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Build the dam wall!

Hate speech.

There seems no way that the caravan of 4,000–14,000 migrants approaching our southern border is going to end without blood being shed. There probably will be blood. And, while the debate over “man-made climate change” is far from over, the debate over The Wall is finally over:

The Wall finally must be built. Just as a dam serves as a last-ditch physical barrier to prevent or control a flood, The Wall now is revealed as the only logistical way to create a barrier to prevent or control a flood of Illegals. So, as an Orthodox Rabbi who must restrict certain words I use, it is not inappropriate for me to say: Build the Dam Wall already!

Let it be clear: If we let them in — and, yes, they are people with feelings and sensitivities and loves and hopes and dreams — then there will be another Caravan after it, and next time it will be a Caravan of 10-15,000 sensitive lovers and hopers and dreamers. And three months later it will be another Caravan. And then another. What $38 million cash raised and wasted in one calendar quarter could not buy for Beto O’Rourke and his Kennedyesque DUI driving record and his Kennedyesque attempt to flee from the scene, the hordes will solve: Texas really will turn bold shades of “overnight blue.” Arizona will turn blue. Alabama and Mississippi will turn blue. North Dakota and Montana and Idaho will turn blue. We will lose this country — exactly as the Democrat playbook seeks. Despite their losing the male vote, the Caucasian female vote, the married woman vote, the blue-collar union worker vote, the Democrats simply will import hordes of new voters to seize power.

It is the same Leftist strategy as their new dream of stacking the federal courts: if they cannot gain majorities fairly under the established rules, then just change the rules by stacking the numbers. The Left’s model is California. With the exception of Donald Trump, we elect Presidents who either have held prior significant elected office (e.g., United States Senators, Congressional representatives, Governors, Vice Presidents) or who have been heroic generals who won major American wars (e.g., George Washington, William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, U.S. Grant, Ike) or both (e.g., Andrew Jackson, James Garfield, Teddy Roosevelt). Not all that long ago, California gave us Sen. Richard Nixon and Gov. Ronald Reagan, whose elected offices entitled them to reach the Presidency. Today, with California’s “jungle primary” that effectively limits most statewide elections to races between two Democrats, neither Nixon nor Reagan would even be on the ballot for statewide office. So Reagan never would have become a Governor and, therefore, not a President. Great and successful California governors like George Deukmejian and Pete Wilson never would have been elected. Instead, we have a paltry polity defined by Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and other “jungle primary” arrivals. Just consider the drek from which Californians now will choose a U.S. Senator: Dianne Feinstein or Kevin Leon (who later changed his named to “de León” to get more Spanish votes).

If the Democrats succeed in eviscerating our southern border — and that is their plan: DACA, catch-and-release, abolish ICE — they can overcome a century of their losing the support of Americans who once trusted them — blue-collar ethnic Catholics, union workers, married women, seniors. Instead, they can win just by importing tens of millions of new voters unschooled in American values, clueless as to the Constitution, knowing and caring nothing of our culture and higher purposes. Between suffering Illegals, encouraging cemetery turnout, and granting suffrage to felons, they can win back lost numbers. It is a sensible strategy.

The incoming throngs have no jobs, few marketable skills, no assets. No family or friends vouching for them or guaranteeing that they will not impose a burden on American taxpayers. They arrive expecting and receiving free schooling, publicly guaranteed taxpayer-sponsored health care and free hospital access, and every imaginable free public service. Meanwhile, the children of long-time California taxpayers find that they cannot get into University of California schools that have set aside protected seats for the undocumented. The Illegals further receive food stamps and welfare, and they even are assured that these are not “charitable hand-outs” but “entitlements”: It’s OK, you’re entitled. Meanwhile, virtually every California city is pocked with tent cities of homeless residents, with San Francisco streets reeking of urine, feces, and syringes, and with epidemic outbreaks in Los Angeles of Third World diseases like typhus. It is only natural that Illegals will align electorally with the Democrats who buy them off for a generation or two with the taxpayer-funded goodies that will flow their way.

This cannot be permitted to spread. This just has to stop.

Indeed it must. Our ace in the hole? Trump himself.

The most fascinating feature of the Trump era is the President’s uncanny ability to bilk the media into providing coverage that confirms the percipience of his political positions. Their 24/7 coverage of the migrant caravan, complete with images that couldn’t be better for his stance on illegal immigration had they been produced by the White House Press Office, is little short of an in-kind contribution to the GOP. Combined with the incredibly irresponsible Democratic open borders platform, the media are materially improving Trump’s approval numbers and reducing the chances that the Republicans will lose either house of Congress next week.

The media reflexively supply the public with countless images of people marching toward our border, breaking down barriers and fighting with Mexican police, and have no idea that they’re proving Trump right. The optics of the caravan are so bad for the open borders crowd, in fact, that even Trump-haters like Andrew Sullivan are advising the Democrats to adopt a more rational position if they want to prosper in the near future. He points out that the pervasive influence of social media worldwide allows ever more people to learn what life is like here and encourages them to head our way. He then spells out the political consequences for the Dems:

As we can see right now in front of our eyes, elections can turn on this.…Until one Democratic candidate declares that he or she will end illegal immigration, period, shift legal immigration toward those with skills, invest in the immigration bureaucracy, and enforce the borders strongly but humanely, Trump will continue to own this defining policy issue in 2020.

