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The “Green New Dream (or whatever)”: bats in the belfry

One of the big problems with AOC’s Folly I haven’t seen much mention of so far is that it is by no means all about Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”). It’s actually a naked, headlong dive into straight-up communism. David Mastio provides a list of 55 promises tucked away in the Red Trojan Horse that have nothing to do with its purported rationale, winding up thusly:

Of course, we all want public transit to be clean and folks to have access to healthy, affordable food, but you can’t wave a magic wand to make it happen with a congressional resolution.

Claiming to solve one giant mess of a global problem like climate change with a revolutionary plan for change that doesn’t take into account basic economics, civil rights and democracy is dishonest.

Claiming to be able to solve that problem and every other problem you can think of at the same time is certifiable. 

Well, I mean, yeah. So how is this latest foray into La-La Land distinguishable from any other crackpot “solution” they’ve ever come up with? This ain’t just obstinate stupidity we’re dealing with here, it’s bug-fuck-nuttery. The real head-scratcher isn’t why insane people propose to do insane things. It’s why so many saner sorts don’t seem able to recognize cray-cray when they see it.

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Update! Bluff, called?

So, given that legislation is not just supposed to be a campaign stunt but an actual practical code you intend to make into actual law, Mitch McConnell has announced he will schedule a vote on the “Green New Dream (or whatever)” bill and give Democrats the chance to express their support as actual legislators rather than as mere MSNBC/CNN bloviators.

I mean, yes, it’s a nonbinding resolution, but do they want this resolution resolved, or not?

Meanwhile, Congressman Ed Markey, the same Democrat who co-sponsored and jointly announced the “New Green Dream (or whatever)” with Alexandria Donkey-Chompers, now claims that scheduling a vote on it is a “Republican trick” which will “sabotage” the effort to have a “national conversation.”

Um: You know what’s usually a great time for a national conversation, Dummy? When Congress is preparing to vote on a piece of transformative socialist legislation.

Or did you not actually want that at all?

Y’know, I’m beginning to seriously wonder about that myself. What DID they hope to accomplish with this preposterous goatfuck, anyway? They can’t be deluded enough to really think any part of it is remotely achievable, right? Seriously y’all, they CAN’T. And even if any of these absurdities WERE workable, they would undo or damage one hell of a lot of established liberal pet projects and cherished schemes:

Unlike the Green New Deal, however, the mobilization required by the (WW2, which the GND is being likened to in both moral and practical terms) did not require rebuilding our entire energy infrastructure, retrofitting every existing building for energy efficiency, or trading our existing vehicle fleet for electric cars, more mass transit, and high-speed trains.

Achieving the Green New Deal’s objectives in ten years—or in 20 or 40—is clearly impossible. Even if hundreds of thousands of windmills, tens of millions of solar panels, and hundreds of millions of car batteries could be fabricated, the grid cannot operate on 100% intermittent and variable power—or even 50%.

One aspect of covering the landscape with hundreds of thousands of square miles of windmills and solar panels is that to do so would require suspending federal, state, and local environmental statutes, permitting procedures, and land use plans. Forget about the Endangered Species Act’s habitat protections and prohibitions on killing endangered birds and bats. The Clean Water Act’s wetlands protections will have to be overlooked. Environmental impact statements that now take years to prepare, years to move through the permitting process, and more years to litigate, are out the window. Wind and solar projects will have to be permitted in days.

One reporter at the press conference asked how the Green New Deal was going to turn out more successfully than the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade legislation, which narrowly passed the House in 2009 but then died in the Senate after widespread public opposition became apparent. Sen. Markey replied (at about 21:45 of the press conference video) that, “The difference between 2009 and 10 and today is the movement that has now been built, OK? We did not have that movement in 2009 and 10. This is now a voting issue across the country. The green generation has risen up….We now have the troops, we now have the money, we’re ready to fight.”   

You might have the troops—maybe. You do NOT have the money—there ain’t enough money in the entire damned world—and your biggest problem might turn out to be who you’re really fighting, and why. Because it all too obviously ain’t climate change; it’s US—the American people. And despite all your progress over many decades in subjugating and enslaving us, I don’t think there are as many of us so cowed and docile yet that we’re willing to just meekly roll over and let you take away our personal transportation, our jobs, our economic prospects, the electricity required to keep our homes comfortable and our refrigerators running, and our right to decide for ourselves what we’re going to have for dinner.


2 thoughts on “The “Green New Dream (or whatever)”: bats in the belfry

  1. If we suppose Yertle has a spine I suggest the following. Amend that mess to stipulate those who vote for personally have to comply with all points within 1 calendar year. Then bring it to a vote. Make ’em practice what they preach. Make them lead.

    And, no dear BO – leadership does not come from behind. You were thinking about the bath house.

  2. The Green New Deal means Big Brother confiscationg your car and grounding all aircraft escept fo those the worlds eletists world leaders and providers fly in like John Travoltas 707 and Al Gores Leer or Gulf Stream jets

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