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This global warmening sure is COLD

Have these Watermelon loons EVER had a single hysterical shriek of a prediction prove out?

Data, not feelings:  A United Nations panel reported in October that we have around 12 years to act if we want to keep the Quite Horrible from becoming Truly Terrible.  A report this month says that Antarctic glaciers are melting faster than we thought. Last week, environmental dangers occupied the top three spots on a survey of the biggest global risks, as compiled by the World Economic Forum.

They told us so. Are telling us so.

But here’s where you stop reading, because you have a mortgage payment to scrape together. You have a kid to pick up from school. You have a migraine. The U.S. government is in shambles. You’re sitting at your desk, or on the subway, and deep in the southern Indian Ocean, blue whales are calling to each other at higher pitches, to be heard over the crack and whoosh of melting polar ice. What do you even do with that?

“I don’t believe it,” President Trump said of his own administration’s November report, which stated that “climate change is transforming where and how we live.”

And so there is no crisis, just an accumulation of curiosities and irritants. Your basement now floods every year instead of every five or 10 years. Your asthma has gotten worse. You grew up wearing a winter jacket under your Halloween costume in Buffalo, and now your kids don’t have to. The southern pine beetle that made its home in South America 400 years ago is now boring through trees on Long Island.

If you have an infant daughter, she is expected to live 81.1 years, and so she will be here for 2100, a year that is no longer mythical. She may see the world’s largest naval base, in Norfolk, swamped by rising seas. If she lives in Phoenix, she may feel nearly double the amount of 100-degree days. During her lifetime, the oceans will acidify at a rate not seen in 66 million years. One research team suggests that by her 29th birthday, there will be no more saltwater fish.

And no more snow either, right, AlGore? Why, Global Warmening is raising temps so much in overheated Minnesota that people are walking around in shorts and flipflops…in January!!! Right? RIGHT??

Um. Yeah, about all that.

U scientists: Minnesota is one of the nation’s fastest-warming states
Cities are warming faster than the rest of the landscape, they tell a panel of legislators. 

Climate change means the state will be buffeted by more supercharged weather — heat waves, droughts, deluges, wind storms, flooding and even wildfires. But for Minnesota, it’s primarily a winter phenomenon. The state’s famous winters are warming 13 times faster than its summers, said Tracy Twine, an associate professor in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Soil, Water and Climate.

“We just don’t expect temperatures to be below 10 degrees Fahrenheit in Duluth anymore,” Twine said.

Note ye well: that forecast was made in an article published on January 16th—quite recently, in other words. Recently enough, in fact, that one might reasonably expect a trained fucking weather forecast professional to be able to see trouble coming, and that right soon. Bill finds the one tiny little flaw the “experts” seem to have missed:

Duluth hit thirty below zero this morning – air temp, not wind chill.

Oops. Better luck next time, gang. The thing that puzzles me is how the folks in both the above-linked self-beclownings seem to be clinging to “global warming” still, which I find odd. It was my understanding that a near-unanimous scientific consensus had been reached to abandon that term for the ass-covering Big Tent of “climate change,” way more useful for stampeding the sheep and glomming the big-money grants no matter which way the thermometer might point. Guess somebody didn’t get the memo.

The way these stubborn doofi keep trotting out the Lefty alarmism only to have their predictions shot down by the actual, y’know, weather within mere days or weeks, over and over and over again, it’s hard not to think that somewhere, God is having himself a good laugh at their expense. Not to worry, though, they’re going to get real busy real quick now about how the absence of warming proves nothing whatever about Global Warming. No really, you guys.

Predictable as the sunrise update! Man, can I call ’em or what?

Extreme cold gripping Midwest does not debunk global warming, experts say
The massive cold weather front that has descended over the Midwest this week has commentators straining for analogies (“deep freeze,” “arctic outbreak” and “ice age”), and at least some people wondering what has become of global warming.

President Donald Trump and radio provocateur Rush Limbaugh seemed bemused by the notion that the climate is warming at a time when most of America is hunkering down against subfreezing temperatures.

But climate experts, including those inside Trump’s government, said the record-setting cold does nothing to contradict the consensus on climate change. According to a tweet Tuesday morning from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: “Winter storms don’t prove that global warming isn’t happening.”

No, of course not. Record-breaking low temperatures and storms do.

Headlines around the world are reporting exceptionally frigid conditions and unusually high levels of snowfall in recent weeks. They tout these events as records, but few people understand how short the record actually is — usually less than 50 years, a mere instant in Earth’s 4.6-billion year history. The reality is that, when viewed in a wider context, there is nothing unusual about current weather patterns.

