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Gerard Van Der Leun is an old and dear friend of ours here at CF, and I’m very saddened to learn that he’s just suffered a devastating loss due to the Cali fires:


From a subsequent post:

Today I have to start to replace the basics. The inventory of needful things and obscure objects is long and spotty. As I said above, no briefs have I. Nor spare socks. Nor toothbrush. Nor corkscrew. Nor any one of a thousand trivial things that form the tools of life and the shell of the self. Nor things like the photograph of my one daughter when she was small enough to rest there along my forearm. Losses one shrugs at and losses that make me weep here in the dawn.

What I do have is the love and the generosity of my cherished friends and readers. It is more wonderful and more widespread than I ever could have imagined. I will be weeks thanking all but my gratitude is deep and abiding.

What I do have is this small unknowing black cat sleeping curled at my side after our ride out of the fire.

What I do have is my mother sleeping quietly in the next room, her breathing soft and low as her life is fine and bright.

What I do have is my mother’s warm and settled apartment she has lived in for nearly 40 years. Others are sleeping in shelters, churches, RVs, and tents.

At the end of things we can, I think, come yet again to know  — as we know and forget and know and again forget so many times — that Paradise is not a place that lasts forever here on Earth, but something that exists in the hearts of good people that hold their holy light within and, when that light is called forth, let it shine through.

My heart breaks for the man, it truly does. But at the same time, his abiding positive attitude and ability to hold his blessings at the forefront of his awareness with gratitude rather than lapsing into inconsolable grief and self-pity is inspiring, and says so much about Gerard’s character and grit. I can only sit back in awe and admiration at such resilience in the immediate aftermath of disaster. You can donate something to help him out here, and I urge you to consider doing so if you possibly can.

Gerard, my friend, you’re one of the good guys. May God bless you and keep you in this most trying time. I’ll keep this post up top for a few days, so’s our less frequent visitors don’t miss it.

(Via WRSA)


4 thoughts on “Tragic

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  2. Thanks for the link, Mike, I paypalled a small donation.
    What strange curves life throws at men – to be getting shelter from one’s mother in her 104 year…Glad he is safe, if shaken. Have been reading Gerard for years, on and off.

  3. I just read about Gerard Van der Leun’s tragedy yesterday on the Woodpile Report. So thanks to Remus, I just sent him a kilobuck that I couldn’t afford. But he needs it way, way more than me & El Jefe (but just to be safe, I didn’t tell her… ~𒑱𒉭o☽⫸ ).

    I was happy beyond words that he saved his cat. I used to have dogs as pets, but my job required a lot of traveling, so cats were a better pet because you can leave a cat alone for a few days. They may not like it, but they’re OK with just a bowl of dry food, water, a litter box, and a sunny window. Preferably with birds or people outside, doing something.

    Not so with a dog. You have to make arrangements, even for an overnight trip.

    And when you have a cat for many years, the unspoken communication is as clear as between man & wife.

    I couldn’t afford to part with half what I sent Gerard. But the fact that he made sure to save his cat convinced me to double it. Folks who never had cats may not understand. But I’ll bet Gerard does. And so does his cat, in it’s own feline way…

    Hang in there, Gerard. You’ll get some good stories out of it! And as that German philosopher guy said, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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