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Lindsay lets the dogs out again

Lindsay Hulks out on ’em again, and it’s serious fun.

Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham joined Face the Nation where he minced no words about the border wall funding standoff.

“The president will compromise, but he will not capitulate,” Graham said.

With the Left, compromise IS capitulation.

When he was asked about re-opening the government for the benefit of the federal workers currently working unpaid, Graham said, “Why would you negotiate with somebody who calls you a racist if you want a wall, who gives you a dollar for a wall, when the Democratic Party supported $25 billion in the past? We’re not going to negotiate with people who see the world this way.”

Nor should we. About anything at all, not just the wall.

He continued, “We’ll negotiate with Dick Durban, but I’m not gonna negotiate with someone who calls the border patrol agents a bunch of Nazis when they’re trying to defend the border against a mob.”

I don’t expect any of this to matter one bit in the end—there ain’t gonna be any wall no matter what Trump does or does not do, and that’s flat; if nothing else, the Democrat Marxists will pretend to “negotiate” and “compromise,” stalling and stalling until 2020, when they’ll turn right around and blame the immigration debacle on Trump—but bless him for sticking to his guns nonetheless. And bless Lindsay Graham too, for helping the President blast back at ’em.


1 thought on “Lindsay lets the dogs out again

  1. Perhaps President Trump needs to tweet out the oath of office these Quislings took then tweet relevant sections of the Constitution. This would serve as a reminder for some and new info for some as well. Yes, I’m looking at you public school ‘graduate’.

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