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The government they deserve

Ace, bless his heart, posts this:

Krysten Sinema Just Virtue-Signaled Herself out of Senate Race
As Twitchy says, she says “Arizona” with such disdain it looks like she smelled her own fart.

And this is from this past August. She hates her state so much she can’t even fake it when she’s running to be one of its senators.

I wouldn’t count on Arizonans showing her the back of their hand at the polls. After all, these are the people who sent not just McCain but Flake to the Senate over and over again. In light of that sorry fact, Sinema’s contempt for her own prospective constituents—no matter how absurd it seems as a campaign strategy—is probably justified. In any event, I sure wouldn’t be counting any chickens as to what those folks in Az might or might not do on election day.



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