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Foreign…AND domestic

ESPECIALLY domestic.

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin asserted that the sovereignty of the United States of America faces a greater threat from the modern Democratic Party than from any of her foreign enemies.

“We can deal with Red China. We can deal with Russia. We can deal with Iran. We can deal with North Korea. The problem is, when you have a cancer from within — and that’s what the Democrat party has become — that’s quite a different story. So many of the great men in our history made the point that if this country is to be destroyed, it’s going to be destroyed from within.”

Levin pointed out that not only would the agenda of the modern Democrat party eat the country from within both economically, through socialist policies, and by having open borders, but he also reminded listeners that the Democrat platform has foreign allies, too.

“Would,” Mark? Try HAS, rather. You’ll be nearer the mark.

I’ve said this in the context of fighting Muslim terrorism, but it’s gradually come to apply pretty much across the board to any conflict or confrontation we may face: if we hope to prevail against foreign adversaries, current or future, we’ll have to defeat the Democrat-Socialists first. They’re now the Main Enemy, Job One.


1 thought on “Foreign…AND domestic

  1. The Koch-sucking Rove Republicans are every bit as bad as your “Democrat-Socialists”. And NEITHER are “socialist”. They are instead Communist to the very core. Their goal is One World Government. BAMN.

    But THEY are not the REAL problem – neither the Democrats nor the Republicans. If every member of Congress – the House and the Senate – were gone tomorrow (BAMN), they would easily be replaced by any random person off the street from any hive in this country. Without ANY change in results. Are you REALLY foolish enough to think that AOC isn’t EXACTLY what her constituents want???

    The easiest way to fix the problem is to get rid of the sewage who FUND this garbage. Soros, of course. And his spawn as well, for they are ready and willing to take up his Judenrat torch as soon as his corpse is cold. Zuckerberg. Bloomberg. Gates. Schmidt. The Koch brothers. And the rest of the Davos and Bilderberg swill. Exterminating THEM will change the political landscape for the better. Failing to do that, the only way to stop the march to Communism is to wipe out the hives. And it will take over 150 million dead to do that. So what is YOUR preference?

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