Despite this fact, the media — directly, indirectly, or by inference — often attribute the current weather to global warming. Yes, they now call it climate change. But that is because activists realized, around 2004, that the warming predicted by the computer models on which the scare is based was not actually happening. Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels continued to increase, but the temperature stopped increasing. So, the evidence no longer fit the theory. English biologist Thomas Huxley commented on this dilemma over a century ago:

“The great tragedy of science — the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.”

Yet, the recent weather is a stark reminder that a colder world is a much greater threat than a warmer one. While governments plan for warming, all the indications are that the world is cooling. And, contrary to the proclamations of climate activists, every single year more people die from the cold than from the heat.

I dunno, with my proven record of absolute accuracy when it comes to predicting the repetitive folly of Lefty Chicken Littles, maybe it’s time I consider giving this weather-forecasting thing a whirl myself. There’s more money in it, that’s for sure.


9 thoughts on “This global warmening sure is COLD

  1. Last year, I joked about hibernating in my igloo because of the brutal winter. With all the power outages this time, some people may be getting closer to the Eskimo experience then they ever wanted.

    Of course, none of this is really happening, because SCIENCE! says it’s impossible. Those hallucinations I’ve been having are pretty convincing, though. Maybe I need to be more careful about what kind of mushroom I put on my pizza.

  2. So it is Winter up there… and down in the Southern hemisphere we are experiencing HEATWAVES – being Summer!

  3. The FACT that it can’t be falsified means it’s not a science.

    If it’s warmer, it’d be “climate change”. Colder, the same. Wetter, drier, stormier, or calmer. All “climate change”.

    What’s amusing is when you challenge a Warmist to tell you how – please! – can you falsify the theory… just give me the testable prediction that would invalidate it… they flee the conversation. Happens time and again.

  4. There is only one of their predictions that you need to worry about. They intend to kill the deniers. You had better believe that!

    1. Or more accurately, they will have their Only Ones kill the deniers. And the Blue Wall will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

  5. So, y’all do realize, that part of the reason for the great migrations of Europeans to America in the 17 th, 18 th and 9 th centuries, was that the weather had turned COLDER and the agriculture that they been practicing for century after century was not providing the yields that were required to feed everybody. Famine will provide a powerful stimulus to migration. so, during the preceding period, WHEN THE CLIMATE HAD BEEN SIGNIFICANTLY WARMER, what indication exist that “the world’s largest naval base, in Norfolk, (was) swamped by rising seas. If she live(d) in Phoenix, she may feel nearly double the amount of 100-degree days. During her lifetime, the oceans will acidify at a rate not seen in 66 million years. One research team suggests that by her 29th birthday, there will be no more saltwater fish.”

    Um, I had thought that seafaring folk, in the 12 th and adjacent centuries, had dines on saltwater fish? Ya know, BEFORE the climate cooled, and all that. Jes sayin’.

  6. When weather forecasters can’t accurately predict the amount of snowfall with a 24 hour lead time, as happened recently in my area, mid New England, why should we believe that “climate models”, predicting climate/weather 50-100 years from now, have any credibility. Forecast predicted 1-2 feet, we got 4 INCHES.

    Not to mention that the “scientists” who developed the models were caught red handed, via their email exchanges, FALSIFYING THE MODEL INPUT DATA, so that the model output would agree with the predetermined “consensus”.

    As Reltney states above, one of the reasons for the westward migration from Europe to newly discovered America, was crop failures due to cold weather. Prior to that cooling period, during the Medieval Warm Period, average temperatures in Europe AND England were WARMER than they are today. This lead to higher crop yields, better nutrition and population growth.

    As someone famous once said, “You can look it up”.

  7. The phrase ‘scientific consensus’ is a sure clue that it is likely to be bunk. I seem to recall something about aether… spontaneous generation.. oh, and the ‘indivisible’ atom. Sure.

    Also knew a weather forecaster for the Army who said in no uncertain terms that any forecast beyond 3 days is a steaming pile. And don’t believe the 3 day too much either.

  8. You may have seen the story: Excel Energy (Minnesota) asked central-MN residents to turn their heat down to 60 degrees and NOT to use their (gas-fired) ovens or (gas-heated) hot water. They even put a bunch of customers into hotel rooms…

    Seems as though their wind-farms do no f*&^ng good whatsoever when there is NO WIND, and then the electric generation is solely through natural gas—so they were literally running out of gas! Coal? Hell, no!! That makes SMOKE!!

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