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Death has no dignity

The Lefty death cult has another of their “suggestions” for you.

It’s getting very dark in euthanasia-land. Not content with legalizing assisted suicide for the terminally ill in six states plus the District of Columbia — with Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Colombia allowing lethal jab euthanasia — and unsatiated with Switzerland’s suicide clinics to which people from around the world attend — the so-called “death with dignity” movement now is pushing self-starvation as a splendid way to die.

Before I explain, two crucial distinctions. First, this essay is not about the common circumstance when a dying person stops eating as a natural part of the dying process. Nor is this essay about feeding tubes, which are deemed a medical treatment that can be legally refused or withdrawn. Rather, this essay addresses the growing advocacy in the assisted suicide/euthanasia movement and within bioethics to redefine self-starvation — known as “voluntary stop eating and drinking (VSED)” in movement parlance — as a means of attaining “death with dignity” in circumstances in which assisted suicide is illegal.

At this late date in my life I’ve seen enough of death up close and personal to be able to say with absolute confidence and authority: death HAS NO dignity, none whatsoever, for anybody involved. It is ugly, squalid, sordid, and degrading. It is messy, and it smells. Excepting the cases I’ve witnessed where the person is completely unconscious, it appears to also be quite painful.

The notion of “death with dignity” is preposterous. Like the stories you see on the teewee news about someone “dying instantly” in fatal car accidents and such, it’s a fiction we use to comfort ourselves a little, to make a little space between our instinctive revulsion at death and the gruesome reality of the thing. It may be a necessary balm for some of us, but fiction it most surely is.

I’m by no means reflexively opposed to a person having the right to have control over the time and manner of his own demise when possible. But anybody nattering about “death with dignity” just demonstrated to my satisfaction that they really don’t know the first damned thing about it. And given the Left’s usual MO in just about any matter you care to consider, chances are they’ll try to make it mandatory. You can’t trust those fascist, sneaky, lying goons with anything at all, least of all dying.


2 thoughts on “Death has no dignity

  1. “Our Mother and Lady is dead,” he said.
    “What is dead?”
    “With us they go away after a time. Maleldil takes the soul out of them and puts it somewhere else — in Deep Heaven, we hope. They call it death.”
    “Do not wonder, O Piebald Man, that your world should have been chosen for time’s corner. You live looking out always on heaven itself, and as if this were not enough Maleldil takes you all thither in the end. You are favoured beyond all worlds.”
    Ransom shook his head. “No. It is not like that,” he said.
    “I wonder,” said the woman, “if you were sent here to teach us death.”
    “You don’t understand,” he said. “It is not like that. It is horrible. It has a foul smell. Maleldil Himself wept when He saw it.” Both his voice and his facial expression were apparently something new to her. He saw the shock, not of horror, but of utter bewilderment, on her face for one instant and then, without effort, the ocean of her peace swallowed it up as if it had never been, and she asked him what he meant.

    C. S. Lewis, Perelandra

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