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Reality bites

Hilarity ensues.

The “fight for 15” — a minimum wage of $15 an hour — has been a rallying cry on the left for a while now, and they’ve succeeded in implementing it in various blue states. And look what’s — so utterly predictably — happening:

Its workers were the first to stage rallies demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. Then, they pressed for changes in the way national restaurant chains set their work schedules.

Now, they are asking the City Council to shield them from being fired without a valid reason. That protection, the sort of job security that unions usually bargain for, would be a first for a city to provide to workers in a specific industry, labor law experts said.

City Councilman Brad Lander said he planned to introduce a bill on Wednesday that would require fast-food businesses to show “just cause” for firing workers and give them a chance to appeal dismissals through arbitration.

To the New York Times, every business issue looks like a job for lawyers, government intervention, or both. Every economist this side of Paul Krugman warned that every dollar above the real minimum wage (which is $0.00/hour) would have to come from a combination of price rises, quality reduction, or staffing reductions. And now that kiosks, which actually will work for $0.00 an hour), are here, McDonald’s and other fast-food chains need fewer economically overpriced laborers, especially ones who don’t show up for work and fret that fast-food jobs aren’t, you know, careers.

Read the rest of this story, if you can. It’s a blend of economic self-interest, labor union tub-thumping, social justice crusading, and a good old sob story about workers who got fired for missing a shift, and other such trivial matters. Wait til the downsizing at the burger counter really gets underway in earnest. Then you’ll really see some wailing, although not from the kiosks — and not from the customers, either.

How UNEXPECTED!™ can this really be, when they were warned by more sensible types about a million and three times?

There IS a serious question waiting to be reckoned with here, though: as rapid technological advances displace ever-growing numbers of low- or unskilled workers not particularly suited or competent for tech-oriented jobs, what will become of them? One thing we can probably count on: the goobermint will quickly step in to “solve” the problem—and immediately make things much, much worse.


3 thoughts on “Reality bites

  1. There’s an assumption embedded in this fracas that deserves to be unearthed and hauled into the light. The assumption is that the job is the rightful property of the employee. Without that assumption, the foofaurauw over the “fight for $15” — or any other legally mandated wage rate — would be impossible.

  2. Easy fix. I fired em all cause I’m closing shop and leaving NYC. (See Amazon HQ2).

  3. I mostly gave up using the McDonald’s kiosks recently. I’m not too worried about the cleanliness of them–if it bothers me I can just carry a small alcohol wipe or something. More annoying is how often the credit card reader doesn’t work, and the fact that you just can’t do certain kinds of customizations.

    I like Egg McMuffins, but I don’t like the poached-style egg. At the counter, I can have them substitute the folded egg used in a McGriddle. Guess what? You can’t do that at the kiosk.

    It doesn’t help that some stores–usually, admittedly, the ones with worse staff–tend to ignore the cash registers in the hopes you’ll give up and use the kiosk.

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