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I won’t be expounding at any length on the Kashoggi thing, because 1) I don’t give a shit, and 2) in the case of any putative “journalist”, much less a jihad-pimping Muslim Brotherhood camelhumper, getting himself chopped into red goo, see number 1. Hell, I could easily reel off a long, long list of American “journalists” who, in the case of their forcible dismemberment, I would also refer you to number 1, should anyone care to ask.

Any and all shitlibs/NeverTrumpTards (BIRM)—who are obviously trying to use this non-event as the week’s Big Gotcha to hang on Trump—who might be waiting for me to express horror, outrage, or anything other than complete disinterest had better settle in and make themselves comfortable, because I hereby assure one and all that it’s going be a long ‘un. I strongly suspect most real Americans share my ennui.


6 thoughts on “ZFG

  1. Time for Annapolis to come to town in every “newsroom” across this country. And that includes ABCNNPCBS and every one of their dead-tree fellow travelers.

  2. Totally agree with “see number 1,” but you have to at least shudder a little bit at the incredibly gruesome way he was turned into “red goo.” Yikes. But… eh… Yeah. “See number 1.”

  3. I mostly agree with your #1, but – – or because? – – I’m not convinced this isn’t just an attempt to stir things up between the U.S and Saudi Arabia on Trump’s watch, to benefit Turkey, the Dems, etc. The timing is just too suspicious…not to mention the dearth of verifiable evidence…where’s this alleged audiotape? Our intelligence services have created fake evidence before (i.e., the war on Iraq for his caches of weapons of mass destruction). Not that I’m a SA fan…I suspect that the classified 9/11 files, if they’re ever released, will show that the SA royal family was knowingly and willingly aiding and abetting the hijackers’ plan.

  4. So a Saudi national was killed in the Saudi embassy in Turkey. The fact that he wrote for one of the Democrat’s propaganda organs doesn’t make it America’s business. It looks to me like an issue between Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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