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“Get Rid Of The Electoral College? It Would Lead To The Break-Up Of America, Or Worse”

At this point I’m inclined to consider that a feature, not a bug.

Why is this so important? The Electoral College has kept bigger states from bullying and pushing around the smaller states. Along with the Senate, in which each state gets two senators regardless of size (and Democrats want to get rid of that, too), the Electoral College gives small states a voice.

By the way, many of those small states are traditionalist, small-town oriented, conservative and Republican. Red States, in short. Getting rid of the Electoral College would give Blue States political domination over Red States. Democrats don’t give a hoot about “democracy.” What they care about is power. And eliminating the Electoral College or circumventing it altogether would give Democrats that.

Under their vision, the 50 states would wither away in terms of power and autonomy. They would merely be geographical descriptions, beholden entirely to the federal government. This kind of “democracy” means states like California and New York, with their huge, dysfunctional cities and large Democratic majorities, would become in effect geographical dictators to the rest of us.

It would also result in far more power residing in a corrupt centralized government. It move us inevitably toward the Sovietization of America. If you doubt that, recall that under the now defunct Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics, the individual republics had theoretical autonomy. They in fact had none. All powers and rights resided with the central government.

By which we’ll know it’s working exactly as intended. Can this possibly come as any kind of surprise to anybody by now?

In creating the Electoral College, the Founders very carefully and intentionally kept us from having a pure democracy. Why? Pure democracy amounts to mob rule. Get a 51% majority for anything, and it becomes law. Such countries, the Founders knew from deep study of history, inevitably led to disaster, chaos and collapse.

No Electoral College? Some states might hate losing their ancient rights and autonomy  so much that they decide to secede. The left, which today cheers on far-left anti-Trump California when it says it might secede, would no doubt suddenly get very authoritarian about keeping Red States in the union. They’re taxpayers, you see.

Does anyone remember the Civil War?

We urge all Americans to oppose this awful idea of abolishing the Electoral College. You won’t create a purer democracy, as those who propose this plan suggest. In fact, you will surrender your precious rights as a citizen and give the authoritarian far left a path to permanent power — a political disaster that would end our nation’s successful 230-year run as the world’s freest, and most successful, republic.

Which is a feature, not a bug, for the Democrat-Marxists. So let them bring it on, then. This is what the American people voted for last fall. They should get it, good and hard.

The battle lines are firmly and clearly drawn: the commie hordes versus whatever handful of Real Americans still remains. At this late date, it’s just about time to open the ball and settle the issue one way or the other. Then, when the dust has settled, let the Left and the idiots who voted for them drain the cup of their “victory,” to its bitterest dregs.


1 thought on ““Get Rid Of The Electoral College? It Would Lead To The Break-Up Of America, Or Worse”

  1. The idiot politicians (but I repeat myself) here in a deep blue small state are all for this. Because they are blue. They forget this is a small state and would lose out big time in the end. Useful idiots abound.

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