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“What the hell is wrong with you?”

The word “chutzpah” is nowhere NEAR adequate.

Let me be direct about this: You people are a bunch of hysterical ninnies, and it is time for you to grow the hell up.

You know who you are.

The Covington fiasco has proved to be a clarifying moment. And here is what has been made clear: Much of the American media is no longer engaged in journalism. It is engaged in opposition research and in what is sometimes known among political operatives as “black p.r.”—the sinister twin of ordinary public relations. As Joy Behar, as profoundly dim and tedious a person as American public life has to offer, forthrightly confessed: The hysteria and outright dishonesty surrounding the Covington students had nothing to do with them. It has to do with narrowly partisan, selfish, deeply stupid, entirely unpatriotic, childish, foot-stamping, fingers-in-the-ears, weeping, cooties-loathing, teary-eyed, tremulous, quavering, pansified, gormless, deceitful, dishonorable, and cynical politics of the lowest kind — the politics of Us and Them.

We’ve all seen how this goes, 10,000 times. Some character does — or at least is said to have done — something in the range between unseemly and horrifying, and he has some political attachment, however vague. Cynical political operatives and the low-minded partisans who enjoy being treated like idiots engage in what in normal times would forthrightly be regarded as a smear: “That mad bomber had pro-Trump posts on his Facebook page, ergo President Trump bears some kind of responsibility for this.”

Here are some of the idiots and idiotic institutions who engaged in that recently in the matter of Cesar Sayoc. Chris Truax in USA Today: “Trump bears moral responsibility for pipe bombs. Denying it just makes things worse.” Jonathan Chait, New York: “Bomber Cesar Sayoc is a By-product of Trump’s Party.” Even Rick Wilson debased himself, writing in The Daily Beast: “Of Course Donald Trump Inspired Cesar Sayoc’s Alleged Terrorism.” That’s a particularly asinine headline: For Trump’s culpability, it’s “of course,” while Sayoc’s crimes are “alleged.” That isn’t the kind of stupidity that happens by accident. These claims are pure intellectual dishonesty. They are smears, and there is no good-faith case to be made for them. All of these writers should be ashamed.

And the fact that a couple of children in MAGA hats engaged in boorish behavior — which isn’t even a fact, as it turns out, but a lie constructed and wholesaled with malice aforethought — wouldn’t have told us one damn thing about Donald J. Trump, his administration, or his political supporters at large. The fact that we had a momentary national moral crisis over the (as is turns out, fictitious) actions of a couple of nobody teenagers is all the evidence anybody needs of the fundamentally hysterical and unserious times in which we live. In a sane world, nobody cares about whether a 16-year-old boy somewhere…smirked.

Everybody who has pretended like that smirk tells us something serious about the state of the world is a liar and a fraud.

Well, maybe. Know who else is “a liar and a fraud,” though? Know what other “idiotic institution” jumped in with both feet on the Covington Kids clusterfuck? That had the monumental gall to enthusiastically revile the supposed atrocity of “attacking” the “recon ranger” Vietnam-vet (dis)honest injun in no uncertain terms—then, when the wheels came off, issue one of those non-apology apologies—not for playing along with yet another Lefty lie and denouncing innocent youths for something they didn’t do, but for nothing more egregious than doing so in language that was just a wee mite too “strong”? Well, here’s a clue for ya:

The Covington Students Might as Well Have Just Spit on the Cross

That’s the headline of a piece—one of several others, actually—from…guess where? In case you hadn’t figured it out already, it’s from the wholly execrable NRO. The first excerpt above is none other than Kevin Williamson waxing self-righteously indignant over the way both Cuckmedia and shitlib outlets sought to destroy the lives of young men who, I repeat, had done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG—who had, contrary to Teh Narrative™, been victimized themselves, and who are now dealing with death threats and harrassment and will be for the rest of their lives. The Julie Kelly piece I ran the other day enumerates NRO’s brass-balled villainy:

Two NRO articles addressed the media’s malfeasance in the matter. In particular, “Nathan Phillips Lied, The Media Bought It,” wrote Kyle Smith.

