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Hollywood, America…

And (((((((JEWS!!!!)))))))

If you’re still not seeing it, pay attention.

Historical note: you got Hollywood as a largely (but not then nor never entirely) Jewish invention, precisely because of the same white-hooded goose-stepping anti-Semitism in the OP and responses, except at the turn of the last century, coupled with the avarice of Thomas Edison Inc., Philadelphia lawyers, and Tamany Hall politics conniving to try to sue Jewish filmmakers out of business every time they made a movie, and the subsequent and reflexive decamping of the Thalberg/Mayer/Goldwyn/Selznick types from corrupt East coast environs, where justice was sold by the pound to the highest bidder, and getting off the train in Phoenix AZ on the one day in 365 it ever rains there. 

That wouldn’t do at all, so they all got back on the train, arrived in Los Angeles, saw they had 300+ days of sunshine/year, ocean, desert, mountain, plains, forest woodland, and city-scape all in close proximity, coupled with a thriving and booming metropolis, hard-working people absent trade unionism, and dirt-cheap real estate, with none of the East Coast kleptocracy previously noted, and the match was made that gave you the single greatest cultural achievement in America since ever: the movie business. 

They could shoot cowboy and indian flicks three miles from downtown L.A., because in 1910, everything from that point to the Pacific Ocean was bean fields, cactus patches, and rocky chapparal, and hordes of broke-dick former ranch hands became cavalry troopers and Schmoe-hawk tribe Indian stunt men.

Hollywood is not a Jooooooooooos!!! problem; those exact folks gave you The Wizard Of Oz, Gone With the Wind, Stagecoach (starring some B-list singing cowboy), Goodbye Mr. Chips, Of Mice and Men, The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, Dodge City, Drums Along The Mohawk, Gunga Din, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Jesse James, Young Mr. Lincoln, and about 100 other movies, including a couple of Secret Service-entitled flicks starring some kid from Illinois, all in just that one year (1939)!

If you can’t suss that out, that year was the Yankee’s “Murderer’s Row” of movie-making, compared to ever in history, anywhere.

Now tell me the names of the producers and studio heads, just for those 12 flicks, in 1939.

Tell me about the Hollywood that produced, e.g. It’s A Wonderful Life, Sahara, Twelve O’clock High, Ben Hur, and 30K-40K other films, some 1000 of which are international treasures, and the high points of the entire quintessential American art form; then compare and contrast that with the Hollywood that makes any four examples of the current shite you’d care to name, and see if you can spot what changed between Hollywood 1915-1990ish, versus Hollywood from 1990-present.

What changed is who pays for films to be made. Around 1990, give or take.
When you lost the checkbook, you lost the industry’s attention.

This is what happens when you abdicate fighting culture wars, and think you can ignore them, which was the Right, inclusive, from 1960-five seconds ago. Not “conservatism”, not “Boomers” (aged about 0-15 when that clever plan was hatched), but rather every swinging Right-side Richard for 60+ effing years, and counting


Keep doing that, and call me when it succeeds spectacularly.

This is why those railing against Hollywood, particularly in the vein of “It’s all run by Joooooooooooooos!” are mouth-breathing morons with the IQ of a cup of custard, and less culture than a cup of yogurt.

Hollywood is an American invention, not a Jewish one.

Fucking BINGO. Read it all. From a comment to Aesop’s previous post, which was the springboard for this one:

Anyhow, whatever this “plan” is, the second you start putting parenthesis around names and hauling out the swastikas, yeah, you’ve lost me, and you’ve lost most of the U.S. population no matter how disgusting some people in Hollywood are behaving. Just point out their disgusting behavior – leave the B.S. Nazi crap far away.

Again: bingo. If you have a problem with liberal Jews—which, actually, I do myself—you should be able to easily recognize that it’s not because they’re Jews, it’s because they’re liberals. But if you’re one of those types who likes to rant about “nation-wreckers,” complains about the “exaggeration” of the horrors of the Holocaust, and thinks any Muslim country you can name will ever be as solid, reliable, and trustworthy a US ally as Israel is…well, this probably ain’t the blog for you, bub.


