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Your government schools at work

Not at education, but indoctrination.

“And I started in Kindergarten. What a great place to start. It was where I was teaching.

So, I was the most comfortable there,” Pam Strong said at the conference, attended by LifeSiteNews…

Strong, who is in an open relationship with another woman and who has been a teacher for about five years, focused her workshop on what she called the “power of conversation” for promoting LGBTQ issues in an elementary classroom.

She began her talk by relating how she reacted the first time one of her students called another student ‘gay’ as a putdown.

“With [the principal’s] encouragement, we decided that I would go from class to class and talk about what ‘gay’ means, what does ‘LGBTQ’ mean, what do ‘I’ mean,” she told about 40 attendees, all educators, at her workshop.

Strong related how she began with the junior kindergarten class.

“And I read a [pro-gay child’s] book [King and King], and I started to realize that conversations can be very difficult, and they can have the most power when they are the most difficult.”

Mommyunderground responds:

Four-year-olds do not need to know the perversion of homosexual relationships.

Four year olds don’t need to know about sex at all.

Pam Strong is literally boasting about how she leads children astray and is backed by her principal.

But the story gets worse.

And, incredible as it seems, it does. It really, really does. RPJ says:

I will, absolutely, stand by the right of consenting adults to do what they want in private. Noneofmybusiness. But this…this is grooming, straight-out.

Agreed, completely. But this is what the government schools do, and it has been for a long, long time.


1 thought on “Your government schools at work

  1. Homeschool or die.

    At this point in time, there’s been so much documentation of the fact that state formal education is tantamount to child abuse that Mommyunderground deserves whatever she gets good and hard if she’s still subjecting her kids to it. She’s obviously too oblivious to have been paying attention for the past thirty+ years.

    Don’t want the kids indoctrinated by state autocrats? Don’t hand them to propagandists to indoctrinate.

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