But the fact that editors for National Review also bought into the various lies escaped mention. This also included senior editor Jay Nordlinger, who deleted a January 19 tweet that read, “the images of those red-hat kids surrounding and mocking that old Indian are unbearable. Absolutely unbearable. An American disgrace.” Jonah Goldberg hand-waved away Frankovich’s vicious post as just “different people reaching different conclusions or having different opinions.”

So in other words, Williamson is now expressing OUTRAGE! over the very thing NRO is guilty of themselves. A fact which is ‘fessed up to precisely nowhere in his article. Not once.

Curiously, I had to go to one of those internet archive sites to dig the Frankovich headline up, since the original smear-job was quickly deleted once the truth came out and Williamson’s fellow NRO cucks made a rapid about-face into full ass-covering mode. My first link up above is to Insty’s excerpt of the Williamson tommyrot; I haven’t bothered with NRO myself since they went totally NeverTrumpTard nuts, and I ain’t linking ’em now. He damned sure did get at least one thing right, though:

The Covington fiasco has proved to be a clarifying moment.

It damned sure has; after this, it’s quite clear that anybody who fails to lump the NeverTrumpTard/Decepticon cucks right in with their fellow Lefty peas-in-a-pod is a damned fool. Frauds, propagandists, and dishonest smear merchants, the lot of them. Honestly though, Williamson gets more than just the one thing right; most of the piece is fairly well on the money, more or less. But the fact that he blithely skates right past NRO’s own malfeasance and guilt renders the whole thing null and void. The Atlantic should have kept him on; this conveniently dishonest piece of crap shows that he would have fit right in there.

A proper apology update! How it’s done, what it looks like.

I thought (knew!) they were punks and said so publicly. I was as wrong as I could be about that, and I am deeply sorry. Sorry to anyone who saw that on my Facebook page. Sorry to anyone it swayed to think badly about the boys. Sorry to the boys themselves, their school, and their parents.

Now, let me be clear. My Facebook audience is minuscule, so the number of folks who saw my comment was insignificant. I don’t apologize or excuse myself for how few I passed the false story to. I apologize for joining the horde, period.

I will be writing a personal letter of apology to the boys, not to further flagellate myself, but to offer something to counter the mega-tons of vitriol that came crashing down upon them. They should go on with the rest of their young lives knowing that many regret contributing to their public impugning.

They need to know that the world is indeed fairer than this, and to have faith in people doing the right thing when the whole story is gathered.

Well said, although I’d say they’ve learned exactly what they ought to about just how “fair” this world really is; however bleak the lesson, it’s something they have to face up to, especially as the country continues its Leftward drift and decay. Unfortunately, after his handsome apology the author stumbles just a bit:

Second, the MAGA hats played a role. Even though I support many of President Trump’s policies and want to see him succeed at what he told voters he would do, I did react negatively to the kids wearing those hats.

I assumed that youth wearing such hats to the March for Life two years after the election were interested in getting in peoples’ faces. I made that assumption for no good reason in particular. What in me would assume nefarious ends for this reason, just like those suffering from congenital Trump Derangement Syndrome do? I’m not sure.

Plenty of people on our side have complained similarly about the supposed “provocation” of…wearing a political hat at a political rally? WTF is up with that? And have we really been dragged so very far to the Left that expressing a wish to see America made great again is offensive and unacceptable—a radical idea not fit for exposure to public view?


1 thought on ““What the hell is wrong with you?”

  1. The first thing that needs to be learned by everyone who has a twatter account, blog, opinion page or other form of getting their daily outrage into the etherworld, is (a) to not accept on face value what you are seeing in the beginning of something, and (b) take a deep breath, relax and go for a walk/ride/hike anything to keep you from blasting out a response that makes you look like an idiot and falsely accuses someone else of a horrible misdeed (in your opinion).
    I know…I’m asking too much from people. I’ve gotten to the point where when someone asks “did you see that? what do you think?” or people around me are talking about some event, where I say “I don’t know the truth based upon what has been published/said/done so far, I will reserve judgement until all of the facts are known. So should you.”

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