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((((((((JEWS!!!!)))))))–a primer

What with all the talk in certain Alt-Right circles about the (((((((JEW!!!!))))))) Question, I thought I’d dip a toe in too. In the course of researching these strange, sinister “people,” I actually learned quite a bit, some of which was horrifying, some of which was repulsive. It was quite a remarkable learning-journey; I’ll now share some of my newly-acquired knowledge with you folks, if I may.

First off, this is a (((((((JEW!!!!))))))):


His name is Gene Klein, which he changed to Gene Simmons so no one would know he was a (((((((JEW!!!!))))))). In this photo, he is enjoying a sandwich made from the bones and sinew of Christian infants, which is something (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) do quite a lot. This is what he looks like without makeup, in real life:


In this photo, the (((((((JEW!!!!))))))) Klein has just slaked a parching thirst with a (((((((JEW!!!!))))))) drink made from the blood of Christian children, also very popular among (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))).

Here is another picture of a (((((((JEW!!!!))))))).


He was called Jesus the Christ, and he was killed by another (((((((JEW!!!!))))))) named Pontius Pilate, which is why most reasonable people now call (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) the Christ Killers. That word above his head means “King Of The Jews” in their secret (((((((JEW!!!!))))))) language, which is called the Koran.

Jesus should have just gone back where he came from, just as all the rest of the (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) should. Then maybe he wouldn’t have been killed for his (((((((JEW!!!!))))))) troublemaking, and we’d all be a lot better off for it. The trouble is, where they all came from is Palestine, which, in one of the earliest examples of a long series of twisted conspiracies they’ve conjured up, the (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) claimed for themselves, after killing all the Palestinians and drinking the blood of their children. What a bunch of greedy, rotten bastards those (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) are, eh? GIVE THE PALESTINIANS THEIR LAND BACK, YOU JEWS!

Nobody should be the least bit embarrassed or hesitant about giving in and indulging the natural human impulse to hate (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))); almost everybody does hate them, and you’ll be in some pretty lofty, honorable company. These are just a few examples of the kind of intelligent, noteworthy movers-and-shakers you’ll be aligning yourself with. Some of them may even invite you to dinner at their house!









Yep, excellent company for sure. Incidentally, that last pic is of a guy called Hitler, unfairly maligned—by (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))), of course—for supposedly killing 6 million of them in something they call “the Holocaust,” which never actually happened. It was at most only a couple million anyway. Which, it didn’t happen, so there. Just another (((((((JEW!!!!))))))) lie to make everybody feel sorry for them, that’s all.

A side note: if you’re interested in writing something about (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) on your own blog (if any), you must be sure to always use a lot of parentheses and exclamation points when naming them so people will know who you’re talking about. But be careful: in addition to being greedy, spiteful, conspiratorial, and strongly tribal, (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) are also extremely vengeful and dangerous. When they get wind of anybody talking bad about them, that person will suddenly find himself cut off from any chance of enjoying any more of their delicious child-blood (((((((JEW!!!!))))))) drinks, and will no longer be welcome in any of the major cities or countries they control, which is all of them. They will also never be able to attend a movie, sporting event, or concert again, because (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) control those industries too. Nor can they watch TV; yep, (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) in charge again. Yes, even Netflix. Also, the Internet.

So in sum, that’s what I learned about these vile, depraved, grotesque, iniquitous, omnipotent monsters, and quite an eye-opener it all was, too. Stay away from them, don’t speak of them for any reason, and maybe they’ll be content to sit back counting their money and drinking their horrible, demonic drink and just leave you alone. Probably not, though. That’s the one thing they NEVER do. Darn (((((((JEWS!!!!))))))).


11 thoughts on “((((((((JEWS!!!!)))))))–a primer

  1. Thank you.
    Thank you for saying what I would say if I had more patience and equanimity.

  2. Instead of cucking for the nation wreckers , you should be out driving your taxi cab.

  3. Aww, what’s the matter, Chic, did those awful ((((((((JEWS!!!!))))))) steal your sense of humor too? Bastards. Is there NOTHING they can’t do? Apparently not.

    You want to see some REAL nationwreckers, you should take another look at the pictures of your BFFs above. A good, long one.

  4. Jews are like any other group. They have some bad apples (there is always that 10%). Any that I have known personally are some of the best people I’ve met by any metric you choose.

    I often wonder if the increase in antisemitism that I’ve observed on line (Oh brave keyboard warriors!) will eventually be traced back to yet another attempt by the left to make the right look bad. Wouldn’t put it past them cause you know the ends justify the means.

  5. That (((((((JEW)))))))) with the base guitar looks like my mother in law!!!

  6. I’ve been on the internet a LONG time. Long enough to remember when putting parenthesis around a person’s name meant you were hugging them. So to me, every time one of these wankers goes on about “OMG THE ((((JOOOS)))!!1!!!”, it looks to me like they’re hugging them.

    Meanwhile if these backwards-assed yokels hate physics, science, medicine, all of that good stuff, they can go live in mud huts wearing bones in their beards and hair, while the rest of us enjoy the product of a lot of Jewish people’s contributions to humanity.

  7. Not meaning to step on your rant, but Pontus Pilate was a Roman, not a Jew.

  8. Mike, you’re a bit late…10, even 8 yrs ago it will be very funny.
    Now – see reactions even in this thread. There are increasing ## of people who will nod their heads in all seriousness.

  9. Sad but true, ET. To me it’s another sorry indicator of just how long it took some of us to forget 9/11. Of course, some of those same obsessive whackadoodles WERE saying all alone that the Joos did that too, I guess.

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