26 thoughts on “Hollywood, America…

  1. I would merely note that the non-Communist Jews take severe umbrage even when one restricts one’s damnation to the Communist swill. How many “good” Jews have spoken out against Soros and the rest of the Jewish swill funding and running the illegal terrorist invasion into Western countries? How many even bother to say a word when their Communist brethren spew the “antisemitism” charge against those of us who call out Davos and the Bilderbergs for what they are? How many will even admit what their “liberal” coreligionists did with Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union? That those 50 million mostly Goyim were at least as bad as Adolf’s 6 million? And that much of Adolf’s work was done with the aid of their Judenrat bruthas and sistas, like Soros and his daddy?

    Now there are no shortage of bad Catholics in the world as well. Pelosi, Kerry, Biden, Bergoglio. But there is no shortage of Catholics calling them out for what they are and what they do. Let me know when the Jews start doing the same to the evil in their tribe. Until then, damn every one of them to hell for what they have done to this world.

    1. And you take you data…where, Mark?
      How many Right Jewish authors you read, Mark?
      You’re disgusting – not because of your ignorance, for no [wo]man can know everything – but confidence with which you spew lies and libel.

      As to “liberal coreligionists” tag – it just makes me laugh. You are blank spot, poor deluded Mark, a vacuum, you’ve no knowledge nor understanding of history and people’s motives.
      Purely out of charity I’ll give you this piece of info.
      Russian Jews that got involved into Left political parties and factions (SR -social revolutionary; SD – social democrat, &&&) were not Jews in religious sense, as their parties’ platforms were based on postulate that social differences run deeper and are more fundamental than ethnic and religious ones. They denounced all religions as being “an opium for the masses”. Including Judaism, religion of their fathers.

      You’re a stupid antisemitic nobody, Mark, repeating long-chewed idiocies.
      Because you people like you I, a Jewish atheist and anti-communist will never feel one with American conservatives.
      There are no 100% friends in this world – only degrees of more-or less enemies.

        1. Me? My “tribe”?
          Well, since there is no “eternity” where to burn, your curses are pure dross.
          Have news for you, antisemitic slime: we are not afraid of the likes of you anymore.
          Keep your moronic links to yourself, mis-named creature (do you even know you are given a Jewish name?) .
          There is a Russian saying: eggs don’t instruct a hen.

      1. Well, just one objection, really. There are Jews on the Right side of ideological divide, who are not religious at all – which religiously-zealous totally ignore.
        I insist the divide is along ideological, not religious lines. It is a matter of rational, reasonable thought, and not a “belief”, in the full sense of the word.

        I don’t believe in deities – I am, logically, a proponent of capitalism, a libertarian (not libertine) and I hate socialistic lefties in all their guises. Being an atheist (who happen to be Jewish, ethnically, genetically and culturally) is fundamental part of being a Right libertarian.

        On the other hand, I can see a logical chain could be made between first link of an Orthodox Jew => whole institute of Mitzvah => => =>left-liberal busybodies knowing what’s good for us better than ourselves…

        1. I absolutely agree the divide is ideological LEFT / RIGHT, not religious. Unfortunately, most Jews – certainly the visible preponderance – are Left. Thus it becomes very difficult to tease those two apart.

          I used to be an atheist; was for many years. My faith reawakened when my wife and I were discussing children. If you told me a decade ago that I’d be wearing a kippa, attempting to learn Hebrew, and trying to keep kosher I’d have thought you nuts.

          Orthodox Jew —> leftist busybody is a stretch, IMHO.

          1. That is because you’re not following post-Soviet immigrants’ jewish-american network/blogs.
            You see, we’ve lived thru the consequences of the Animal Farm society and learned one or two things.
            In my mind, the proportion is reversed -but I admit, it must be a selection bias. Because in offline life – I live in NY – it’s as you described. And it makes me sick.

  2. Mike,
    You are right about many things and I very much enjoy your site. But your failure to recognize that the cabal of corruption in this country is primarily of Jewish descent, from Hollywood to the Fed to Academia to the Media (and all at only 2% of the population) is astounding. Its Breitbart astounding.

