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The Loser Party

T’is a consummation devoutly to be wished.

In spite of what the polling may say, the Democrats are going to be hurt badly next month. The party line is that the Kavanaugh confirmation has energized voters as never before. But the failure to stop Kavanaugh’s nomination will result in some Democrats becoming so dejected with constantly losing, that they will simply refuse to vote.

Many Democratic voters may feel they are going to lose anyway, so what is the sense of voting? This would represent another in the long string of losses for the Democratic Party.

These losses started in 2010 when the GOP gained control of the House of Representatives by picking up a whopping 63 seats. This was the largest midterm election loss of a sitting president’s party since 1938.

Although Barack Obama was re-elected president in 2012, his party’s losses continued. In 2014, the Democrats lost control of the U.S. Senate. In 2016, Democrats lost the presidency. Since Trump’s election, the Democrats keep vowing to “resist,” yet—with the notable exception of the Obamacare repeal—they lose every major policy decision.

What will happen in 2018?

The Democrats are likely to suffer more losses. Republicans are running on a record of a vibrant economy, a more secure world, and lower taxes for all Americans. The Democrats are running simply to stop Trump. While the polls may show that Trump is unpopular and has a low personal approval rating, the president’s policies are actually quite popular. Ultimately, those polls do not reflect how Americans will vote.

A more fundamental problem with the polls is they tend to use samples that are not representative of the population. Nearly all give too much weight to Democratic voters. This is what happened in 2016 when the polls indicated there was almost no way Trump could win the presidency.

My prediction: the midterms will end with 57 or 58 Republican U.S. Senators, though depending on how a couple of key races break, the GOP could have as many as 60 seats when it’s all over. The House will be more of a challenge, but the Republicans will maintain their majority and Democrats will feel even more disgusted with their party.

The Democrats will become the party of losers. Insisting on policies that remedy perceived social “injustices” instead of concentrating on economic issues that benefit the majority of Americans will continue to erode their base. The name-calling and disdain for a president whose policies have galvanized the economy around after eight years of Obama stagnation will erode the base even further.

America could use a healthy Democratic Party. But it’s doubtful this dysfunctional party leadership will change its priorities any time soon. If that’s indeed the case, we could be witnessing the Democrats’ death throes.

America could maybe use a Democratic Party that wasn’t A) Leftist; B) filled with hatred for all things American; C) something better than pig-ignorant about American history, its founding ideals, its very reason for existing; D) corrupt and treasonous to its very marrow; E) ehhhh, why go on? That Democratic Party 1) does not exist; 2) has not existed for decades; 3) is not coming back, ever.

So yeah, let them crash and burn. They’re a plague, a curse, a suppurating boil on the neck of this nation. They’re parasitic, a luxury we can no longer afford. They’re a threat to American liberty and institutions. And thank merciful Heaven, with their Kavanaugh fiasco they have finally gone too far and look like being on the way out at last. Aesop notes just one of the more amusing among many signs of the coming apocalypse:

So after President Trump endorsed the Republican in the TN Senate race, and celebutard rookie Saylor Twit endorsed the gun-grabbing Democrat jackhole, the (R) has jumped overnight to an 8 point lead.
Thanks, Tay, you airheaded fluffbrain. Maybe you could endorse Fauxican Bob O’Rourke in Texas, while you’re up.

It all adds up to nothing good for the Democrat-Socialist scum. But the writing on the wall has an additional aspect which might bode even worse:

Democrats have behaved badly before, and it certainly didn’t unify the GOP. The Kavanaugh attacks and the GOP defense against those attacks had some very unusual characteristics that gave them that unifying potential and ensured that the potential was fulfilled:

(2) Kavanaugh was seen by all as a sort of Boy Scout. He was nominated in part because there was no hint of scandal around him.

(3) And yet the most vicious attack ever seen against a SCOTUS nominee was launched against this particular candidate. The Roy Moore attacks worked in large part because the moderate wing of the GOP hated him, and he was seen even on the right as a bit loopy. Brett Kavanaugh had none of those characteristics. So although the GOP was expecting Kavanaugh to be attacked during his hearings, they were not expecting a combination of Borking (in the first stage for Kavanaugh) and the Clarence Thomas hearings (in the second, post-Ford stage), with the offensiveness of the accusations in that latter stage exponentially more serious than those leveled against Clarence Thomas by Anita Hill.

(7) At that point, it was the moderate wing of the GOP that was galvanized. They suddenly discovered that the rules they thought they’d been playing by all this time, the ones they thought at least some of their Democratic colleagues shared, meant nothing to the opposition. They either had never held them at all, or were more than willing to abandon them—and all sense of decency—in their lust for power.

