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Good riddance and a hearty “burn in Hell” to liberal ass-polyp John Dingell, who at long last did America the greatest service he possibly could have by assuming room temperature the other day.

Elsewhere, fossilized tyrant John Dingell, the longest serving crook in Congress has finally joined the Choir Invisible at age 92. He “inherited” his seat from his father and then passed it on by royal decree to his spawn. And so it goes (*vomit*). Recall in a radio interview his letting the cat out of the bag about Obamacare being needed “to control the people.” Condolences to Saint Peter for having to deal with whatever passes for a soul with him.

Oh, I wouldn’t fret overmuch about that, JJ. St Peter only had to deal with the filthbag for as long as it took to yank the Hell No, Straight The Fuck Down lever on the Pearly Gates admission mechanism. More on the corrupt, powerdrunk pustule:

To understand how powerful committees were in the old Congress, Robert Byrd (D-WV) stepped down as Senate Majority Leader to become the head of the Appropriations Committee and it was not really a demotion.

In those days, I had a role as a lobbyist in various coalitions of trade groups as part of my legal practice. Lots of people in Washington had really wonderful jobs as lobbyists for several decades because liberals would faithfully introduce bad bills with enormous potential harm to business, the lobbyists would report that threat back to their employers and clients, trade associations and large firms would then pay them to defeat this threat. Then Dingell or some other titan would simply kill it anyway and the lobbyists could rack up another “victory,” steer contributions to the right people and stay flush. Clean Air amendment legislation routinely died in each Congress because Dingell faithfully represented the automakers and Byrd the coal industry. But anybody ‘working’ the issue could claim results.

Senior Democrats like Dingell racked up large contributions from business because by the 1980s Congress was largely designed to be an extortion racket. “Pay us to either kill what you don’t like or to insert protections for you in the bad bill we are about to pass or else.” Before 1986, high tax rates were part of a code festooned with countless arcane provisions to lessen the blow but only for paying customers. Enormous regulatory assaults were legislated but with hundreds of arcane provisions to protect those who stepped up and paid up.

If you were paying for protection, this was not a one time fee. Once your protections were enshrined in a paragraph or a sentence in legislation, there was the eternal threat of repeal or amendment so the payments had to continue.

Once I recall that all the reps in one coalition I worked with got a letter from Dingell’s AA which said: “The Chairman may lose interest in your issue if your support is not more forthcoming.” If you think of it as an invoice, it makes more sense.

Because that’s precisely what it was, and is. Basically, Dingle(berry) was yet another pluperfect example of absolutely everything wrong with the Deep State, and why that Swamp MUST be drained.

For years and years I used to refrain from mentioning the deaths of prominent Democrat-Socialists (unless it was a veritable human ziggurat of well-used Charmin like, say, Ted Kennedy or somebody), because I had no wish to be uncouth or disrespectful of the dead no matter who they were. I figured if the idea of forcing myself to say something nice—or at least neutral or ambiguous—brought the gorge to my very lips, then I just wouldn’t say anything at all.

But no more. After years of seeing Lefty filth dancing gleefully on the grave of anybody who ever dared to disagree with them, celebrating their passing no matter what the circumstances might have been, I’m all done with that. I’m fresh out of respect or sympathy for Lefty carbuncles who plot to steal my freedom and “fundamentally transform” my country. So yeah, I’m glad Dingell is gone; his absence will be an improvement instead of a loss, and the country is a little bit better for it. Rot in Hell, you dirty rotten bastard.

New category just for Progtard obits: Burn In Hell. Because the old “In Memoriam” just ain’t meeting the case anymore.




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