely on the basis of their personal comportment rather than on the issues the candidates embrace and the likelihood that they will keep campaign promises and seek to carry them out — and can win the election. Nor do non-elites see candidates in a vacuum, without regard to the alternative.

“Little rocket man” may or may not be a puerile presidential outburst, but not achieving annualized 3 percent GDP growth for a decade, or leaving the border wide open, or writing off the industrial heartland, or doing little to address minority unemployment — or for 20 years soberly and judiciously giving billions to the Kim dynasty as it sought its present arsenal of nuclear-tipped missiles pointed at the West Coast — may be a far greater moral sin.

If America had listened in 2016 to such Never Trump advocacy, we would now be in the eleventh year of a likely 16-year Obama-Clinton continuum, a tenure well on the way to completing the much-vaunted fundamental progressive transformation of the country — to the detriment of millions of Americans. Donald Trump for the time being has interrupted that arc of history. In 2020, he will likely be the Republican nominee. The Manichaean choice will be between his policies of 2017–20 and what is shaping up as a radical neosocialist agenda not seen in 90 years that will include, but not be limited to, an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic venom, veritable legal infanticide, reparations, the Green New Deal, the abolition of ICE, virtual open borders, a wealth tax, a 70–90 percent top income-tax bracket, Medicare for all, and who knows what else in the next two years.

That’s a lengthy excerpt of a lengthy piece, admittedly, but I would have liked to include even more of it. However, there’s a grotesque irony involved that we need to get to, which I’ll let Ace lay out for ya:

Meanwhile: Guess how David French stands up for his colleague Victor Davis Hanson?

By doing a podcast with Charlie “3-Wives” Sykes, who commissioned the hit-piece on Hanson.

A friend says: “Victor Davis Hanson must quit NR over this.”

That, or make it clear that either French goes, or he goes.

Or maybe he should just tell Lowry: Professional courtesy is out the window, now; David French is a valid target for me. And if you don’t like it — fire me, and explain to the donors why French gets special privileges and I get a pink-slip.

Yes, I like that best. Put the coward Lowry into a position where he has to make a decision.

What venomous, sneaky little shits.

I got nothing whatever to add to that. Hanson is a giant bedeviled by midgets: a better conservative, a better writer, a better thinker, and a far better man than any of these bothersome blowflies. Be sure to check out Ace’s post for Julie Kelly’s Tweet, too. As the man said: venomous, sneaky little shits. And still they wonder why Real Americans flatly told them to fuck off and die in 2016, and why their increasingly hysterical hissy-fits have been ignored and mocked ever since.




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