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“What we still have to lose”

An excerpt from a new book by Michael Anton, of Flight 93 Election fame.

These are dangerous times. The Left has made them so and insists on increasing the danger. Leftists hold virtually every commanding height in our society—financial, intellectual, educational, cultural, administrative—and yet they affect the posture of an oppressed and besieged “resistance.”

Nonsense. The real resistance is led by President Trump. It is resistance to the Left’s all-consuming drive for absolute power, its hostility to all American and Western norms—constitutional, moral, prudential—and its boundless destructive enmity. If I have been persuaded by any criticism of “The Flight 93 Election,” it is that I was ungenerous to Trump. The president stands clearly and firmly against these virulent attacks on America and firmly for the protection of life and liberty, and the promotion of the good life for the American people. Those are the core responsibilities of any American president. May President Trump continue to fulfill them until the end of his constitutionally won second term.

What the Kavanaugh affair has made clearer to me than ever is that the Left will not stop until all opposition is totally destroyed. The harm they do to people, institutions, mores, and traditions is, in their view, not regrettable though unavoidable collateral damage; it is rather an essential element of the project. It’s a bit rich to be accused by nihilists of lacking a positive vision. But such is life in 2018. To stand up for truth, morality, the good, the West, America, constitutionalism, and decency is to summon the furies.

America cannot long go on like this. Something’s gotta give, and something will. What that “something” will be depends in no small part on the actions of men and women of good character, good judgment, and goodwill.

It should be—it MUST be—the Left, and its malevolent, soul-crushing lust to achieve absolute power over us all, that will prove to be that “something.” This victory won’t be cheap, easy, or quick, but the sole alternative—defeat, compromise having been long removed from the menu—doesn’t bear thinking about. The Left is no longer bothering to conceal what they have planned for us: subjugation, enslavement, punishment, even death. Hey, you don’t have to just take my word for it:

Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.) threatened a young, black high schooler on Twitter because he didn’t know her name. “Hi @TheCJPearson, I’m not the woman sitting next to her,” Velazquez tweeted to Republican activist C.J. Pearson. “@AOC and I—and millions like us—are the future of this country. And you’re right to be afraid of us. But you should learn my name.”

Bold mine. Note ye well that this isn’t just some random Proggie rageling impotently shaking her fist on Twitter; this is a sitting New York Congresscreature hurling a direct threat at a high-school kid. She isn’t just threatening the kid, either; her threat is aimed at all of us. And if you think for a moment that such an obvious tyrant would hesitate to abuse her position to inflict whatever retribution she deems appropriate upon the Real Americans she so loathes, for any reason at all, you need to think again.

Myself, I see no reason not to take the vile fascist at her word. The real problem is, she and all her nasty, dangerous ilk have things exactly backwards. She might find expressing her egotistical contempt for her lowly constituents satisfying and all, but that ain’t the way the country was originally intended to work. As John Basil Barnhill’s great quote says: “Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.” Arrogant, out of control tapeworms like Velazquez needs to be taught to fear US, as is right and proper, with a quickness. We’ve let them slide for way too long now, which is why we are where we are.

In the meantime: bang, zoom, right onto my Amazon Wish List Anton’s book goes. You just know it’s gonna be a good ‘un, if all too brief at only just over a hundred pages. If you haven’t yet read his original Flight 93 post, do yourself a favor and hit the link to it up top. It’s well worth your time, trust me.


8 thoughts on ““What we still have to lose”

  1. I hate to break this to you, but that “sitting New York Congresscreature” and her sista AOC and Maxine and Sheila and the rest are EXACTLY what this country’s hive dwellers yearn for. And they will continue to vote same in unabated as long as the hives are not smoking ruins.

  2. They’re going to be stopped only by the careful and thoughtful application of ropes to necks and street lamps, and they’re all doing their level best to deserve fully such treatment.

    Nothing less is going to avail nor suffice.

    1. Careful?! I’d say it’s far better to hang too many than too few. They even have a phrase for this kind of caution. “collateral damage”. Don’t want hung? Get far away from the tyrants and just maybe, you wont be taken for one.

  3. “Take the guns first”… Yeah, fuck them ALL, both sides of the aisle are the enemy of the people, now. Get used to it and plan for it.

  4. The left doesn’t care about our disdain for them. They see themselves as untouchable. And why shouldn’t they? Do they lose power when caught lying, being racist, raping, selling secrets to our enemies, selling children into sex slavery, etc., disgusting etc.? Of course not. We may know about their misdeeds and crimes, we may know the evidence amassed against our foes, but not a damn thing ever happens to them. Excuses will be made, stories will be flushed down the memory hole, and NOTHING WILL BE DONE. No one on the right raises a finger, except to ask for more investigations that lead nowhere. Or complain online about the many injustices being committed. Being right doesn’t mean shit against foes that don’t pay for their sins.

    At this point, I’m not worried about saving the country. Most Americans don’t care anymore if they’re Americans in the traditional sense. They vote based on their racial or tribal identity. I’m concerned about saving the few of us left who give a damn about having any freedom at all.

    Even though I’ve written (and believe) we shouldn’t see people demographically, it’s really obvious we need to vote and organize demographically. That’s how all other groups are protecting themselves and prospering. Whitey, though, is falsely being made into history’s villain and whipping boy in media, education, and entertainment. Along with the other main ingredient of Western civilization, Christianity.

    I don’t know how many more times I can be expected to turn my cheek without responding. It would be a good idea for those of us tired of being pushed around and threatened to organize. I’d love to be a part of a self-preservation group.

    1. Please understand that if you DO “organize”, this country’s “Law Enforcement” will do their best job:
      Infiltrate to incite and indict. That has been their go-to for MANY years now. And even if you only organize with people you think you know VERY well, they can find out every detail of their past, and have no problem inventing crimes to charge them with, or their family members with, if they fail to cooperate. THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS. But then again that is not quite accurate, because there are now at least two good cops formerly from Houston but now in a warmer clime.

  5. Isn’t online threatening a prosecutable offense? Now I’m not foolish and know that no prosecutor is going to touch that. Perhaps a civil case is the road to take.
    I also understand the courts are questionable but not totally lost.
    I’d love to win this fight without things going hot. God willing. This also brings to mind.. the American people need to get back to God and live by Judeo-Christian principles. That would go a long way to stemming and reversing the tide. Maybe it is too late.. maybe not.

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