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Me-too Republicans

Some things never change.

Eighty years ago, “Me Too” described Republicans eager to publicly second the policies of Franklin Roosevelt, a feeling so pervasive that the party nominated for president in 1940 a man who a few months earlier registered as a Democrat. “Me-Too Republican” generally conjured up not opportunists but an oversocialized character longing for approval from his Democratic neighbors and colleagues but clinging, perhaps out of family tradition or some other cause that also spoke to his desire to fit in, to the GOP label.

The phrase now refers to something different. But the conformity and reflexive support that characterized that Me Too endures in this #MeToo. Me Toos “me too,” too, after all.

Prominent Democratic politicians insist that decent people must believe the allegations against Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford, a woman who refuses invitations to testify under oath, whose story conflicts with that of the man she names as an eyewitness and the notes taken by her therapist, who cannot pinpoint the approximate date or precise location of the alleged assault, and whose history of supporting ActBlue and other left-wing causes indicates a possible motive to take down the president’s pick.

Her story seems suspect. But if you express something short of belief, many see you as suspect.

Okay, look, here’s the damned deal: let’s stipulate the lying liberal whore’s every assertion. There’s no compelling reason to, and certainly no evidence to back it up, but let’s go ahead and do it. So what do we have, then? A few teenagers got drunk at a party, and she ended up with one of them grabbing her tit and pawing clumsily at her clothes for a few seconds. And then…

That’s it. By her own account, NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED. He grabbed her by the tit momentarily, and that is the ABSOLUTE WORST of it.

And now she all of a sudden claims to have been traumatized by it for almost four fucking decades. Although, oddly enough, she never once mentioned it to a living soul, not until Kavanaugh’s name turned up on Romney’s list of prospective SC nominees in 2012. Kavanaugh has been vetted by the FBI six times already, and never ONCE was this non-event mentioned. Not one time.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to handle this dirty, transparent, manipulative attempt to do away with due process and the right to confront one’s accuser in open court. This would be the wrong way:

In Judge’s Defense, Republicans Shouldn’t Descend to Dems’ Level

Oh, Jesus tapdancin’ Christ. Right out of the gate, you know what’s coming. Ain’t like we haven’t seen it a blue million times already, after all.

Weaponizing a vague and unverifiable claim of sexual assault from Kavanaugh’s teenage years is a fitting capstone to what has been a truly grueling and repugnant confirmation process. The question now becomes, will Republicans respond in kind? Fearing for their grip on the Supreme Court if Kavanaugh is defeated and Democrats take control of the Senate, will they overreact and lash out at Ford? Will they attempt to discredit Ford by questioning her motives, her veracity, or even her sanity? My view is that this would be a serious error, as well unfair to Ford herself.

Fuck Ford, and fuck what might or might not be “fair” to her or any other such low-down, scurvy sewer rat as she. She eagerly lent herself to the sleaziest of smear campaigns for purely partisan purposes, and is manipulating the process even now with her ducking and dodging and cutesy-coy maneuvering. She’s gotten “death threats,” has she? Boo fucking hoo; so has the decent man she slimed, and his whole family too. This sort of thing is a tried-and-true Democrat Socialist tactic, and it’s more than past time it splashed back on them. If she has to spend the rest of her worthless life in hiding, I solemnly promise you I will not give a single shit.

This isn’t some noble, civilized debate we’re having here, with honorable opponents who respect the rules and can be counted on to conduct themselves with integrity and decorum. This is a war to the knife against craven guttersnipes who will stick at nothing at all to win. If you can’t get your head around that, you’re better off staying indoors with the women and children.

On the other hand, Republicans face real danger. If they were to treat Professor Ford with, the same savagery and contempt that has been inflicted on Brett Kavanaugh, there is a possibility that public sympathy for the Judge would evaporate, and the whole affair could turn into an ugly mess.

No, Republicans must be the adults in the room. They must treat Judge Kavanaugh, and his accuser, with the sort of fairness, circumspection, and respect that has eluded their Democratic colleagues throughout the process. Republican Senators thus far have shown every indication that they intend to do exactly that: they will act responsibly and judiciously, and they will show sensitivity to Professor Ford and allow her to keep her dignity. Americans will thus be left in no doubt about which party is acting in good faith.