  3. I’m not anti-Jew or anti-semetic, but there a few questions I’ve been asking myself for some time now that even a brief review of REAL history can answer. 1. How many countries during recorded history have Jews been expelled from? 2. Why? (this is probably the MOST important question of the four outlined here) 3. How is it that Jews are about 2% of the U.S. population and, (I don’t know what the percentages of Jewish populations in Europe are and am to lazy to look it up but I’m guessing overall it’s not more than 5%), yet they are overly represented in positions of power in government, banking, media and other sectors here and abroad and in fact CONTROL ALL of the major power positions in those sectors, except maybe direct control of government, but do indirectly through elected politicians and more importantly political contributions. 4. Are there not non-Jews that are equally as smart and learned as leaders in the aforementioned sectors that could do as good or better job as they can?

    1. Nemo, did we spit in your borsht, too? Ask yourself quesiton #5: if you’re so smart, why are you so poor? And if you’re not poor, what do you care if other people smart and rich, too? But oh, sorry, it’s one question over your limit – you can only count to 5…

      1. E-Tit Did I say anywhere that I’m smart? If I was smart maybe I’d have some answers that I could have posted along with my questions. …and another thing, my questions aren’t about being smart and rich, they’re about power. Perhaps if you were smart you would have sussed that out from what I wrote.

  4. Yep, here’s another worm out of woodwork – and again, misnamed with a Jewish name!
    “Cabal” – that’s a word I haven’t heard since leaving USSR 26yrs ago, and all on the same lines.
    Are you by any chance, Polish Catholic, Matt?
    Yep, be very afraid of us. We control everything. Your mind, too – from inside.

  5. And that, Mike, is why decent people despise Jews. Not some imagined conspiracy, but the putrid stench of evil for over a century. It is very similar to the situation in “Law Enforcement” across the West. In spite of the claim that there are only a few “bad apples” in the barrel, the alleged “good apples” do nothing about the ETats. And to me, what that means is the Jewish barrel is rotten to its very core as well.

    1. So, just to be clear, if I don’t despise Jews, I’m not a “decent person?” You’re a fucking idiot. I have numerous Jewish friends who are among the hardest core Trump supporters there are, and Israel is one of our strongest allies – one who would be actually worth a shit in a fight instead of the goddamn French. Go to hell.

  6. One more comment – what so many fail to recognize – and what Mike says quite well in his closing paragraph – is that once one becomes LIBERAL (or ‘progressive,’ or whatever they’re calling themselves this week), then THAT is their religion. Not Judaism, nor Catholicism, nor whatever. Whatever denomination they call themselves is secondary to liberalism – and sometimes is but a metaphorical flag that they wrap themselves in.

  7. I’m extremely concerned about Soros and the Rothschilds…and the Rockefellers, Gates, Turner, the leftist foundations with names like “Ford,” the aforementioned Rockefeller, etc. (Henry Ford was not pro-Jewish, by the way.) Marx wrote about communism, but gentiles like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot practiced it in the real world. A majority of Jews may have supported open borders initiatives, but that’s because most of them are leftist. It’s gentile votes and support that gets those proposals and policies moving forward. Look at two big open borders proponents: The US Chamber of Commerce, which isn’t led by a member of the tribe; and the Koch brothers, who aren’t exactly kosher, either.
    If you’re out to destroy Western civilization, whatever your background, you are despicable scum. I don’t see why it should matter more if you’re Episcopal or Jewish scum.

    1. It indeed does not. And on occasion I am prone to mention the Koch sucking Rove Republican swill from time to time. However, the funding and planning for the terrorist invasions are largely by the tribe. As are central bank policies. And One World Government is their sewage as well.

      Now I agree with you that there are Jews who do not push this evil. Maybe many of them. But how many Jews will speak out against those who do? As I said above, there are plenty of bad Catholics in the world. Among them the alleged leader of the religion. But there are plenty of Catholics who recognize their evil and call them out continually. How many Jews are willing to do so to members of their tribe? Not to mention that they will go after the lowest camp guard for whatever part he played, yet say not one damn word against the Judenrat who loaded them on the trains and then took their belongings when they were gone. Or where do you think Soros and his ilk got their wealth?

