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They lie

When it comes down to the nut-cuttin’, they’re all the damned same.

AUBURN, Wash – On Sunday, Jordan Waits walked up and down Auburn streets canvassing for the Yes on I-1639 campaign.

“It’s important to me as citizens and voters that we contextualize our rights and do the things that are best for our community,” said Waits.

“Contextualize our rights”? Rights that are “contextualized” aren’t rights at alll; they’re privileges.

Waits served in the 1st battalion twelfth Marines from 2010-2014. He was a motor vehicle operator, fire team leader, and a line non-commissioned officer.

“I’ve seen what happens when somebody that takes six rounds to the chest,” Waits said. “I’ve seen what someone looks like after they take one or two rounds from an AR-15. It’s not a joke.”

Izzat so? Because last time I looked, the AR-15 was not an issue rifle in any branch of the US military. In fact, the ammo for the AR isn’t compatible with the issue M4s and M16s; if I remember right (and I’m certainly no expert and could well be wrong), 5.56 barrels can run .223 rounds without problems, but not so vice the versa. So it would seen that if this guy truly has seen the aftermath of one or two AR rounds in the chest, it surely wasn’t while he was on deployment with the Corps.

“I’ve seen the incredible devastation that weapon can cause,” he said. “And I own several firearms myself. I’ve had thousands and thousands of hours of firearm training. And I firmly believe that that’s not something that we should hand to an 18-year-old without a background check and without training.”

Sorry bub, gonna have to call bullshit on this one. “Thousands and thousands of hours of firearms training”—as a vehicle-pool truck jockey, no less? I’ll let Tom Knighton run the numbers:

That’s a load of male bovine excrement if ever I’ve heard it.

Let’s do the math, for a moment.

If Waits is to get the benefit of the doubt, his “thousands” is the bare minimum to be pluralized, meaning just 2,000 hours of firearm training.

Now, assuming eight-hour training days, that means Waits spent 250 days of training on just using and understanding firearms. If you assume a five-day work week, which isn’t out of line for most military duty outside of a war zone, then he spent 50 weeks doing nothing but firearm training.

That’s a year of non-stop training on nothing but firearms. Nothing else. No sexual harassment training, no diversity training, nothing but gun stuff.

Now, any veteran can tell you how little actual firearm training goes on in the military. While infantry and special ops get the lion’s share, even they don’t get a whole lot of trigger time considering what they do.

And bear in mind that he said firearms training. Not training where he was issued a gun, but actual weapons training. That’s an important distinction because just walking around with a weapon while you’re learning something else isn’t the same as detailed instruction on how to use a firearm.

But wait, there’s more.

And there is—more, and worse.

Hate to say it and all; you folks already know I have several close friends who are either active-duty or former military, mostly Navy and Marines. I have tremendous respect and love for all of them. But now and then you get one for whom the training just didn’t take, or who just doesn’t get it—even in the Corps, bless their crusty black hearts. Anybody remember notorious ex-not-former-Marine John Murtha, perchance? It happens. It’s rare, but it happens.

In any event, this guy went through boot, served his term honorably, got his DD214 in due course…and somehow came out the other end a gun-grabbing Democrat, with only a nodding acquaintance with truth and the concept of Constitutional rights, just like the rest of them. At the very best, he’s extremely poorly-informed and relying on hype and exaggeration to overstate his experience and knowledge, which in itself wouldn’t be exactly unheard of in the ranks of former sailors and Marines. In his own words:

Waits says many of his fellow Marines disagree with his viewpoint and he welcomes dissenting voices.

“I joined the Marine Corps because I care about my community, I wanted to protect my community, I want to make things better for Americans. And that doesn’t stop when you take off the uniform. I’m just doing the same thing on the street here.”

His welcoming of dissent is to his credit, unlike his fellow gun-grabbers. For the rest of it…well, he’s at best misguided. I really, really want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt here, I truly do. But—well, I’ll let Knighton state the inescapable conclusion, sorry as it is:

Then again, Waits isn’t just some objective veteran who is acting based solely on what his experiences tell him. He’s a Democrat who is spouting the typical anti-gun line of his party and using his veteran status to work to disarm legions of his fellow vets.

