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Presidential prediction

Sure, what the hell.

I’ve given it a fair amount of thought over the past couple on months, and I believe Kamala Harris is the odds-on favorite to be the Democrat nominee for President in 2020.

No experience? She has more than Barack Obama did.

She comes from a huge state, and she will be funded by the limitless Croesus-like wealth of Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

She is young – certainly as compared to the “favorites” currently being peddled by the brainless idiots of the media.

She is a woman.

She is left enough to satisfy the Occasionally-Cortexed wing of the party.


I wouldn’t bet against it. Bill winds things up with this:

I really don’t see anything or anyone who will even come close to her, at least among the Democrats. And, frankly, unless Trump can somehow finally deliver on his major promises, especially the wall, she’ll likely kick his ass, too.

Assuming Trump is even the nominee in the first place, rather than sitting in prison with all of his other administration hires by then.


6 thoughts on “Presidential prediction

  1. If President Trump is sitting in prison, then pig hunting season will be open.

    1. And you’re going to lead the battalion of the Perpetually Tough Talkers.

      1. Yes sir, I will. Blow it out your pig ass and shove it up your whore’s cunt before I do.

      2. Henry,

        You are quite the idiot. Keep bending over grabbing your ankles.

        You and your ilk are the problem in this once, great nation.

  2. Kamala Harris….just like soetoro-obama an unconstitutional candidate. Being no less than one of the misinterpreted 14th Amendment’s “anchor babies”, the Marxist bitch is NOT a natural born citizen ! Then again, that didn’t stop the scum soetoro-obama and the traitors who gave Amerika THAT scoundrel, did it ?

    Verify your zero. The time is coming to go IRA.

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