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Tough crowd

Been there, done that.

A popular country music star who was being continually disrespected during a performance Saturday in southern Texas has become the latest target of the far-left’s rage over the allegedly racially insensitive remarks he angrily said before he ended his performance early and stepped off stage.

Footage from the Pharr Events Center performance obtained by TMZ shows country singer Aaron Lewis sitting with his guitar at the front of the stage, patiently smoking a cigarette as he waits for the crowd to stop talking. After about 20 seconds, he finally speaks up.

“I’m only going to wait for so long, and then I’m going to say good night,” he says. “I don’t understand what you’re not getting. I know I have a microphone, so you can hear me. You’re not going to hear the song unless it’s this quiet. Do you get it?”

They didn’t get it. The crowd continued blabbering, and one audience member in particular loudly requested that Lewis recite one of his songs in Spanish.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to speak Spanish. I’m American,” he replies, spurring loud cheering from some segments of the audience and loud jeering from others.

After roughly two more minutes of the crowd running its mouth, a fed-up Lewis steps up from his stool, unstraps his guitar and announces that he’s had enough.

“Thank you very much. Have a great night,” he says before stepping off stage.

Nothing particularly unusual about all that, of course. Stuff like that happens all the time, and as a performer you’re gonna face rude, indifferent, or downright hostile audiences now and again, with limited options for dealing effectively with them and somehow salvaging the night. It’s the aftermath that stands out here as…uhh, problematic.

While some on social media responded to the footage by praising Lewis for maintaining a calm composure in the face of such shameless insolence, the left pounced on him for his alleged racism.

Sigh. Of course they did. This response is unintentionally hilarious:

Whatever languages you might speak, honey, English clearly ain’t one of ’em. Oh, and fuck you too. Very, very much.


2 thoughts on “Tough crowd

  1. Third world culture. But then “Diversity is our Strength!” And “All cultures are Equal!”

    God damn them to hell for what they have done to this country. And God damn every one of their enablers.

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