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Collusion is real—just not Russian

Somebody should surely swing for this.

It is clear that the United States government, far more than the Russian one, interfered in the 2016 campaign. Figures throughout the Obama administration were using their power to investigate Hillary Clinton’s opponent and leaking that information to pols like Harry Reid and sympathetic members of the press to hurt Trump. Many of those figures — from John Brennan to James Comey to Susan Rice — appear on television these days displaying the very anti-Trump bias that drove their official actions during the campaign. We’re told gravely that the Mueller and Congressional investigations aim to protect the people’s democracy “from interference.” Were that truly the case, they would focus on the collusion between the Hillary campaign and the Obama administration, not to mention her use of the foreign spy Christopher Steele. Instead, the champions of Mueller seem to glory in the ruling class’s interference in democracy. They are now purring over reports that members of the FBI and Justice Department conducted discussions about removing a duly elected president via the 25thamendment.

That politicized members of the FBI, operating like a rogue agency in a Third World country, wanted to void the election in effect doesn’t concern members of the media and the ruling class in the slightest. From the moment of Trump’s election, they have treated him as illegitimate and cheered every attempt to subvert his constitutional authority. Brennan famously called on members of the executive branch to defy the chief executive.

Of course they are. The people audaciously flipped off the PTB and voted the wrong way in 2016; the error cannot be allowed to stand, and must be rectified by hook, crook, or coup. The Deep Staters, their Enemedia errand boys, and garden-variety-Leftist useful idiots are not merely indifferent to the rule of law, American sovereignty and success, and the right of the people to have a say in their own governance. They are actively, openly hostile to all of those things, and they intend to thwart, neuter, or undo them. Bottom line:

All of this constitutes a much more serious threat or our democracy than anything Russia might have tried. It amounts to an attempt by a self-appointed ruling class to wrest democracy away from the people. The people elected Trump with their eyes wide open. They knew his strengths and weaknesses. It should outrage the people that unelected bureaucrats at the FBI and Justice Department officials were thinking of ways to nullify their choice.

It also ought to scare them half to death. But, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider, I don’t mean running scared. I mean dangerous.

Update! Progressivists have a long, sordid history of REAL Russia collusion and election-rigging: Henry Wallace, Lee Pressman, Victor Perlo, Frank Coe, Harold Glasser, Charles Kramer, Harry Dexter White, IF Stone, Harry Hay, Frank Marshall Davis. And even this is only a very partial list of traitor scum.

Situation comedy update! A hilariously ironic similitude I really wish I’d thought of myself.

In episode 171 of “Seinfeld,” George Costanza makes up a story about having a house in the Hamptons in order to avoid attending an event with his dead fiancée’s parents, the Rosses. He soon learns they know of his deception but the Rosses nevertheless accept an invitation to the fictitious house.

George picks them up and begins driving towards a house that doesn’t exist. Both the Rosses and George maintain the pretense until George drives to the end of island past the last house in the Hamptons. George silently pleads for the Rosses to put an end to the charade. The lie’s momentum took on a life of its own as the players all continued acting their parts long after the truth was known.

The episode comes to mind as the media has started backing away from the Russia collusion hoax. Like Costanza, many of the media perpetrators seem to know a reckoning is coming. Politico warned Trump haters, “Prepare for disappointment.” Other examples of expectation managing can be found, such as here, here, here, and here (links in the original, not transcribed here—M). Mueller’s longtime top deputy at the FBI recently warned, “A public narrative has built an expectation that the special counsel will explain his conclusions, but I think that expectation may be seriously misplaced.”

This is unsurprising. The Russia hoax is crumbling and people can’t run away fast enough. We’ve seen signs from the very beginning that many of the people who promoted the Trump-Russia collusion smear have always known it was a hoax. These signs have been in plain sight.

The moment of truth is upon the hoax boosters. Like Costanza, the hoax boosters are running out of plausible locations in which the fictitious Russia collusion house could be located, and they know it. But unlike the “Seinfeld” episode, nothing about this hoax has been amusing. The hoax boosters have dragged this country through a long nightmare.

Another amusing similarity left out of the article: the scene in which George, frustrated because all his stratagems for dissuading the Rosses from visiting his fraudulent Hamptons house have failed, yells: “Okay, you wanna get nuts? LET’S GET NUTS!!” And “get nuts” is just what the Russia-collusion true believers are starting to do now.


2 thoughts on “Collusion is real—just not Russian

  1. What is Trump going to do about all this obvious treason and conspiracy? So far, he has allowed this to weigh down his presidency. He has allowed friends and advisors to be mercilessly harassed and persecuted by the Mueller branch of the attempted coup. When is Trump going to fight back? Hell, when is he going to stop letting people suffer on his behalf? Where’s his loyalty? He doesn’t have their backs. The longer he goes without keeping his promises, he shows that he doesn’t have ours, either.

  2. What do the high mucky-mucks in the Democrat Party know and part have they played?

    What is the level of Chuckie and Nan’s involvement?

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