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The most wonderful time of the year

Yep, it’s time once more to dust off good ol’ Scrooge Picard for the annual Christmas redo. Expect problems, as usual; feel free to let me know about ’em, as usual; I’ll try my utmost to fix what I can and pretend the rest isn’t happening. As Usual.

Enjoy, gang.

Update! Arrgh. Problem one discovered: this theme does not work worth a DAMN in either Safari or Brave. Crap. Crap, crap, crap.

Updated update! Okay, think I got ‘er going now. It’s working on all the browsers I have installed on my trusty eleven-year-old iMac, at any rate.


5 thoughts on “The most wonderful time of the year

  1. Well- sorry to say, I don’t see anything to enjoy. Or ignore, for that matter. Is there supposed to be a video here somewhere?

    I’m running a Win7 box. I’ve tried with my usual browser, Maxthon 5, which I’m using to post this comment; then I tried Opera, which said “Connection refused:” and showed me nothing at all, not even the blog; then I tried Pale Moon, which gives me the same results as Maxthon, i.e. no video, no links that I can find, just text. I don’t have any other browsers to try.

    The Roy Clark videos you posted earlier showed up & played just fine, and I always see your links in red text & they work too, but this time I see nothin’.

    Maybe I need some special glasses, but if they make Democraps look good I won’t wear ’em! (Won’t buy any i-anything either, so if that’s the answer I’ll give it a miss.)

  2. “Is there supposed to be a video here somewhere?”

    Naw, E-man, no vid. It’s just ol’ Scrooge Picard and other assorted imagery up top, and some changes to the overall color scheme, really. I probably ought to do a total revamp of the Picard/Christmas theme sometime, but with all the changes to WP the last few years I had enough trouble getting the old one to work. And I still ain’t happy about the grey sidebars, but I can’t figure out how to change it.

    1. Oooooh, now I see! Thanks for the reply, I’ve been fooling around with changes to my browser & desktop like you’re doing with the blog, so I just didn’t put 2+2 together; also I’m a lot more focused on text than on cosmetics, so I probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway since I always make a beeline to the posts of the day.

      But now that I know what you’re referring to, hey! Looks great!

  3. The best thing about Patrick Stewart’s Scrooge is that that version remains truer to the story as written than any other. It quotes Dickens directly and indirectly throughout. You get not just the story, which even Magoo gives you, but the marvelous language of Dickens.

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