As a veteran, I know that there’s a technical term for that: Blue Falcon.

Waits is a blue falcon of the highest order, all for political gain. Pathetic.

It’s depressing, that’s what. In the end, I’ll just repeat my Mark-1 Mod-0 response to all such: come and take them, asshole.


6 thoughts on “They lie

  1. AR-15’s are primarily 5.56 unless customized to some other caliber like the .300 blackout.

  2. Bullshit, by the numbers.

    1/12 is an artillery battalion, stationed in Hawaii.
    A “motor vehicle operator” means he was somebody’s HMMWV driver, or a truck driver.
    There are no infantry troops whatsoever attached to artillery battalions.
    There are no “fire teams” in artillery batteries. There are gun sections.
    If he was actually in an artillery battalion, he’d have known that.

    And unless he was an actual 0811 (field artilleryman) he wasn’t a “line NCO”.
    (“Lyin’ NCO” is a better probability.)

    Best case for him, he underwent 144 hours of rifle instruction in boot camp, of which less than 20 hours was actual training. The rest was either shooting 250 rounds to qualify over five days, or sitting around and waiting, or pulling targets in the pits.
    If he was in for four years, he went to the range three additional times, at 200 rounds apiece, none of which is weapons training.

    So he has 20 hours of training time, and he’s shot 850 rounds of rifle ammunition, and <50 rounds of 9mm.

    If he shot the combat firing tables, maybe an additional few hundred rounds, total.

    IOW, almost as much as I've burned on a Saturday at the range, some days.

    1/12 spent a short tour at an FSB in A-stan in 2011, so three chances out of four he went along for that, if he actually served all four years in that battalion.
    That means he sat inside a fire support base for a year, where the primary weapon was a 155mm howitzer, and maybe went on some convoys, some of which might have been shot at. Odds that he ever saw anyone who'd been hit by 5.56 are slim, and none.

    That's it.

    Dollars to donuts he's not even that experienced, just a motor T or commo guy, who spent most of his time with a rifle just cleaning it for four years, being a rear-echelon support pogue, and never went outside the wire, but now is just padding his resume.

    Worst case, he's some washout or sickbay commando who never went anywhere or did anything.

    Having spent four years in USMC field artillery, in all three active divisions, I know what I'm talking about.

  3. Them FMJ ‘military’ rounds do so much damage …..

    The PUKE has never even seen what soft-point “hunting” rounds do to other thin skinned game ….

    If he has ever seen anything that has been shot at all!

  4. In fact, the ammo for the AR isn’t compatible with the issue M4s and M16s; if I remember right (and I’m certainly no expert and could well be wrong), 5.56 barrels can run .223 rounds without problems, but not so vice the versa.

    You’re no expert, and you could well be wrong, Mike. And both are and are not. 🙂

    The 5.56x45mm NATO and the .223 Remington are dimensionally identical. The difference is that the NATO standard round is loaded to a higher chamber pressure – 60,000psi, IIRC. (Off the top of my memory, so don’t quote me.)

    So, no, there’s no difference in the bore sizes or bullet diameters. Yes, .223 Remington loads may not function optimally in a rifle that’s set up for 5.56mm NATO, because it may not produce enough pressure to cycle properly. 5.56mm *may* not be safe to shoot in a .223 Rem chambered rifle, but that may vary as rifles chambered to SAAMI specs generally build in a pad to allow for pressures well in excess of maximum, to allow for the occassional higher than normal pressure load, or conditions (excessive heat) that may send pressures higher than normal.

    But a steady diet of 5.56mm probably won’t be good for your .223, and it may blow a case in a semi auto. Bolt actions are ~usually~ strong enough to handle higher than expected pressure loads, but use at own risk yata yata.

  5. “But now and then you get one for whom the training just didn’t take, or who just doesn’t get it—even in the Corps….”

    There is always that 10%. BTW.. in my time on active duty the motor pool was the one of the most likely places to have a shit bird. Don’t know why that was.

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