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Bill sums up

This. This right here.

Browsing through Insty today, something slowly dawned: Most of the posts are slyly ironic, trying to point out the endless dishonesty and hypocrisy of the left.  It seems the goal is to score rhetorical points of some sort or another.

And I realized I found this sort of thing profoundly boring and, well, irrelevant.  Why?

Because we are well past that sort of thing being useful in opposing the left.  Anybody who has been paying attention knows that of course  the left lies constantly, that hypocrisy is bald-faced and ignored beyond its usefulness as a tool against non-leftists, and that irony is about as effective against them as whispering “Please, stop” to a gang of rapists.

At this point I’m uncertain when, or if, the resistant to the leftist takeover becomes more concrete, but I am quite certain that sarcasm and irony won’t be the weapons that stop them.

Nope. I’ve mentioned a time or two around this hogwallow how tiresome I’ve begun to find the popular Hitlerblog posting formula that amounts to: “IF A REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE/WHATHAVEYOU DID THIS…” followed by a link to and/or excerpt from a story about some particularly rank example of liberal hypocrisy, two-facedness, or double-dealing doublespeak or other. In fact, you could take the post on Sanders below as Exhibit A of it. Yes, I knew when I posted it how useless these things are; I readily admit to being as guilty as anybody else now and then.

What we’re talking about here is simple, reflexive death throes in a war that was lost long, long ago. Nonetheless, as our blogbud Ironbear says:

It does still serve a purpose, albeit a smaller one than it used to, though: as Larry Correia says, arguing/posting on the internet is a spectator sport. And as InstaPundit is fairly mainstream as far as blogs go, and still gets a lot of traffic from people who aren’t quite Red-pilled yet, every bit of the snark that they see along with their linkfest gives them something to think about and possibly wakes them up a bit more.

So Glenn is still doing something useful toward informing the people who aren’t as aware as we are that 1) the Left always lies, 2) the Left always lies, and 3) see Rule #1.

I’m mostly agreed with you, though, that it is mostly irrelevant, because I’m leaning more and more toward the view that it’s too late for efforts to wake up the unaware to make a real difference.

Agreed. Some of us will soldier on, hopelessness be damned, no matter what. It’s what we are, it’s what we do; we can’t NOT do it—just for spite’s sake, if nothing else.

No, sarcasm and irony won’t be the weapons that stop the Left; Bill is perfectly right about that. The only weapons that could possibly do it now are the ones that draw blood, break bones, and rip guts asunder, and we may very well be past the point where even those will avail us much. But there will always be that handful of us ready and willing to take them up anyway, and let somebody else count coup and worry about end results. The day guys like Bill, ‘Bear, and myself—hell, Glenn too, truth be told—are willing to just meekly knuckle under and eat Proggy’s shit without demur ain’t here, and ain’t coming either.

So be it.


7 thoughts on “Bill sums up

  1. What are you guys going to do, start writing revenge porn? I’ve been getting blackpilled, but it can get intense. Reading the normie blogs rag on libtards for being stupid is comfortable.

  2. You’re concerned we’ve lost a shooting war before the shooting has really gotten warmed up? Spend more time at the gun range, in the gym, chopping wood, fixing stuff, and less time whining and hand wringing. It’s pathetic.

  3. No, drawing blood will be very effective.
    Pity the right through a false committment to “muh principles” or even cowardice won’t draw blood until they are backed into a corner and the only thing they have left to lose is their soul.

    And many will prefer to lose their soul.

  4. I once saw a photo meme of a younger guy head hanging down over his breakfast table wearing his fast attack gear over his flannel shirt, gun laying on the table. Caption read something like, “Damn, thought it was going to go this time, still waiting”. That was 10 years ago. Guy has Grandkids now. Their plan has always been to wait us out and let Commie Core Indoctrination, Illegal Immigration and Life’s Bell Curve take care of us without firing a shot. They are fighting a thousand little battles that whittle away the Republic while everyone (yep) sits at the table and says, “Nah, not the right time”. Like having kids, there’s never a right time. Caskets filled with Old men holding LaRue’s and homemade militia flags. Try something small to get your feet wet. Something physically harmless and fun.

  5. Damn, Mike – I get busy for a few days and don’t refresh over here, and you go and take my name in vain. At least it was in the right vein. 🙂

    I see the Black Pill has found its way over here, too.

    While I’m somewhat in agreement with you and tz, MoralFracas, no one wants to be the first. No one sane really wants to be the next Bundy, Carl Drega, Koresh, or Vickie Weaver. And no one really wants to be the guy on our side that kicks this whole thing sideways.

    While I get Black Pilled myself at times… don’t sweat it. The breaking point is inevitable now. We’re headed toward a hot conflict, and there’s really nothing anyone can do to stop it, including Trump.

    The Left will make it obvious when “Go” time is by delivering a Fort Sumter. They can’t help themselves. And it’ll be obvious to everyone when it finally goes pear shaped and it’s Black Flag time.

  6. F.I.D.O.

    1) the Left always lies
    2) the Left always lies
    3) see Rule #1

    Spite? I call it visceral hatred.

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