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The other wall

I’ve said this a thousand times already:


Francis adds:

Donald Trump – forgive me, please, for ever doubting that he would be a good president! – is more than just our current chief executive. He’s a barrier to the ambitions of the ruling class and its beneficiaries. Over the century behind us those groups have seized ever more of our wealth and freedom. Before the election of 2016 they were well on their way to criminalizing dissent: making it impossible, de jure if not de facto, to express opposition to their schemes. Can anyone doubt that were the First Amendment gutted, the Second, our sole bulwark against a Chavez or Maduro of our own, would swiftly follow?

Don’t imagine that the extra-legal doings of cops, who are not federal but state and local government employees, are disconnected from the machinations taking place at the federal level. And don’t imagine that the total subjugation of America is purely a drive of the Left. There are plenty of Republicans aligned with it, and their hatred of President Trump is quite as volcanic as that of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

If President Trump succeeds, they will fail – and vice-versa.

They won’t just fail—they will fall.

One man standing against a horde faces long odds. Horatius pulled it off because he only needed to stand off the invaders until the bridge he defended was pulled down behind him. Popular support is valuable, but it is not sufficient. The president needs allies within the corridors of power. He also needs to expel his enemies, to the greatest extent possible.

But the president cannot “fire” a legislator. Neither can he set the law aside by decree and flush out the bureaucracies that oppose his agenda. Neither can he silence the courts, which have played an important role in impeding him despite their lack of jurisdiction over the president’s Constitutionally assigned executive authority. And of course there are the media to deal with, as well.

The members of our political elite know all that. They’ve marshaled their forces to prevent any further incursions upon their bastions. To this point their defensive operations have succeeded. The plaints of pro-freedom intellectuals have failed to weaken them. Moreover, their counteroffensive, in the guise of unending “investigations” of the president and his private-life activities, has succeeded in deflecting attention from their ploys toward wholly imaginary Trumpian misdeeds.

It’s enough to wear many a good man down.

The question is, as always, “What, then, must we do?”

What, you mean aside from pitchforks, torches, gibbets, and otherwise killing them in job lots? Because I’m afraid that, no matter else we might try, it’ll finally come down to that sooner or later. The Swamp creatures will fight to their very last ounce of strength to prevent their habitat from being drained. As Francis concludes:

The struggle over the future of the Republic, however it is resolved, won’t be over quickly.

It certainly won’t. Watching the mental pathology of the Left and the oleaginous treachery of the pseudo-Right continue to metastasize with every passing day, I fear more and more that it won’t be resolved peaceably, either. Not to anybody’s satisfaction, at least. The Deep State intends to survive and retain its grip on absolute power; the Left intends to subjugate us—ALL of us—and cement their Fundamental Transformation; the Fake Conservatives intend to maintain their own access to privilege and perks; Real Americans intend not to be subjugated, even to roll back such encroachments on their right to self-determination as they can, when they can.

The house is divided against itself. The only question yet to be answered is: how much longer can it stand?


3 thoughts on “The other wall

  1. When does another country see what is happening here and try to invade and take over? If in our division we look so weak, could a nuke be launched at us?

  2. “DMV gringo,” eh? So, just another worthless, incompetent, paper-shuffling, nose-picking, mouthbreathing, parasitic government employee, then. Gee, what a surprise. Did you have any kind of actual argument to make here, or is that beyond your no-doubt limited mental and linguistic ability? Fart once for yes, belch twice for no, schmuck.

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