The entire bare-knuckles campaign to defeat the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh can be likened to a leftist tantrum, characterized by vitriol as well as futility. The numbers in the Senate, after all, are with Republicans, and thus the truth has always been that, as long as Republicans keep their cool and close ranks to support a solid conservative nominee, nothing and no one can prevent them from confirming a good man like Brett Kavanaugh.

Wanna bet? For my money, they’ve already done it. It’s for sure and certain that FeinSwine has already gotten everything she wanted out of this and then some.

The timing of Feinstein’s release of information regarding the initially anonymous woman accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault was simply impeccable. Democrats knew they had no reasonable chance of stopping his confirmation, but Feinstein, a savvy and old-school politician, found a way to turn lemons into lemonade. Feinstein may have wrought a political masterpiece.

It is very likely that Feinstein knew in July, when her constituent sent the allegation to her, that it was so lacking in any kind of detail and backup that it could not derail Kavanaugh. But that didn’t mean that the allegations from Christine Blasey Ford could not be politically useful.

By releasing the information at the last hour, Feinstein put Republicans on the judiciary committee and the White House in a catch-22. They could either vociferously defend Kavanaugh and look like they were once again defending an abuser of women, or throw him under the bus and have to scramble to nominate and confirm a new nominee.

If, as increasingly appears to be the case, the GOP stands behind Kavanaugh in the face of this allegation, Feinstein has created a Me Too moment that Democrats can campaign on in their attempt to take back Congress, just as she did in 1992. It is, in a word, brilliant. One can almost see Mitch McConnell smiling and fist-bumping her, saying, “Well played, Di.”

This guy too, strangely enough, argues for the GOPe to “take the high road,” as if that had ever worked before. I certainly agree that it would be nice if our opposition was honest, trustworthy, dignified, and reasonable—if our disagreement was over Constitutional nuance, a debate about how best to maintain the integrity and relevance of the Constitution and its insistence on limited government and individual liberty.

Too bad that none of that is true, not one word of it. In truth, this isn’t a “debate” at all, not in any meaningful sense. It is an existential struggle, a semi-cold war against a dishonest, dishonorable opponent who NEVER argues in good faith, but is always jockeying for a position from which he can slide the shiv into freedom’s back. The Kavanaugh Kerfuffle is in no way unique, extraordinary, or atypical. It is merely the latest chapter in a very old playbook.

And there’s a reason for that: it’s worked for them every time up till now. That’s thanks to the collusion of the GOPe, combined with the above-the-fray prissyiness of those of us who misguidedly insist on this “high road” nonsense and recoil in horror from the thought of getting their hands dirty and their raiment soiled in an unseemly gutter brawl. It’s an essentially passive, defensive strategy, which is the wrong tack to take when what is required is a proactive, offensive, vigorous, and unrestrained effort.

What we’ve been seeing all these years is Mike Tyson pitted against the Marquess of Queensberry—or Little Lord Fauntleroy, more like—yielding its perfectly predictable result. And if you think the Kavanaugh fight has been ugly, just wait till Ruth Bader-Ginsberg either croaks or is carted bodily off to the glue factory. We ain’t seen nothing yet, folks, and we’d all damned well better be ready and willing to get as down and dirty with the scuzzbuckets of the Left as necessary if we want to keep from losing what little of our country is still left to us.

The “high road” is every bit as useless and irrelevant now as the effete feebs who smarmily scold us about its importance are. Until we’ve well and truly clobbered the Marxist moonbats, by any means we can contrive, we need to keep Miss Manners on the sidelines, and Emily Post’s Blue Book Of Social Usage firmly tucked away in our back pockets. Well, unless we intend to clout a shitlib over the head with it, that is.


8 thoughts on “Me-too Republicans

  1. Excellent article! This lying sack-of-shit must be destroyed….totally. Not only to preserve Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation but also to send a message to Finsteen and the rest of the communists that a new sheriff is in town and the gloves are off. Will the Dead Elephant party do this? Probably not! Came out this morning that this POS and her husband work for a company called Corcept Therapeutics which just happens to work on……wait for it ABORTION PILLS!!! Now we know the real reason she doesn’t want Judge Kavanaugh on the SC.