(8) And that’s why it was the moderate side of the right that stepped up to the plate and delivered the goods in the Kavanaugh fight. Lindsay Graham, Susan Collins, Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnell, all of them harshly vilified in the past by the more conservative wing of the party, found themselves uttering words that those who had previously reviled them were now cheering.

It remains my firm belief that the Democrat-Socialists—having so extravagantly and irreversibly dropped the mask and let their freak flag fly, and with real Americans invigorated by win after win since Trump took office—are headed for a shellacking in November of truly historic proportions. And then the fun will REALLY start.


8 thoughts on “The Loser Party

  1. I would merely note that the House “Republicans” have been nothing but jackasses in elephant suits for quite some time now. They saw what Lyin’ Ryan was when he took over from Weepy. Yet they still re-elected him Speaker in late 2016. And the results have been exactly what one would expect from a God damned bunch of Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill. The Senate has been a pillar of honor in comparison. But God damn the House to hell. And God damn the Rove Republicans for shitting out another batch of used Mittens.

  2. Please! It’s the S-P party, the Socialist-Progressive party; there is nothing Democrat(ic) in the least about them.

  3. This is the exact reason why we need to be rid of the Rino’s unless they can stand up to the progressives,
    perhaps Senator Collins and Senator Graham can lead the way, we will be watching them closely to see if they do so.
    It is about time the Republicans show strong support for our country’s well being and now that they have true leadership under President Trump who has the fortitude and ability to show them the way, this can be accomplished to bring us to greatness.

  4. Good article for our side, but it does contain the same persistent error that I continually see embedded in conservative and nominally Right-wing articles and blogs:

    … the survival of the [Democrat] party may be in jeopardy.

    That isn’t necessarily good news.

    Yes it is. It is absolutely good news.

    The persistent error I mentioned is this: the U.S. needs and requires an opposition party*, especially a “loyal opposition party” in order to function as a healthy Republic and a healthy body politic.

    That opposition party does not have to be the Democrat Party.

    In fact, given the current state of our Republic and the current state of our politics, the United States cannot survive as a political entity so long as the Democrat party in its current form is still extant. We barely managed to survive it when the Democrat party was extant in a less virulent and toxic form.

    Just as the Right cannot survive as a functional entity until the GOPe is entirely dismantled and crushed into nonexistence, the U.S. can’t survive far past our current political situation until the current Democrat party and the far Left that comprises it is completely excised from our politics.

    So it’s absolutely a good thing that the Democrat party may collapse after November – if indeed it does. (I have my doubts.)

    * I personally think that we need several parties that share a similar perspective on American issues, but differ in how to best arrive at and implement them in order to be politically healthy. This bipolar political axis that we’ve held for so long demonstrably can’t function without eventually self destructing.

  5. You are absolutely correct. We DO need several parties that are viable. Not just a throw away vote for the “green” party or “libertarian” party.

    And, your last line, “This bipolar political axis that we’ve held for so long demonstrably can’t function without eventually self destructing.” is spot on.

    May the Democrat party be crushed into the ground and then the earth salted where they stood.

    1. Yeah…

      It’s been obvious to some of us for a long time now. I mean, Billy Beck (two– was stating that, “All politics in this country is but dress rehearsal for a full on civil war,” as far back as the mid/late 90s. Vox Day has been predicting that we’re heading for a breakup of the United States by the 2030s for some time now.

      I’m standing here now at the point of seeing Beck’s maxim come to fruition, and I no longer believe that it’s possible to steer away from that rehearsal ending and the curtain going up.

      Worse: I’m no longer certain that I believe that steering away from it would be desirable.

      I don’t believe that it’s possible for us to get to “several viable parties” at this point, at least not until the political Left in this country has been rooted out and eradicated from our body politic and especially our institutions.

      Maybe my godkid’s kids will have the opportunity to build something functional out of the aftermath.

      Sorry to be depressing. 🙂 It just seems to be that sort of a topic.

  6. Many Democratic voters may feel they are going to lose anyway, so what is the sense of voting?

    That strikes me as wishful thinking writ large, so color me skeptical. They overplayed their hand with Kavanaugh, but I think there may be enough of ’em who could be smart enough to know that. Even if they take the House next month, it won’t be by virtue of their blue wave wet dream (the party in power nearly always loses ground in the off-years) & will leave them with only the slimmest of majorities.

    The litmus test for the ‘are they learning’ postulate will be whether or not they impeach if the House goes their way.

    1. And always remember:

      It doesn’t matter who votes.
      It only matters who COUNTS the votes.

      Not that the hive precincts are corrupt or anything like that.

      I mean, if they WERE, I’m certain that “Law Enforcement” and the “Legal” system would root out the fraud and corruption, insure that the false totals were removed, and charge, arrest, prosecute, convict, and punish those responsible. Because, after all, we have the finest “Law Enforcement” and “Legal” system that money can buy…

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