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Giving up the ghost

Looks like the Democrat-Socialist effort to separate Trump from his base of support is beginning to bear fruit, as folks disappointed with his lack of progress on core issues begin to announce they’re all done with him, while others begin to feel their faith in his ability to wrest change from a calcified superstate ebbing.

Sadly, some of their gripes have merit: Trump’s baffling staffing choices; his misplaced faith in the essential soundness of our broken system; his hesitation and backpedaling on withdrawal from Syria; his recent inexplicable reversal on immigration; his failure to go balls to the wall on any of his primary agenda items—all are beginning to wear on at least some of his supporters. Even Vox Day, as staunch as he’s been, is speculating on the prospect of failure and proposing a possible alternative candidate for 2020:

If the God-Emperor cannot, or simply will not, build Americans their promised wall, drain the swamp, stop the foreign invasions, repatriate the post-1965 immigrants, or put America first, then perhaps Americans need to turn to a leader who is actually capable of leading his nation on its behalf…

His audacious alternative? Well, see…ummm…it’s, like…well, uhhh…

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian women for everything they do in life, like taking care of the home and staying beautiful. He made the remarks to a group of Russian female policewomen on International Women’s Day, which was celebrated throughout the Soviet Union.

“You manage everything at work and at home, whilst staying beautiful, bright, and charming,” Putin said, adding that “It is hard to imagine the history and development of our country without the contribution of the great Russian women.”

“What does a young woman need to maintain her figure? Three things: a workout machine, a masseuse and a suitor,” Putin told the police officers….

“Our women’s ability to achieve success is remarkable. You manage to cope with everything at work and take care of the family. Your love unites, encourages, supports, consoles makes us feel warm,” reported Russian state news agency TASS on Putin’s official comments.

“You are destined to go the whole way of creating new life – the miracle of childbirth. This great happiness of motherhood and child-rearing transfigures this world, fills it with kindness, gentleness and sympathy and asserts the traditional values that have always made Russia strong,” Putin said.

Heh. What the hell, I’m down with it. With traditionalist views like that and the guts to come right out and nakedly espouse ’em, we could do worse. All kidding around aside, though, Vox knows our real problem:

Don’t get me wrong. President Trump remains the best available option for the USA. He has exceeded expectations and is one of the best Presidents the country has ever had. But unfortunately, it appears he was too little, too late. And as I warned from the start, there was very little chance that a civic nationalist would be up to the challenge posed by the realities and social rifts of a waning multiethnic, multireligious empire.

Pretty much what I said all along too. I expected Trump was going to do things I wouldn’t like. I also considered the notion that he could somehow magically reverse 60 years of decline and bureaucratic mission-creep overnight, in the face of virulent opposition from both wings of the Uniparty status-quo establishment, to be little short of ridiculous. So I can’t say I’m overly frustrated with him just yet; it’s all gone pretty much the way I figured it would, although I do find the above-mentioned immigration flip-flop in particular disturbing. But for anybody still holding out any hope at all for positive change short of open revolution and bloodshed, Trump remains the only game in town: he’s still the only guy even talking about most of these things, let alone making any honest attempt at, y’know, actually doing them.

Which doesn’t alter the likelihood that we’ll get violent revolution anyway, mind, no matter what Trump or anybody else does. The Deep State is neither reformable nor removable by political means. The long-running Uniparty distraction and masquerade has about run its tired, shabby, circular course. The Left’s genocidal intentions for us have now been openly declared. Things are falling apart; the center cannot hold. Robert Gore tots it all up:

As the middle class watches the America it once knew and cherished collapse, and comes to understand why, it realizes its head is on the chopping block. A bright middle-schooler can see that the Green New Deal will bring the economy to a shuddering stop and plunge many who have managed to escape so far into poverty. Yet the Democrats’ leading lights rush to praise the imaginary raiment of would-be empress Ocasio-Cortez.

The middle class has always aspired to better things—the American dream. Talk of 70 percent or higher tax rates and wealth taxes capitalizes on hatred of the rich, it’s open season. Why work and sacrifice to get rich if the government gets it all? Take away middle class dreams and you may well be taking away the last thing that keeps them paying their taxes, observing the law, supporting the troops and police, in short, everything that from the vantage point of the ruling class, “keeps them in line.”

What began as a gentle squeeze a century ago has become python-like constriction. Government has drained economic vitality and shuttered opportunity as the once politically stable, prosperous, and optimistic middle class dwindles. A few still reach the upper echelon, but most are consigned to creeping poverty, blunting the economic consequences with credit and the personal consequences with cannabis, alcohol, opioids, pornography, and promiscuity. It’s only going to get worse as debt grows, massive unfunded medical and pension liabilities come due, taxes rise, economies shrink, and promises are broken.

The ruling class has backed the middle class into a corner. Shoving them into poverty and vanquishing their dreams amounts to an unprecedented and dangerous experiment. Aristocratic arrogance, condescension, exclusivity, and isolation add to the combustibility. Yet they remain steadfastly oblivious to the rising anger and the risks. They don’t even recognize the danger of billing the governments they control (or the global one they want to create) as the solution to all problems. Who’s going to get the blame when things fall apart?

Love Trump or hate him, any decent, sane American simply must continue to hold out hope for him to succeed against all odds. The alternative—unpredictable, uncontrollable, irreversible, horrible—just doesn’t bear thinking about.