  2. I already covered Ford’s treatment:
    Ascertain that she has no factual basis, nor corroborating facts, nor any vague idea of where or when this event even happened.
    Oh. so it comes down to your personal credibility, Dr. Whacktard?
    Fair enough.
    Have you been a fervent anti-Republican activist for decades?
    Go to protests?
    Show up for causes?
    Why did you scrub your social media?
    We can recover it, btw, and you’re under oath…Was it scrubbed because you were afraid everyone including Stevie Wonder would be able to see you’re a frothing hard-Left moonbat?
    Who’s paying for your counsel today?
    What are their political views?
    Who else is advising you on this investigation?
    Who’s paying
    their salaries?
    How much money has been raised on your behalf since you came forward with these allegations?
    What offers for paid press interviews, book/movie deals, etc., have you discussed already?
    What psychiatric/psychological treatment have you undergone?
    Because if we’re to trust your word, and judge your veracity, the question of whether you have a psychiatric history is germane to how much credibility to assign to your unverifiable, uncorroborated, and probably counter-factual accusations.
    What psychoactive medications are you currently taking?
    What psychoactive medications have you taken since the incident?
    What drugs and substances do you ingest, or have you tried?
    Were you ever intoxicated at any similar parties in high school?
    Were you assaulted at any of them?
    Have you ever been involuntarily committed for psychiatric care?
    Have you ever been suicidal?
    Because when the meat and potatoes of your case is “Hey, trust me” whether or not you’re a certifiable whackadoodle is the money shot in this hearing room.
    Have you ever been abused by anyone else than the incident under investigation?
    By whom?
    Did that happen before, after, or near the same time as the alleged incident?
    Did you report those other incidents?
    Why or why not?
    Is it possible that any or all of them may be affecting your recollection or judgment in regard to accusing Brett Kavanaugh?
    How is it, do you think, that you can supposedly only remember Brett Kavanaugh as the perpetrator, but not the date, day, year, place, time, circumstances, how you got there, how you got home, or how many and who else were there?
    Can you explain why no one else you allege to have been present can confirm any part of your allegations?
    Why is it that you only remembered Brett Kavanaugh originally, right after his name was put forward in national news by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, thirty years after the incident supposedly occurred?
    Why is it you only sent in a letter after president Trump nominated him to fill the vacancy on SCOTUS?
    How many anti-Republican and anti-Trump events, demonstrations, etc., have you attended?”

    She would be gone faster than fog on a summer day, and leave skid marks out of the hearing.
    And nothing she tried would change the Senate vote by even one, either way.

    1. That’s a very nice line of questioning. Wanna bet whether anything even REMOTELY similar to that happens???

  3. That’s a very nice line of questioning. Wanna bet whether anything even REMOTELY similar to that happens???

  4. And Grassley didn’t even make it much past his 10pm deadline before he fell all over himself cucking that he didn’t really mean it and it was more like a guideline than a deadline, actually and he wouldn’t be forcing a vote on Monday but he’d give Ford one last chance to testify on Thursday…

    But this is the last chance. Honest. He means it this time. Really.

  5. So if you’re waiting for these idiots to grow a backbone, it’s going to be a long wait.

    Not that I actually believe in the mythical “Blue Wave”, but if the (R)s do somehow manage to lose the House and Senate this fall, they can’t whine that they didn’t do everything in their own power to make that happen.

    It’s almost like they want to lose. But that’s just silly talk.

  6. Dr Ford, imagine we were talking to a paid operative of the DNC, an operative who had enough of a tenuous link to Judge Kavenaugh that she could tell a story about him and not have it instantly dismissed. This operative’s story does not have any corroborating evidence, is not internally consistent, and falls apart at the slightest examination. It is obvious to any honest person that the operative simply lied in order to slander the judge.

    Now, Dr Ford, please tell us the difference between you and that DNC operative.

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