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The Bonny Scot

Good stuff about one of the all-time greats.

In 1974, a drunken Scott got into an argument with members of the band he was playing with. After throwing a bottle of Jack Daniels on the floor, he took off on his motorcycle. Scott suffered a bad crash and was in a coma for several days.

By the time he recovered, he was looking for a new band. As luck would have it, a new band formed by two fellow emigrant Scotsmen, Malcolm and Angus Young, was also looking for a singer.

Bon Scott signed on to AC/DC as the frontman when their previous frontman refused to go on stage. It was through Scott’s checkered past and rebellious attitude that the band could cement itself as a raucous, crude rock group. Scott, who had been rejected from the army because he was “socially maladjusted” brought that attitude into AC/DC. And it stuck.

But the stress of constant touring and performing began to wear on Scott. Prone to alcoholism, Scott drank heavily throughout this period. Meanwhile, their album Highway to Hell broke the US Top 100 chart, making AC/DC a major act almost overnight.

For the first time, Scott knew what it was like to have some money in his pocket. But success also strained his relationship with his bandmates. Scott’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics were always a part of the band’s chemistry, but he now found himself butting heads with Malcolm and Angus over how much credit he was given for his work.

After years touring with the band, he was tired of it. And on the cusp of success, he considered leaving for good so that he could get a handle on his drinking. He would never get the chance.

Like I said, good stuff, a fair bit of which I didn’t know despite being a HUGE AC/DC fan. First time I saw ’em was on the Highway To Hell tour, back when I was a teenager; though I’ve seen them several times since, that show remains one of the most memorable of my life. Am I gonna attach a vid here, you ask? Why, of course I am.

One of my favorite tunes, from what would have to be one of Scott’s last performances.

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3 thoughts on “The Bonny Scot

  1. I was an AC DC fan until they did Highway to Hell. I thought nobody could be that stupid . There is a Hell and it a bad place to be. Jesus Christ confirms it is real and that above all things you do not want to go there.

  2. I spent my first career on the air in radio. At my first gig, we had this ungodly noon-hour news block which included an obituary segment. It was preceded by a recorded intro: “Today’s remembrances are brought to you by the Smith Funeral Home, providing compassionate and caring service during one of life’s most difficult times, blah blah blah…” You’d play the intro, then crack the mic & read the obits.

    The production room was opposite the control room, separated by a window & a thin wall. As I was about do the obits, another jock was in the production room making a copy of his Highway To Hell album. The instant I cracked the mic to read the obits, the other jock cranked the production room monitor: “HIIGHHHWAYY TO HELLL!…”

    I couldn’t have spliced it any tighter. One of the more epic moments in the history of small town radio.

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