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A different view

Aesop vigorously begs to differ on last night’s McConnell-treachery post.

As a moot law, it’s completely unenforceable, and Trump could tell the entire Congress to f**k themselves and bring every troop home tomorrow, and there’s jack and squat that Bitch McConjob and Queen Alzheimers can do about it except piss their Depends.

That’s why the Constitution cleverly didn’t make Congress the executive branch.

The military will leave Syria and/or A-stan the minute the CG says “GTFO!”, and anyone from private to CJCS who half-steps will have a long time in military correctional custody to rethink insubordination, sedition, and treason.

Congress’ sole say in military affairs is writing the laws under which they operate, and funding them (or not). That’s it. They can starve a war, but they have no more say over where and whether the military deploys than they have over when the tide comes in.

If POTUS decides they’ll all be deployed to Alaska tomorrow, they’ll be packing long underwear and Mickey Mouse boots by sunset.

If the idiot who wrote this and the layers of editors at Conservative Treehouse are too stupid to figure all this out without being told, they’re not tall enough for the internet.

I promise you President Trump, the entire White House executive staff, and the entire DoD down to a recruit just stepping into the yellow footprints tonight knows it without anyone telling them.

I missed the SOTU because of work, but I’m pretty sure neither Bitch McConjob nor any other swinging Richard sh*tweasel in the Congress was granted emergency authority to suspend the US Constitution while I was sleeping. 

Ahh, but there’s the rub: we’re well past the point where the Swamp creatures concern themselves overmuch about what the Constitution, or any other law, might or might not say. I think Sundance’s main point about this being a warning shot from the USS McTurtle across Trump’s bow letting him know that he could conceivably be on board with the impending Democrat-Socialist impeachment circus (another shifty Deep State defensive move which has no sound basis in law or the Constitution whatsoever, but is still going to happen anyway, you watch) still holds up.

Sundance has done some damned fine work over many years, digging deep, doing the research, and bringing things buried out into the light for everyone to see. But just like the rest of us, he ain’t right every single time. My feeling is he’s more right than wrong about what this is really all about underneath the hood, but I could be wrong too. Take a look at the slippery wording of the thing, and it does seem to make Aesop’s point sure enough:

WASHINGTON — The Senate approved a Middle East policy bill Tuesday that includes a provision urging President Donald Trump not to precipitously withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Syria until terrorist groups there are destroyed.

“Urging,” is it? That there’s Cocaine Mitch and his cabal acknowledging just how much legal leverage they have to pry against Trump’s CinC role. To wit: no more nor less than Trump lets them have. Thereby are the forms observed, etiquette observed, and the charade maintained. The Deep State will never countenance the closing of the perpetual-war playground without serious resistance, in whatever way they can conjure to mount it.

And it makes it easier for states and localities to approve laws to combat the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS, movement against Israel.

Democrats are divided on the BDS component of the bill, some saying it impinges on free-speech rights of Americans to support boycott efforts against Israel for its treatment of Palestinians and other concerns.

They complain that the Republicans purposefully added that provision to a package that otherwise has bipartisan support to put political pressure on Democrats to vote against a bill that is viewed as pro-Israel.

Meh. It ought to be crystal-clear by now that GOPe Senate lifers are way more interested in pressuring Trump than they ever will be their “esteemed colleagues across the aisle.”

As for Yertle’s leverage, note well that, despite Trump’s pledge in December that “they’re all coming back, and they’re coming back now” accompanying a direct order that the Syrian withdrawal would be completed in 30 days, there’s no sign of anybody having left the shithole country as of yet…in February. Funny too, isn’t it, how the peace-lovin’ Democrat Socialists, after howling for years about “endless war” and all that crap, suddenly turned on a dime and screamed about the dire security threat represented by leaving Syria—and Iraq, and Yemen, and Afghanistan, and etc—before “the job is done.”

Why, it’s almost as if what they claim to be concerned about isn’t really what concerns them at all, eh? But hey, like I always say: Deep Staters gotta Deep State. And I think that, at least, is something me, Aesop, and Sundance can ALL agree on.


1 thought on “A different view

  1. Yertle is a putz, but changing “urging” into “requiring them to stay” has only two explanations.
    If it was a deliberate alteration of the known facts, it’s mendacity.
    If it was inserting voices heard only by the author, it’s psychosis.

    Thus the original author must now confirm that either he’s a liar, or a lunatic.
    There is no third option in walking that faux news back.

    And if one’s website is going to spin bullshit out of their fourth point of contact, and call it news, I repeat: take “conservative” out of the title, and name it HuffPo II, which is where I would go if I wanted delusional falsehoods peddled as if they actually happened.

    A distant second place would be expunging the entire offending post, and putting in a big “Oops. We f***ed up big time! Sorry about that.” placeholder.

    Anything less merely compounds the original sin.

    There’s plenty to flog Bitch McConjob for that he’s actually done, without making stuff up out of whole cloth.

    Just saying.

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