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They’re coming

Believe it.

So many times, the things we thought could never happen did. If gun advocates continue to respond to these tragedies with the answer, “do nothing,” then I would not be surprised if in a very short time, guns are seen differently than they are today, and making them all illegal becomes a possibility. The NRA is strong, but even the NRA can not spin these massacres and buy-off enough politicians, when we’re dealing with an endless pile of dead children.

People think guns will never be taken away. But there is a tipping point and I think we’ve reached it. The time for half measures is long gone. And now guns will be banned.

Making heroin and meth illegal hasn’t worked, why would it work with guns?

That feels like a silly talking point. Are guns addictive? Can high-speed, high capacity assault rifles be grown in backyards and fields like drugs? With no high level machining, manufacturing knowledge, and capital?

Comparing guns and drugs doesn’t work. It seems like this kind of “logic” is why gun owners have lost the high ground. We know that guns can be eradicated, because it’s been done before. Many countries have drastically reduced the amount of guns in the possession of both citizens and criminals, bringing death rates from gun violence to almost nothing.

“Many”? Name three, idiot. Hell, name one, for that matter.

No reason to bother fisking this tripe point-by-point, of course. She’s full of shit, we know she’s full of shit, and it ain’t like she or any of her kind will listen to a single factual, statistical, logical, or reasonable word refuting her spurious, tired, dishonest twaddle. We’ve done so countless times already, and still they go on. The facts don’t dissaude them. The Constitution certainly doesn’t. Any notion of an inborn human right to effective means of self-defense doesn’t; resistance to tyranny damned sure doesn’t, tyranny being their ultimate goal—a feature for them, not a bug.

So at this point, there’s nothing more to discuss, and no reason whatever to waste more time and effort trying. All’s any of us can do is gird our loins, stiffen our resolve, load our mags…and wait.

As WRSA says: These people are your neighbors. They are all around you—around your corner, down your block, across your street. And sooner or later, they will come.


6 thoughts on “They’re coming

  1. Making guns illegal won’t decrease gun violence, it will merely focus it on the most deserving targets: gun banners.

    It will be correctly perceived in about 0.2 seconds as the direct assault on fundamental personal liberty and individual rights it is, and be a defacto carte blanche to hunt down and exterminate with extreme prejudice any and all such advocates, from whatever station in life, until there aren’t any more of them.

    Somehow, I suspect America will recover rather handily from resetting the population remaining to the level it was last at in 1950, doubly so when the progressive Leftards and all their SJW nonsense is relegated to the ash heap of history at the speed of muzzle velocity.

    I’m betting inside a month, it would be over, and everything bad that’s happened to the US since about 1965 will be as dimly remembered (or, as missed) as the Cretaceous Era.

    You’ll be signing your own death warrant, and 150M copies.
    Everybody who owns a gun will shoot twice, and the war will be over.
    Please, Leftards, push for exactly that.

    1. That’s assuming the leftards will come for the guns themselves. They’ll send the cops after the guns. It will likely be “red flag” confiscations, writ large. Will it then be open season on police, too?

  2. Maybe, just maybe, instead of more waiting, it might be time to start actively and aggressively pushing back. Nah, too muchlike work.

  3. Remembering Mike Vanderburgh (sp?) and his blog, ” After the first the rest are free”; and the ever popular “One Hundred Heads” thread.

    1. And One Shot Paddy as well. The Northern Irish can teach us a few things. Although there was a shortage of “security cameras” and aerial assets during their times…

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