The Democrats have, thus far, failed to listen to such advice. Instead, they collectively call for the abolition of ICE and change the subject to fictitious Republican threats to their health care. They seem to believe that, combined with the usual whoppers about the GOP’s dark conspiracy to cut Social Security and Medicare, this will allow them to escape the illegal immigration issue. The Democrats are trying to divert voter attention from a huge problem they can see on their television screens every night by yammering about pre-existing conditions. Trump, meanwhile, is exploiting this blunder by reminding the electorate why immigration is broken.

As with their Kavanaugh debacle, the Democrat Socialists seem not to realize just what a catastrophe they’ve created for themselves here. Can there be anyone so blind as to think it coincidence that each and every one of their recent “causes” and campaigns, if brought to fruition, would do grave injury to this nation?

By pimping this “caravan” of American-flag-burning indigent immivaders—denouncing this country every step of the way while demanding their nonexistent “right” to cross our border illegally and start immediately leeching on Uncle Sugar for their subsistence—they’ve painted a very ugly picture showing what they’re really all about, for all Real Americans to see: destruction, disorder, and dragging this country to its knees for good.


15 thoughts on “Build the dam wall!

  1. I read now the Useless Ntions is telling Trump he has to allow the so called Refugees into America Yaeh i mean lets send them to the UN facility to live there with these bunch of tyrants who mistreat their people then demands we allow a bunch out so called refugees in

  2. If they invade, then brown bear hunting season is open.

    See a brown? Put it down!

      1. THAT, unfortunately, is the ONE thing they understand.

        And never forget that the US government was willing to deploy the Army with its tanks against Waco. Even though the crime they were alleged to have committed was a lie. There was NO “machine gun” in that compound.

  3. The Democraps don’t give a rats ass what kind of damage they do to the country as long as they can stand at the top of the rubble pile in full control of the power structure…

  4. If there were a way to let/force all the illegals to go to California and stay there, and not let the citizens out, I would be OK with letting as many as want to come in, do so, and not let Californians change their minds until they have suffered.

    1. Alternatively, everyone in favor of open borders has to have at least one illegal alien live with them.

      1. Exactly. Let the bleeding hearts practice what they preach. Each one take in at least one illegal or family and assume all legal and financial responsibility. Why should others who want the law enforced be forced to pay for the law breakers. I’ve said this to a couple of the libtards and they lose it. As usual they love to tell YOU what to do but they aren’t gonna do it.

    2. Whatever you’re smoking, please share.

      Where in hell do you think most of them are now?
      And they’re here because the lazy SOB congressweasels from 49 other states have looked the other way for 40 years. This used to be a red state. Now it’s blue. And it’s going to be brown.
      But they don’t stay here.

      So tell me, how many of them are outside the Home Depot in your state and town right now?
      How many of them are taking construction and processing jobs?
      How many of them are dragging your state’s school test scores down?
      How many of them are committing crimes in your state, filling your prisons, and dropping anchor babies like dandelions dropping seeds?
      How’s that clever “let them into California” plan working out for you?

      You’ve lost CA already. And NM. And CO.
      AZ and TX are going fast, and so is FL.
      You lose TX and FL, and Trump will be the last Republican president ever, short of open ethnic warfare.
      And in twenty-thirty more years, you won’t see another white president.
      Maybe not even one who speaks English as a primary language.
      Good luck being an alien in your own country.

      Look up Yugoslavia circa the mid- to late-1990s, and tell me how much you look forward to living in that.
      Or look at Germany, France, Sweden, and the UK this week.
      Demographics is destiny.

      These kind of demographic shifts this fast result in open warfare, historically.
      That’s what kicking this can down the road for fifty years has gotten you.
      You’re not going to contain it inside California.
      It’s coming to your town.
      It’s probably already there.

      1. Which is why it won’t be difficult to do brown bear hunting if they invade.

        No shortage of “brown bears” in Central Florida…

        Sí se puede, mofo!

  5. One, hell, Trump should have a bunch of C-130s lined up and load those immivaders up and fly a couple of dozen plane-loads of them to places like Westchester NY, Hollywood CA, Seattle Wa, New York, NY, etc.

    1. The problem with that is they won’t stay there.
      If you simultaneously mandated those locales create free housing for them to stay permanently, you’d be onto something.

      Best wishes with roping that unicorn.

  6. 2700 illegal aliens migrate here every day, 365 days a year, and every day for the past twenty years. A million a year. Minimum.
    Which means that “11M illegals” is 30M+ by now.

    The caravan should be met with machinegun fire, should it get to the fence.
    Before then, we should be playing political hardball with the countries responsible.

    Starting with blocking all wire and funds transfers to those countries, by impounding them.
    Then reinstating them at a nominal tax rate of 75%, forever.
    Half of that amount to be put into the construction fund for the wall, and the other half added to the budget of ICE/Customs & Border patrol, for the enforcement and deportation of all illegals found here, to help shovel them back where they belong.

    When illegal aliens are as rare as Triple Crown-winning racehorses, we can cut the impoundment to 50%, to fund the depredations on the welfare state kitty of Social Security and Medicare raided by illegals already here since the 1960s.

    Somewhere in that process, the kleptocracy to our immediate south is going to have another revolution, at which point a wall to block further refugees will be a handy thing to have.

    And when they finally try a government that isn’t as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, or as far left as Castro, we should think about helping them out.

    But as long as their two most significant exports to the US are illegal drugs and criminals, they get nothing.

  7. We dont want violent mobs of so called refugees rampaging through our streets let them do it in Europe or the European Soviet Union after all they could,nt care less about their citizens or their soventry all too wiling to appease Big Brother

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