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There were four ice ages during the Pleistocene Epoch, the last 1.7 million years. The most recent glacial period began melting 20,000 years ago, not withdrawing from the Great Lakes region until 10,000 years ago. I wonder how cold the future Chicago was back in those days when covered with a mile-thick layer of ice?

What caused the ice ages and the subsequent warming that ended each ice age? Humans were scarce and those that were around were not driving SUVs or exhibiting toxic masculinity by grilling burgers in their back yards. Who’s to say the planet is not now slowly cooling, heading toward another minor or major ice age? Some scientists are predicting just that, a mini ice age in the next 30 years, based on the sun’s natural cycles.

Newsweek predicted a new ice age back in 1975 in an article called “The Cooling World.” What if they were right in principle, but off in timing?

Climate scientist S. Fred Singer made the case for an upcoming ice age last year in American Thinker, noting that we are currently nearing the end of a cyclical 10,000 year inter-glacial warming period which would be followed by a 100,000 year glaciation. Is the shifting polar vortex an early sign of global cooling?

Perhaps the climate warriors are correct, but not in the way they intend.

Indeed, the climate may be changing, but cooling rather than warming. If so, this would be a legitimate cause for alarm. Cooler temperatures mean a shorter growing season, with less food to support a much larger world population than existed during the last ice age. Those concerned about an overpopulated planet may discover that Mother Nature has a plan for culling the population.

If anything, whatever man-made global warming actually exists may serve to delay the next cooling period or ice age for a decade or a century. But planetary cycles will continue, regardless of the rantings of Al Gore or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

We all may well end up wishing that CO2 was actually a significant factor in Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”) so we could avoid a near-extinction level event for humanity by pumping as much of it as we could into the atmosphere. But that is unlikely in the extreme to save us. Our relationship to the planet is more along the lines of fleas on an elephant’s back than it is some almighty colossus astride a helpless world entirely at our mercy. We’re fleas on an elephant’s back. George Carlin knew it years ago:

Watch all of it. Ol’ George wasn’t right every single time, Lord knows. But when he was, he really, really was.

Common sense update! Climate, like true science, is subject to change.

The fact is, our climate changes all the time. As a highly complex system, climate is inherently unstable. Saying “climate change” is merely stating an obvious fact: it’s never not changing. And claiming it’s all due to human-made CO2 runs into a central issue: All of the statistical models assume that increases in CO2 will lead inevitably to higher temperatures. It’s science, the activists say.

Unfortunately, for 20 years now, average temperatures have shown little if any change at all, even though CO2 concentrations have gone up. This is contradiction can’t be argued away.

This goes to the very heart of what science is, and isn’t. It violates a primary tenet of experimental science put forth by the late Karl Popper, considered by many the greatest philosopher of science in the 20th century. In layman’s language, Popper said that to prove something in science, you must first be able to test it for being false. Otherwise, what you have isn’t science, it’s religion, or faith. It’s a “nonfalsifiable hypothesis.” It can neither be proven nor disproven.

That’s exactly where we are today. Climate extremists, activists and the media repeatedly claim that any and all phenomena are due to climate change or global warming. No debate possible. They reject any possible other explanation. Anyone who expresses skepticism, is immediately labeled a “denier,” a cheap slur linking those who disagree with Holocaust denial.

When you say anything and everything is a cause of global warming, and no amount of evidence can possibly disprove that hypothesis — indeed, you call those who doubt your beliefs “deniers” — it’s no longer science. It’s faith.

Yes, we call ourselves skeptics. The climate change science isn’t proven, despite media claims to the contrary. Spending trillions of dollars to lower CO2 output won’t end our cold winters. But it will end our prosperity.

That’s the whole idea—which, in turn, will bring us more completely into government’s tyrannous clutches, perhaps even lead to the establishment of a global government like they’ve always dreamed of.


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