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Two (2) options, neither pleasant

Another good over-the-transom screed from our old friend and CF lifer TR.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Covington kids debacle, and I keep thinking I’ll get less angry and it keeps not happening. Here’s why. The entire sad episode exposes the utter and complete moral bankruptcy of all of our societal institutions and customs. Too dramatic? I think not. Think about this – these were KIDS. And now those KIDS, before their graduation from high school, have seen literally everything they have told to believe in, every institution they have been told would protect them if they did the right things, turn on them with no provocation at all.

GROWN-UPS: This entire episode came about because these kids were victimized by not one, but two, groups of supposed adults. Remember, kids are told that adults are their safeguard in society. Adults will break up the fights, mediate disputes, and model the correct behaviors. Well, they were standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, minding their own business, when one group of supposed “adults” – the blacks – began calling them faggots (aren’t homophobic slurs still bad), and worse. The kids, rather than engage and react, did an incredibly mature thing – they decided to drown out the savages with their own school spirit chants. At which point another group of so called “adults” – led by Chief Lies a Lot – decided to victimize them by creating a racial incident where none existed. And I don’t for a moment buy the bullshit that he was trying to ‘defuse’ the situation. If he was doing that, he would have confronted the aggressors. So….these were kids victimized by adults, and there was no adult willing to show courage and integrity. Thus Sandmann had to do it himself.

THE MEDIA: When you’re in school, you are of necessity filled up with a bunch of nonsense about the integrity of the “media.” And yet, when the first heavily edited video was Tweeted, every major media outlet – from CNN to the New York Times to Fox News – ran with it unquestioningly, with no intellectual curiosity about whether it was real or not. NOT ONE GODDAMNED MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET CHECKED OUT THE STORY FOR ONE FUCKING SECOND. NOT ONE. These kids were vilified before they ever had a chance to have dinner that evening. The only reason any major media outlet issued any sort of correction was because private citizens got the video – and the facts – out.

THEIR CHURCH: Full confession, I’ve never been a churchgoer. But I know kids who went to Catholic schools, and the church is their center, the hub of their entire life and worldview. Once upon a time, that was a good thing. No longer. The bishop of the Covington Diocese, however, took a break from his busy schedule of butt-diddling children to issue a stern condemnation of the kids. In his “apology,” he said that he was “bullied for hours by media outlets demanding a statement.” Know what? If he’s so weak and worthless that he can’t stand up to a few hours of “bullying” by media types, then he has no business being in any sort of a leadership position.

THEIR SCHOOL: And if church isn’t a kid’s safe place, the school certainly is – doubly so if it’s a Catholic school. And yet, the Principal of their school – no doubt feeling as “bullied” as the Bishop – also condemned the kids, and raised the ante by threatening expulsion. This, despite the fact that one of their teachers was THERE (he’s the one who gave permission to do the school chants) and witnessed the whole damn thing! In fact, has there been anyone quieter during this episode than the gutless teacher? He could, very easily, have told the principal that what the short video showed was NOT what happened – but either he didn’t, or the principal didn’t pay attention. And if the principal didn’t pay attention, why didn’t he come forward? Answer – because he’s a gutless sack of shit.

THE GOVERNMENT: The Mayor of Covington quickly moved to condemn the kids as well without knowing the facts. That’s awful.What’s worse, however, is the level of death threats and other violent threats that happened and that will draw no consequences. For instance, there is a creature known as “Wheeler Walker, Jr.,” who apparently makes some sort of juvenile country porn music. And on the fateful Saturday, this creature tweeted this: “I know I have fans in Paris Hills, KY. If you know this little shit, punch him in the nuts and send me the video of it and I’ll send you all of my albums on vinyl, autographed.” Now, that’s a felony. That’s the solicitation of assault and battery for compensation. He named the place (putting the jurisdiction in Kentucky), the specific act, the proof he needed, and the compensation he’d offer. So, what will happen to him? Absolutely nothing. Nada. Now, the District Attorney has put out some brave talk about ‘investigating’ the threats, but I’m sure it’s one of those things where he figures that everyone will forget this in a few weeks and he won’t have to do anything.

