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“We cannot afford a lack of moral clarity in our political civil war”

Preach it, brother.

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager once made an insightful distinction between the political left and right. The right, he noted, generally sees the left as wrong but not evil, whereas the left sees the right not merely as wrong but as evil. This was a valid assessment once upon a time, but as the left has increasingly exposed itself in the Trump era as rabidly illiberal, irrational, and immoral, it is time for the right to acknowledge that the left is not merely wrong, but evil.

Actually, that’s neither a difficult nor unreasonable conclusion to reach. In fact, by now it requires way more intellectual contortion to resist it than to admit it. Post-birth abortion alone is support enough for the proposition…and it’s nothing like alone.

To be clear: evil is hardly the sole domain of the left. It can inhabit individuals of any color, sex, political persuasion, or religious belief. But as an ideology, Progressivism – the rebranding of Communism – embraces totalitarianism and absolute statist control, which always and everywhere leads to misery, corruption, and brutality, and never elevates humanity. Can anyone look objectively at the ghastly devastation wrought by Communism in the 20th century – the gulags and the mass starvation, the torture and executions, the existential fear and hopelessness, the tens of millions dead and countless more lives destroyed – and not conclude that leftism is an ideology of evil? Add to that its unholy alliance with fundamentalist Islam today to subvert the whole of Western civilization, and there can be no doubt.

At the core of the true leftist is a hatred for anyone and anything that stands in the way of his or her lust for power over others: the nuclear family, Christianity, the Constitution, Donald Trump, etc. As David Horowitz had noted on numerous occasions, during a presidential debate in October 2016, candidate Trump spoke more naked truth about leftists than any establishment Republican would ever have dared when he said that his opponent Hillary Clinton had “tremendous hate in her heart.”

Let us zero in on specific, recent examples of the left’s cruel methodology. Keep in mind that the contemporary leftist, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, has been mentored either directly or indirectly by the influential, Mephistophelean strategist Saul Alinsky and his book Rules for Radicals, whose thirteenth and final rule has transformed the left’s entire modus operandi into the politics of personal destruction: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Alinsky dedicated his book, as you may recall, to Lucifer.

Lucifer was once also known as the Father Of Lies, as it happens. And that raises the question of whether any of us can possibly persuade ourselves to regard the Left’s reflexive dishonesty as mere coincidence. Tapson goes on to cite lots more damning evidence, putting forth a lengthy but still nowhere near comprehensive litany of…yes, evil. Bruce Thornton calls it “The moral idiocy of our times“—which, while not exactly incorrect, still falls short of the bullseye:

One of the foundational myths of modernity holds that the progress of scientific knowledge and technology has been accompanied by moral progress. As wealth and knowledge increase, the old impediments to moral improvement such as poverty, religious superstition, and ignorance are being swept away, resulting in a kinder, gentler, and more pacific human nature.

Last week we were presented with evidence that this argument is woefully mistaken. In New York a bill was passed that removed restrictions on late-term abortions, allowing infants viable outside the womb to be killed “at any time” to protect the mother’s life or “health.” Worse yet, this regression into primitive custom was met with celebratory cheers and a standing ovation by the “lawmakers” who had approved it. In Virginia a similar law was proposed but rejected. It had been defended by Del. Kathy Tran and Gov. Ralph Northam (pictured above). They admitted that a baby could be killed even after the mother went into labor, or after delivery. Tran, by the way, on the same day as she introduced the bill to liberalize late-term abortions, also introduced a bill to protect gypsy moths and cankerworms.

Ironic, that—grotesquely, hideously so. If a private citizen made a habit of killing newborn puppies or kittens on his own hook and outside of animal-shelter supervision, he would be faced with a wrath far more ferocious than any you’ll ever see over murdering a human infant to safeguard “a woman’s right to choose”—to choose to have promiscuous, guilt-free sex without consequence or responsibility, that is. PETA alone would lapse into paroxysms of rage; do NOT doubt for a second that they’d be joined wholeheartedly by the rest of the howling Lefty circus entire.

Sorry, but this ain’t just “moral idiocy,” folks; it is amoral depravity. Given this swift, sharp plunge into evil and degeneracy, can “liberal” advocacy for, say, legally-sanctioned cannibalism be very much longer in coming? Back to Tapson for the closer:

The Democrat Party is the face of Moloch, the Canaanite god whom Milton called the “horrid King besmear’d with blood / Of human sacrifice.” It is a cult of criminality and death. On every political issue, Democrats take the side of chaos and destruction, crime and disorder. They hype the threat of white supremacism while whitewashing Islamic terrorism. They are actively engaged in erasing our history and undermining our rights. They support open borders over national security; sanctuary cities for criminal aliens and the abolishment of ICE over law-abiding citizens and legal immigration; infanticide over the sacredness of human life; the dismantling of Western civilization over its preservation. This is not simply wrong – this is evil.

Conservatives who believe that it is still possible to reason with the left and engage them in fair-and-square policy debates are clinging to a failed strategy, sadly.

They’re doing more than just that, I’m afraid: they’re averting their eyes from an admittedly grim and grisly reality, either for convenience’s and/or comfort’s sake or out of abject cowardice. The hard truth is nonetheless simple: one doesn’t negotiate with evil. Nor does one compromise with it. One seeks to destroy it, to remove its influence, and to undo its fetid works.


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  1. “Lucifer was once also known as the Father Of Lies, as it happens.”
    And islam also allows for lying if it furthers the ‘faith’. Coincidence?

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