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Mad math

Running just a few of the numbers on the Green Dream.

There are about 327 million people in the U.S. At roughly four people per household, that means that there are about 82 million households. Yes, many are in apartments, but this is irrelevant to our analysis. Please note that we’re using only arithmetic that any seventh-grader is supposed to be able to do. And we’re ignoring every non-residential building in the country. All those businesses, police stations, and hospitals will just have to wait.

Next, we find that there are 10.7 million construction workers and 8.4 million production workers in the housing industry in the U.S. These workers contribute to about 1.25 million housing starts per year. To replace the 82 million homes in ten years, we’d have to tear down and rebuild 8.2 million homes a year. That’s 6.56 times as many as we build now.  And that means that instead of 19.1 million workers, we’d need 125.3 million. That doesn’t include the people needed to tear down all those homes. Or the people to work in the hotels that would house the people who are waiting to have their homes rebuilt. Or…

Where are we supposed to find all those people? We can’t print people like money! The total U.S. labor force is about 161 million, with 154 million actually working. (This assumes that the 2.8 million federal employees actually work.) If we devote 125 million workers to construction, that leaves about 26 million people in the private labor force to run our power grid (I forgot! There won’t be one.), fly our airliners (Oops, those will be eliminated.), do the work involved in universal single-payer health care, grow our food, run our grocery stores, and so on.

Booker and his airhead friends haven’t bothered to look at even this simple exercise in arithmetic. They’ve been happy to let the conversation revolve around exotic discussions of cost analysis. Perhaps we should change our conversation from numbers of dollars to the number of workers needed for the Green New Deal.

To get all these people, we’d have to stop aborting 1.3 million babies a year.

Just another from their boundless store of self-contradictions, that, so they’ll be neither bothered nor dissuaded by it. Be assured they’ll find a workaround, which will as always involve one hell of a lot of lying and misdirection to put across. Meanwhile, Schlichter offers a counter-proposal:

I know many Americans are chomping at the bit to turn our entire economy over to a bunch of coastal blue city hipsters and college professors, along with all our money and our personal freedom, because of a dubious moral panic over future weather, but I’d like to suggest a better idea. I call it the Red, White and Blue New Deal, and it’s a little different than the proposed Green New Deal that seems to benefit only virtue signaling limo libs, crony capitalists, and aspiring commissars. The Red, White and Blue New Deal would, instead, be directed at benefiting Normal Americans – you know, those people who built our country, feed it, fuel it and defend it. People like you and me. So, here it is. All of it:

Support your own damn self and leave me the hell alone.

That’s it. That’s my Red, White and Blue New Deal.

What do you think?

I like it. I like it a lot. Unfortunately, it’s a non-starter for a very good—actually, make that very bad—reason, as Kurt well knows:

Now, the left is going to find this comprehensive scheme problematic for many reasons, primarily among them because it does not take the fruits of our labor and our freedom and hand them over to those very same leftists. As you look at the Green New Deal, you may wonder, “How does this plan make me freer or more prosperous?” But, of course, it does neither. Neither your freedom nor your prosperity is the purpose of the Green New Deal, nor the purpose of any of the other countless moral equivalents of war they are always proposing. Climate change is just the latest excuse for their pinko power grab. If it wasn’t the fake weather religion, it would be some other imminent danger of certain doom that required you to give up your money and freedom RIGHT NOW NO TIME TO THINK THE CHILDREN THE CHILDREN THE CHILDREN!

It’s funny how the solution to every problem the left obsesses over is having leftists take away your money and your freedom.

Ain’t it just. But not in a hah-hah kind of way.


1 thought on “Mad math

  1. Well, now we know why the caravans. We need all that cheap Hispanic labor to do all the dirty work that ‘Americans just won’t do’ to implement the green new utopia.
    Curious how the right are guilty because their ancestors MAY have owned slaves (ok.. only the white slave owners are guilty) yet the commies have no problem with de facto slave labor for their gardening and childcare needs.

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