Now, imagine that you’re 17 years old. Your life has just been destroyed and you’ve done NOTHING wrong. NOT ONE GODDAMNED THING. And of the institutions you’ve been told would protect you and help you through tough times, every one has not only abandoned you – they have turned on you. Can you imagine how awful that must be?

There are some who are saying that this is good – the kids will be red pilled. I don’t think it’s good. I think it’s fucking EVIL. And god damn every last fucking person who piled on, whether it’s a CNN reporter or some sack of shit who shared the video without a moment’s thought about the real human consequences.

What should happen to the offenders? Well…..

First of all, my understanding is that Sandmann’s parents have retained the biggest son of a bitch in libel law. Good. He should sue everyone he can for everything they have. All the media organizations of course. But also, the diocese and the school. Wait, that might destroy them? Good. They deserve to be destroyed. Also, Chief Lies a Lot and his shitty little tribe for starting it. Sue and don’t settle – wage complete lawfare. Take everything they have and everything they’re going to have. This shit will follow those kids around for the rest of their lives – what’s that worth? Everything.

Judicially, it would be nice to see those who threatened violence be prosecuted. Won’t happen. More fitting would be if someone would do to them what they wanted done to the kids – or maybe a little worse. Also won’t happen, unfortunately, but a man can dream, can’t he?

If nothing else had proven this, this proves that we cannot possibly coexist with the Left. They destroy us or we destroy them, simple as that.

That’s about the size of it, yeah. Bad thing is, they’ve already gotten a huge head start on destroying us; to destroy them is going to require us to mount one hell of a Hail-Mary comeback at this late stage of the game.


2 thoughts on “Two (2) options, neither pleasant

  1. Bad thing is, they’ve already gotten a huge head start on destroying us; to destroy them is going to require us to mount one hell of a Hail-Mary comeback at this late stage of the game.

    Nah, not really.
    Just good target pre-selection, and field grade (2-3 MOA) marksmanship out to 500m.
    Pretty standard stuff, actually.

    It’s going to put one helluva dent in their ObamaCare premiums though.

  2. If I hadn’t already left the Catholic Church, this probably would have done it for me. The NR worm Nick Frankovich started the ball rolling with his venomous Corner post about the kids “spitting on the cross”. The mealy-mouthed apology from the editors a few days later hand-waved this calumny with the breezy excuse that Frankovich was reacting “as a faithful Catholic”. Well, a faithful Catholic goes to church, right? So I want to know, how many kids in the church that Frankovich attends have swarmed and abused innocent minority citizens? No, not how many “could” do something like that, because we can all fantasize about what other people may be capable of in some fictional scenario; how many DO it?

    Unlike Kathy Griffin, I’m reasonable, and I’m not demanding names. Numbers will do. How many last year? Two? Ten? Eighteen? How many white parochial schoolboys, the sons of Frankovich’s fellow parishioners, mobbed and abused people last year? I’ll tell you how many: ZERO. This “faithful Catholic” has no experience whatsoever of white Catholic schoolboys behaving like Nazi brownshirts circa 1933, yet somehow his first reaction to this story wasn’t incredulity or suspicion. With nothing whatsoever in his life to justify believing this story, he didn’t hesitate to publicly announce that yes, he certainly did believe that Catholic schoolboys who don’t even have all their adult teeth yet go about in gangs menacing helpless old Indians.

    And so did the Catholic school principal, and the Catholic bishop. That’s how well they know their own children, the ones they’ve been “shepherding” for years through the school and church, seeing weekly at Mass, speaking to daily in class. What else would they have believed about these kids? If some fat feminist had claimed the boys had tried to rape her, would they have believed that? If anti-abortion protesters had claimed they’d threatened to beat them up, would they have believed that? By their behavior, I am pretty sure that there’s NOTHING these boys could have been accused of that their so-called “leaders” wouldn’t have giddily accepted and turned into an excuse for piously condemning, all to the applause of the anti-Christian media.

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