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Over the last two plus years, the prevailing assumption has been that the Trump phenomenon is part of a greater populist backlash against the corrosive effects of cosmopolitan globalism. Trump’s alleged populism is linked to nationalist movements in Europe, where natives are rebelling against the migrant invasions. Despite the superficial similarities, what’s happening in America may not be analogous to what’s happening in Europe. Instead, the Trump phenomena may be the last echo of old stock America.

If you look at what Trump has actually done in office, versus what he has said, his presidency has been rather conventional. He has cut a lot of regulations, which is pretty standard Republican stuff. He got a tax overhaul passed, which is also standard issue Republicanism. His judges are all right out of the Federalist society. Otherwise, the Trump administration has been what we would have got from Jeb Bush, except the marketing of it has been much more entertaining than what you get from standard issue conservatives.

Dunno if I quite agree with that last. Trump never has claimed to be any sort of doctrinaire conservative, and no one should have expected him to govern like one no matter which way the Black Tuesday elections turned out. Nonetheless, however dire you think Trump’s shortcomings have been to date, we wouldn’t have gotten even that much from ¡Yeb! or any other of the Sixteen Dwarves.

And I figure that’s probably the last time ¡Yeb!‘s name is ever mentioned on this blog. Which, at least we got that going for us.

What Trump’s presidency looks like is an echo of the Reagan presidency. Reagan ran on a platform to roll back the cultural revolution of the 60’s and 70’s. He did not explicitly say it, but that’s what everyone assumed. He talked about shrinking government, reforming taxes, rolling back the cultural excesses like abortion and affirmative action. He also talked about economics and foreign policy, but the people who voted for him were looking at the domestic items. People really believed the Reagan revolution was a rollback.

That last bit has been understandably forgotten by the current ruling class. They don’t even talk about the Reagan Democrat phenomenon. That was the great re-alignment in the 1980’s that carried into the 1990’s. Working class whites, who had always voted Democrat, changed parties over the culture issues. Things like taxes and regulation were nice, but what got them to change parties was the culture war. They voted for Reagan because they believed he would fix everything broken in the 60’s and 70’s.

Instead, Reagan delivered a huge military buildup, massive deficits, bigger government and a debt fueled economic boom. All the talk of entitlement reform ended, for example, when it threatened the military buildup. Despite the enormous support from social conservatives, Reagan delivered nothing on that front. Of course, the currency reforms in the Reagan years made today’s debt boom possible. Then there was immigration reform, which is turning out to be the Gipper’s most important policy achievement.

Trump won election as a remake of the Reagan election. It’s not a perfect analogy, but people forget that the Gipper talked pretty tough on the campaign trail. The tone police followed him around too. As much as Trump gets cast as the white nationalist’s president, he’s pretty much just standard middle American white guy, in terms of his politics and delivery. Like Reagan, the white working class voted for him thinking he would roll back the last three decades of excess. Just as with Reagan, none of that is going to happen.

The trouble, of course, is that middle-class boomers are a shrinking block. The invasion plus the actuarial tables are making them less of a factor. The remnants of the old Reagan coalition came out of mothballs to shock the pollsters and the political elite in 2016, but they are not making that mistake again. As we saw in the midterms, they can manufacture all the foreign votes they need to win the 2020 election. This echo of old heritage America, is going to be weaker and shorter than the Reagan echo. It will be the last.

It ain’t a happy thought, but all things considered I can’t see much reason to expect otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Echoes

  1. As a Breitbart story notes, Trump is only asking for $5 billion towards the wall, and the usual Recucklican establishment donors — not that Demoncraps won’t love this too — get wage-shredding goodies which will further overload the publick skool and health care systems (It’s nice to be able to pass on your costs to the taxpayers, right?):
    A quasi-amnesty for DACA illegal aliens
    A revival of Obama’s catch and release policy
    A right to migrate for all foreign nationals claiming to flee gang violence or domestic abuse
    A green card giveaway for at least 200,000 Indian nationals
    A tripling of the H-2B visa program to further outsource American jobs
    An expansion of the H-2A visa program to allow farmers to import more foreign workers

    So much for the stalwart anti-immigration presidency. Like Reagan, Trump is disappointing on many issues that got voters to support his candidacy. Elites are still getting what they want, and the rest of us will continue to get screwed. Like usual. I’m still waiting for Trump to do something besides tweet on the things he wants to get done, but isn’t doing anything about.

  2. I got as far as “Otherwise, the Trump administration has been what we would have got from Jeb bush” before I realized Z-man has either been kidnapped, had a stroke, or gone insane.

    There is no fourth option.

    In dispute of that, let me know how Trump’s Amnesty Response has mirrored Jeb’s.
    I’ll wait.

    Anybody proposing equivalence between the two is seriously impaired, and should put the potato-bong down, and flush their stash immediately.
    That’s some bad shit, man.

    TDS claims another victim.

  3. The Z-man’s usually pretty good reading, but I agree with Aesop; he’s flipped his lid!

    Right at the beginning he goes off: “[Trump] has cut a lot of regulations, which is pretty standard Republican stuff. He got a tax overhaul passed, which is also standard issue Republicanism. His judges are all right out of the Federalist society.”

    This is NOT “standard issue R” stuff! The standard is to SAY that to the base, but never ever to DO that. All the RINOs talk about cutting regs & installing conservative judges, but that’s only their usual lie to get elected; once in office, all those promises go away never to be mentioned again until the next election looms. Anybody claiming that low-energy Jeb! would do any of that stuff must have some powerful weed (has Soetoro been visiting? Just askin’.)

    Then he zooms right off into cloud-cuckoo-land when he says “immigration reform, which is turning out to be the Gipper’s most important policy achievement.” Ronald Reagan got rolled on the immigration thing, it is the most shameful thing that happened in his administration. By believing the Dems & signing that bill, he started the ball rolling for millions of illegal aliens to flood here, that now vote, collect welfare, take our jobs, rape & murder and generally stink up California & the USA.

    Looks to me like the Z-man’s got stuff that puts Oxycontin to shame. Powerful, man!

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