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Self-gassing Jews

Once more: the problem with liberal Jews isn’t Judaism; mostly, they aren’t religiously observant anyway. It’s that they’re liberals.

They really, really need to wake the fuck up.

The top story continues over from last night, which is what I have referred to and now underscore as officially-sanctioned Democrat Party anti-semitism as policy. And sadly, tragically actually, it is at best ignored and at worst excused by those in that party and elsewhere, putatively of the Hebrew faith. Their reason is understandable; they have been completely absorbed into the pseudo-religion/pagan death cult that is Leftism (stay tuned for the abortion segment). Others who I despise even more are the frauds who, to paraphrase Iowahawk, killed Judaism, gutted it and now walk around in its moldering skin suit and demand respect (see the link about the Palm Beach synagogue). These are the self-gassing Jooz, deluding themselves about the world around them, and cheering on those who will put others and ultimately them into the next iteration of the ovens or the mass graves. Just look at Europe, and especially Sweden to see what may very well be in store for us down the road, if it’s not already too late.

Volumes have already been written postulating on why Jews vote Democrat and think the way they do and it’s too complicated to go into here without taking up the entire blog for at least a week. For the purposes of this post, you have the twin evils of Leftism and Islam teaming up to achieve a shared geopolitical vision of destroying post-Enlightenment Western civilization, its advances, everything it stands for, and supplanting it with their own. And Bernie Sanders, Donkey Chompers, Nadler, Schumer and all the rest are in for a very rude awakening about what will happen if, G-d forbid, they succeed.

Last night’s sham of a mockery of a charade of two shams of a farce of that non-condemnation condemnation proves my point. To wit, the Democrat Party is an anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American entity that poses an existential threat to our existence. And it’s not just the party which is the political apparatus in government. It is also the media and most crucially the schools. They are acting in concert, using the very freedoms they despise to proclaim that what they are doing is in the name of preserving them. Forget Trump. It’s not even about him. It’s about all of us because we elected him and he has so far jammed a giant monkey wrench into the gears. And whether people are willing to see this or not, the choice is abundantly clear: you are either with us or with the terrorists. There is no middle ground because at this point there is no longer any common ground.

The “non-condemnation condemnation” of which Sefton speaks, in case you missed it, is this:

The House of Representatives votes Wednesday on a resolution that’s billed as a slap at Rep. Ilhan Omar over her persistent anti-Semitic remarks — but it doesn’t even mention her.

Drafted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the help of New York’s own Eliot Engel and Jerry Nadler, the measure merely denounces a host of anti-Semitic tropes, such as “the myth of dual loyalty, including all allegations that Jews should be suspected of being disloyal neighbors or citizens.”

The Post’s headline says “This isn’t even a wrist-slap over Omar’s anti-Semitic tropes,” which is certainly true, and bad enough. But does it get even worse? Of course it does.

The Democrats’ draft measure condemning anti-Semitism, which the House will vote on this Wednesday, is a useless and transparent attempt to distract from a serious problem of their own creation. The melodramatic decree mentions Alfred Dreyfuss, Leo Frank, Henry Ford, and “anti-Muslim bigotry”—because, hey, even when Jews are being smeared it’s about Islamophobia—but not once does it condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar or the strain of Jew-hatred she is helping normalize on the left. In fact, the resolution, teeming with useless platitudes, is one that even Omar could probably support.

Well, sure. Especially since the Joo-Hatin’ Democrats neutralized the sting of having to mildly rebuke a rabid JOOO!hate they actually have no quibble at all with by slipping in the all-important Islamophobia clause. Because everyone knows that’s the real problem, right?

Like I said: you self-gassing Jews better figure things out, and fast. Because the writing is on the wall, for you and for all of us: these people are NOT your friends.


3 thoughts on “Self-gassing Jews

  1. I suspect these commie idiots believe that once they take over they will be able to put the genie back in the bottle, so to speak.
    I am not a fan of isalm or its adherents however, they are not all stupid people.
    Underestimating your enemy is the first step on the path to defeat.
    Useful idiots don’t realize they are useful idiots. Maybe they’ll realize on the way to the concentration camp.

  2. Mark Matis has no comments on this?! Dude, this is a slow curve over the heart of the plate!

  3. At this point it’s a diversity game of rock/paper/scissors. The only difference is that RPS is a circular game, and no matter what you shoot, you have a chance of winning. Right now, Muslim beats all.

    Muslim beats Jew, because Omar.

    Muslim beats faggots, if you read the article about how Trump is RAYCISS because he wants to get Muslim barbarian countries to stop killing people for faggotry.

    So far, no real rankings of Muslim vs. Hispanic, but I’m betting that Muslim wins there, too. So right now we have nothing to cover Muslim.

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