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In the fall of 1968, Donald J. Trump received a timely diagnosis of bone spurs in his heels that led to his medical exemption from the military during Vietnam. For 50 years, the details of how the exemption came about, and who made the diagnosis, have remained a mystery, with Mr. Trump himself saying during the presidential campaign that he could not recall who had signed off on the medical documentation.

This is it? This variation on the old “chickenhawk” canard is really all they have left now? Walsh says:

Etc., etc. As part of their ongoing proctological examination of Trump and his family (including its deceased members), the Times and other Democrat media outlets have thrown all prior journalistic standards to the wind and will now report rumor and hearsay uncritically, just as long as they help in furthering the Narrative of Trump’s unsuitability for office. In the quoted passage above, I have highlighted in bold the weasel words that indicate there is no proof of the thesis being outlined in the story itself, but also that the reader is expected to draw the politically correct conclusion — that Trump’s deferment for bone spurs was the result of a favor from a doctor who may have owed Trump’s father a favor himself. That Dr. Braunstein, like Fred Trump, is dead is a feature, not a bug.

Well, I guess we can now look forward to seeing Mueller sink his fangs into this too, as part of his open-ended, neverending investigation of “Russian collusion” in the 2016 election. Hopefully, the Democrat-Marxists will include it as part of their articles of impeachment also, if only to underline once and for all what a complete farce our national political circus has become. This part of the NYT’s squalid hit piece is especially annoying to me:

The fact that a candidate seeking the presidency received military deferments or otherwise avoided fighting in Vietnam is not unusual. Voters have shown themselves willing to look past such controversies, electing George W. Bush, who served stateside in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam era, and Bill Clinton, who wrote to an Army R.O.T.C. officer in 1969 thanking him for “saving me from the draft.”

As I wrote here years and years ago: Bush did not “avoid” Vietnam by “serving stateside” in the ANG. For one thing, he had been trained to fly an aircraft—the F102 Delta Dagger—that was being phased out of service before his training period was even done. For another, serving in the Air Guard was by no means a ticket out of the Vietnam War; many AG units fought there, including Bush’s. For yet another, Bush actually tried to enlist in a special program for deployment there but was turned down on the grounds that his training wasn’t complete and he didn’t have the 500 hours flight time required. Thus:

The point of this discussion is that the military record of George W. Bush deserves a fair treatment. Bush has been criticized for avoiding service in Vietnam, though the evidence proves that the Texas Air National Guard and its F-102 pilots where serving in Vietnam while Bush was in training. Bush has been criticized for using his family influence to obtain his assignment, but the evidence shows that he successfully completed every aspect of the more than two years of training required of him. Bush has been criticized for pursuing a safe and plush position as a fighter pilot, but the evidence indicates the F-102 was a demanding aircraft whose pilots regularly risked their lives. Bush has also been criticized for deserting the Guard before his enlistment was complete, but the evidence shows he was honorably discharged eight months early because his position was being phased out.

This is not to say that there exist no points of contention in Bush’s record worthy of criticism. There are indeed some irregularities from April 1972 to May 1973 that indicate he may not have completed his responsibilities as a National Guardsman. However, these allegations have been fully investigated in the past and were found to lack credibility. Both the New York Times and the Boston Globe investigated Bush’s military service and concluded that “Bush logged numerous hours of duty, well above the minimum requirements for so-called ‘weekend warriors.'”

So, just another pantload of the usual lying-liberal bullshit, then. Clinton, on the other hand, remains the same old draft-dodging scumbag he always was. Sorry for the digression and all, but like I said, it still annoys me. And since they’re still using the same sleazy tactics they were back then—and still succeeding with them—it’s still relevant.



  1. This matter should be attended to directly upon completion of the probes into John Kerry and Dick Blumenthal.

    Said probes to be carried out by Vietnam ground pounder vets.

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