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For you Android-phone types out there, I’ve recently given a couple of apps a try and really dig ’em. No need to thank me, gang, ust send cold hard cash.

Firstly: GMail annoys the living hell out of me. I have it set up to retrieve mail from both my Gmail account and the mike@cf one, which it pulls down handily enough. It’s after I have ’em downloaded when the trouble begins. There ain’t no batch mode in the GMail app, and for some reason lately I have been absolutely inundated with spam/scam emails of every conceivable stripe. I’m talking like two-three hundred per day here, people. Every. Fucking. Day. With no way to dump ’em except to click on each one individually, one by one by one, and then delete.

That was NOT cutting it. I needed a way to go into batch mode, hit “select all,” and not just hit delete but register the senders as spammer scum and block their domains as well. GMail offers none of these, and since Google is evil, it probably never will.

So I did some Play Store poking around for an email client and ran across Blue Mail. Installed it yesterday, went through the settings and got ’em the way I wanted ’em, and so far it’s working out great. Fast, reasonably customizable in terms of both function and appearance; works for retrieving GMail, Yahoo Mail, several others, and POP3 too. If you find yourself stuck in a hell of GMail’s making, try Blue Mail; I think you’ll be glad you did. I most certainly am.

Next: browsers. You probably already know that Chrome is…uhh, problematic, for several reasons. I used Brave for Android for a good while there, and liked it all right. But its bookmarks feature was awkward to access, and it had a few other bothersome little glitches and hitches that maybe weren’t really serious enough to be dealbreakers in themselves, but together eventually drove me to look elsewhere.

Here’s what I’ve settled on: Dolphin. I still use the new version of Brave as my primary browser on the iMac, but if the Dolphoin team ever comes up with a Mac version I might rethink that. Dolphin is the fastest Android browser I’ve yet found out there, by far. It’s more customizable than most, with theme sets, variable color schemes, third-party plug-ins, and customizable gestures and swipes. Better Flash support than Brave, ad-block capability, all sorts of goodies.

I tried an earlier version of Dolphin a few years ago on an older phone running something like Android 6 or thereabouts, then went back to Brave with a quickness after realizing Dolphin still had a ways to go yet before it could honestly be considered a fully-realized, reliable, full-featured browser app. That no longer seems to be the case, and I couldn’t be happier with it now.

So there ya go, people. I ain’t by any means any kind of software guru over here and never did claim to be, so take ’em for what they’re worth. But these are both solid little apps; they’re free, not all choked down with ads and such, and I like ’em. If you’re casting about for replacements for the standard-issue Android stuff yourself, you might consider giving these a test-drive.




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