      As I said, when the supposed “good guys” won’t even call out the sewage, that barrel is rotten to its very core. Regardless of whether it contains “Law Enforcement” or Jews or any other group.

      1. And just as an aside, I will stipulate that Brenda Snipes is very unlikely to be Jewish. Would you be willing to agree that she probably did not come up with her operation on her own? And if not, who do you think was probably the brains behind that? I’ll remind you of the location of Broward County. So it surely must be Central or South Americans, eh?

        1. Are you saying that a Demoncrap operative could not have come up with a vote fraud scheme on their own? Just from my experience in Minnesota, I can tell you it comes naturally to many of them. When Franken (a Jew, I know, but hold on for a minute) was in danger of losing in his first election for the US Senate, there were gentile lefties that found “missing ballots” in their briefcases, car trunks, and Lord knows where else. A special three-judge panel, chosen by former MN Viking, very left and very black Alan Page (then a MN Supreme Court judge), approved every obviously false batch of ready-made votes for Handsy Al. This last election cycle, there was obvious vote fraud all over the country, including here. Jews couldn’t have been behind all of it, or even much of it. Providing money only gets you so far. You need the plenty of people on the ground to get things done, and that means gentiles willing to do the dirty work. They aren’t doing it for Soros, btw. They’re doing it to gain power, by hook or by crook. To me, leftism is satanic, and whomever believes in that ideology of inversion and perversion is capable of doing evil, great and small, on behalf of that twisted belief system.

      2. Mark:

        WE DO WE DO WE DO.

        We’re ignored. We’re shunted aside. We’re silenced.

        I’ve written to prominent Left Jews BEGGING them to understand their support of open borders is not just the death knell of nations and Western Civilization, but is fuel for those who hate us (like you). I don’t even get a reply, let alone a discussion.

        I’ve written letter after letter after letter to my local Jewish Federation newspaper – all unpublished.

        That’s why I blog, with entries like this:

        These people – Jew and Gentile alike – who are working on the great replacement are LEFTISTS to the core. THIS is their religion, and it is EVIL.

        1. You’re trying to reason with an antisemite. Haven’t you learned in your (presumably) long life this is useless?
          Besides, “Never mud-wrestle with a pig.” “You’ll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it!”

          [meanwhile, you’re ignoring my comment just like those bad-bad lefties you complain about are ignoring you…]

          1. Greenfield, Geller, Horowitz. Three influential names I came up with off the top of my head that aren’t on the left, but seem to be Jewish. Some of us are aware that Jews aren’t all the same. Anyway, I’m more worried about mainstream Lutherans than mainstream Jews, in my part of the world.
            I’m a realist about race and religion, but that’s with the understanding that no group is a monolith marching in lockstep. Blacks have a much higher likelihood of committing violent crime, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be worried if I see Thomas Sowell walking towards me on the street.

        2. Thank you for daring to speak the truth to the evil. If only there were more like you. And yes, they are Communists. Tell the unvarnished truth. And their goal is the same now as it ever was – One World Government. And no price is too high, as they have already shown.

          1. Thank you for acknowledging my efforts. At least, I assume it’s me to whom you are replying…

            In the Shul I attend there are a few Right-leaning Jews I know. One, who attends more than I do (running my own business means I work half days; I just get to choose which 12 hours I want to work per day) has said there are more on “our side” than I would have suspected.

            But in general, American Jews lean Left, just like many churches do. As Vox Day once said, the SJWs take over. And they do. Our Rabbi is borderline earthy-crunchie hard-core Leftard, Alas, it’s the closest Shul by far. And since my wife is not a Jew, and occasionally pushes back on my attempts to raise our children as Jews, I take what I can get.

            But we ARE a minority within the American Jewish community, and sadly so.

            The problem is that these people, whether Jewish or not, are MISSIONARIES. They truly believe they can create a utopia on earth. Zealots like this are dangerous. People who think that all cultures and peoples are alike and interchangeable are dangerous.


            And IMHO it’s going to take the SPANISH SOLUTION to fix it. I wish it weren’t so. But I see no other path…


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