10 thoughts on “Giving up the ghost

  1. It isn’t all about Trump. Trump doesn’t write the laws or pass budgets, CONgress does and CONgress, with a GOP majority, lead by Bitch McConjob and the Wisconsin Cheese Head for Trump’s first two years did their usual, NOTHING. Not only did they do nothing, they blocked Trump’s agenda and caved to the Dem’s ON EVERY VOTE that came to the House and Senate floor. Why did they do operate that way? Two reasons. 1. Because they can with impunity. 2. Because Trump isn’t one of them. Remember what all of the political pundits said, almost without exception, when Trump first announced his run? Clown Show, won’t make it past the first primaries, will NEVER be elected and he proved them ALL wrong. This blocking Trump at every turn is retaliation for making them look like the idiots they are.

  2. To those who consider Trump a “disappointment”, we only have one question:

    “Who’s the better choice?”

    Put up or shut up.

    Unless surrender is an option, according to those, in which case they should just shut up, because they’re no use to humanity anymore.

    1. Our founding fathers didn’t surrender. Quite the opposite. That’s another option.

  3. Yes, it’s depressing that our great hopes- of seeing the Swamp drained, or at least having some of the major criminals indicted; of stopping the flood of illegal aliens from entering our country; of restoring the Constitution and the Rule of Law, particularly the 2nd Amendment- have all been unsuccessful, at least so far.

    It’s even more depressing that there isn’t anyone who springs to mind to continue in President Trump’s footsteps to carry on fighting for what is right, and that the vermin scheming to bring him down are still scheming and plotting.

    At times like these I remember that our country’s independence also hung by a thread, until Gen. George Washington crossed the Delaware River at night during a raging snowstorm; his unexpected attack carried the day, and our war was won, against great odds and to everyone’s surprise.

    So I still have some hope. At least Hillary Clinton will never be president! And though the Swamp is dark and deep, there are still patriots striving to drain it, and remove the armored beasts from their refuges; I still have hope that one day I’ll rise to read that hidden indictments have been opened, and that recognizable names will be shrieking at being undone. One thing that IS being done is the appointment of conservative judges, so that gives me additional hope that justice may still return to this land, and that the evildoers will get their due.

    If none of that happens- then my country will go to ruin & decay, and darkness may reign for millenia. I am old, yet still hope to take a few of the vermin to my grave, and I’ll live just for that hope if all others fail!

  4. Why was Trump supported? His two main campaign promises: Build the Wall, Drain the Swamp. He is failing on both counts, and he is even backtracking. We will get more immigrants, legal and illegal. Which means a further drain on our welfare system, lower pay for workers already here, reintroduction of diseases like TB and typhoid, publik skools being downgraded even more, etc., etc. There needs to be less defending of Israeli or CofC/Koch interests, and more bolstering of American interests.

    But that needed shift towards defending the actual citizen’s interests won’t happen without a radical shift in group awareness. Not voting as a bloc hurts us pale people. Economic improvement didn’t keep every other racial group from voting for the Dems, did it? The slaves are voluntarily still on the leftist plantation, wanting their gibsmedats. Police in cities won’t enforce the law if told not to by the particular rainbow junta ruling the benighted burg, will they? Every other group is unafraid to stick together. We, on the other hand, fall for the lie that us doing so is racist. (Think about why that particular lie has been shoved down our collective throat for so long.) What it comes down to is this: At some point, people of European descent will have to start thinking as demographically as every other group, and like them, start defending their own interests. If you’re still trapped in the racism trope, you’re a deluded, self-defeating fool.

  5. My greatest fear in recent years has been, and remains VOTER FRAUD. Trump won in 2016 largely because the DNC voter fraud machine did not fully account for the Monster Vote.
    This was partly because they believed their own BS polls, which were created to influence public opinion, rather than reveal public opinion, which an honest poll is supposed to do. As a result, the DNC’s margin of fraud was not quite enough to overcome the groundswell of nationalist support for Trump.

    Ever since the 2016 the Democrat/Communists and their 5th Column mainstream media have been attempting to delegitimize Trump by saying he did not win the popular vote. But when you back out the millions of illegal aliens who voted just in California, it is obvious that Trump DID win the popular vote.

    Early in Trump’s presidency, he gave lip service to rooting out the systemic voter fraud that the Democrat/Communist party has built into the system at all levels. But unfortunately, for the most part, NOTHING has been done. As a result, the Democrat/Communist voter fraud machine is still intact. This would include voter rosters still not purged of ineligible or deceased voters, illegal aliens being allowed and even ENCOURAGED to vote, motor voter laws whose only true purpose is voter fraud, busing of voters who then cast votes in multiple precincts and counties, and electronic voting machines that communicate with each other so they know exactly how many votes to flip and where at the eleventh hour to make it look like the Democrat won in a squeaker.

    In addition, as we saw in the recent midterm elections, the Democrat/Communists have now perfected the practice of ballot harvesting, allowing them to overturn the result in an election that did not go their way. This is how numerous House seats and at least one Senate seat that were in solid Republican districts nevertheless went Democrat.

    So the Communists have learned their lesson. Even if Trump’s coalition from 2016 holds up in 2020, they will make sure this time that their margin of fraud exceeds Trump’s margin of victory. Trump has a year and seven months to do something to counter this. If nothing is done, I am afraid he will not win next year, regardless of how much his coalition from 2016 holds together.

    1. Stop being a whiny pussy. Get your head straight. Fuck those idiots @ WRSA. They are constantly bitching but have no vision of what to do.

  6. True, he has not (yet) built the Wall. And, the Dems are busy working to pass legislation that will hamstring any reform efforts.
    However, he has quietly been doing one thing right – he has, with the help of McConnell, been getting federal judges confirmed. YOUNG judges. If not all that conservative, some of them, at least not batshit crazy, which many sitting federal judges seem to be.

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