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Man down

Just went to check in at TL Davis’s joint, and…wait, what?


NC Renegade just has this:

Christian Mercenary is done.

And that’s it, no details or further information.

Well, damn.


4 thoughts on “Man down

  1. I contacted T L the afternoon I noticed the blog had been removed as it was up and running that morning when I checked it. T L voluntarily removed his blog. He felt that it had served its purpose and he was moving on with other aspects of his life. I hope to see more from him in the future perhaps in the form of more books and film projects.

  2. TL is off of the Twitter machine as well.
    I always enjoyed his perspective.
    Wish he had been able to get the Vanderbough Tapes released into a DVD. I did get a copy of Lies Of Omission. Well worth a watch, if you ever get the chance.

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