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If you ban them, they won’t come

Gee, whodathunkit.

Travel Ban Ends Nearly All Immigration from Terrorist-Sanctioned Countries
President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order is proving to be one of his most effective pro-American immigration policy initiatives, stopping nearly all legal immigration from countries designated as sponsors of terrorism.

Newly released data from the State Department reveals that Trump’s constitutional travel ban on eight foreign countries, designated as either dangerous or sponsors of terrorism, has warranted big results.

The travel ban, State Department data finds, has reduced legal immigration from the eight foreign countries by about 80 percent, compared to 2016 when the ban had not been implemented yet. Six of the eight countries included in Trump’s travel ban have either sponsored Islamic terrorism in the past or have major issues with terrorism.

In the last three years of the Obama administration, the U.S. imported more than 131,000 foreign nationals from Chad, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Should the Trump administration’s travel ban continue to admit about 14,000 nationals per year from the designated travel ban countries, it would represent a more than 67 percent decrease in all immigration from these nations over the next two years.

I’d like to see the restrictions expanded, myself; aside from genuine, thoroughly-vetted refugees of a more civilized, moderate bent who might be interested in and capable of assimilating successfully (if any), there’s no demand for Muslim immigrants here, no need for them, and deadly risk involved with taking them in blind. But still, not terribly shabby for a do-nothing disappointment of a President who has failed to accomplish a damned thing so far.


2 thoughts on “If you ban them, they won’t come

  1. The simple answer is, don’t let people in who hate us, our government and our country. Sounds reasonable to me.

    1. Unfortunately, they are already HERE. And they are running the government.

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