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Roll your own

Not weed, which is A-okay with libtards—anyplace and anytime you care to do it—but tobacco, which most certainly is NOT.

THURSDAY, Dec. 6, 2018 — Smokers who roll their own cigarettes are less likely to try to kick the habit and cost may be the reason why, a new study suggests.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 38,000 adults in England who were smokers or who had quit in the past year. About 56 percent said they smoked only factory-made cigarettes, while nearly 37 percent said they smoked only roll-your-own cigarettes.

Just 16 percent of roll-your-own smokers were highly motivated to quit, compared to 20 percent of factory-made cigarette smokers, according to the University College London (UCL) study. It was published online Dec. 4 in the journal BMJ Open.

Why the difference? Roll-your-own smokers were less interested in quitting because of the cheaper cost of their cigarettes, the study found. Only factory-made cigarettes are taxed, the researchers explained.

“Cost is consistently reported by smokers as one of the primary motives for quitting. With [roll-your-own] cigarettes offering a lower cost alternative to factory-made cigarettes, [roll-your-own] users may be more able to afford to continue to smoke, and therefore less inclined to try to quit,” said study author Sarah Jackson, from the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care at UCL.

“This has important implications for tobacco control policy, given that a key strategy used by governments worldwide to reduce smoking is to raise taxes on tobacco in order to increase the cost of smoking,” Jackson said in a university news release.

So we all know what’s coming next from these assholes, I reckon.

I’ve been rolling my own for a good while now, and I heartily recommend it to any smoker I run across. I have one of these machines for it: cost, about fifty bucks on Amazon. Once you get the amount of tobacco and the proper packing down, it makes a perfect cigarette just about every time. Cost? About 75 cents a pack—WAY better than the four-something bucks I was paying for Pall Mall blues before.

But cost is hardly the only benefit. I buy Ohm Gold tobacco, free of any chemical additives, and roll ’em in Gambler “light” tubes, which combination produces a cigarette that tastes SO much better than any factory-built ones—larded up as those are with formaldehyde (to make ’em burn faster), carpet glue (to make them go out after a few unattended minutes), and God only knows what else.

As an added bonus, after smoking my full-custom hand-rollies for a while I noticed something: the old smoker’s hack was greatly diminished. No, seriously folks; the old wake-up ritual of coughing up noxious phlegm is all but gone as long as I stay with the home-builts, and comes back quick if I have to resort to the Pall Malls for whatever reason.

Which I occasionally do. It’s the only real problem with RYO smokes: now and then you find yourself away from home for longer than anticipated and run out, necessitating a grudging trip to the store for a pack of the corporate coffin nails. It’s kind of a tedious pain in the ass rolling ’em, I admit, but a minor one; rolling up a pack’s worth or so takes maybe five to ten minutes, no more. I have a friend who’ll sit down and roll himself a whole carton each morn, but not me. I just don’t have that kind of patience no matter how much I’m saving or how much better I feel physically for the trifling effort.

All in all, I must repeat: if you’re a smoker, I strongly recommend you give ’em a try. With RYO smoke shops popping up all over the place, you’re bound to have one close by—and if not, there’s always Amazon. You’ll be glad you did, I promise. Right up until the legions of our Bluenose Betters get their hands on ’em and ruin everything for us just like they always do.

Via Insty, who adds: “Plausible, but I note how much science these days seems to extol the virtues of higher taxes.” Yup. That’s one way you can tell they’re getting ready to make the usual restrict-regulate-and-tax-it-to-death move. RYOers are at present effectively outside the system, more or less, and therefore relatively unimpeded. Can’t be having THAT, don’tchaknow.


3 thoughts on “Roll your own

  1. Paying four bucks for any pack of cancersticks would be cause for hacks of joy from all over! The average cost of a pack here in Minnesota is over eight bucks, and name brands are usually over nine bucks. Seventy-five cents a pack might cause people to do cartwheels in the streets, if any smokers could manage to turn one.
    In the Gopher State, pols love them some sin taxes. If it brings happiness, the ruling class here will do their damnedest to double the price of whatever it is through high taxes. There was practically a daily campaign against e-cigs on radio and tv here, until a hefty tax per e-cig sale (95% of the wholesale price) was passed. Haven’t heard much against them since in the controlled media. If roll-your-own gets popular here, I expect there to be stories on how Big Tobacco is further destroying the lives of the poor, helpless nicotine addicts by encouraging profligate use of cheaper loose tobacco. The stories would stop the day after a ginormous tax is passed, of course.

  2. My mother in law in NYC quit a couple-three years ago, but before she did she was paying fourteen a pack for Marlboro Lights. As for turning any cartwheels, let me have another smoke and a stiff cup of joe with chicory and get back to ya on that one.

    1. Fourteen bucks?! At that price, my late father might have even stopped smoking. And he actually turned white walls to yellow with his chainsmoking of Winstons.
      Heh! If you actually can do a cartwheel and video it, your loyal readers should reward you with some shekels.

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