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Back up!

Well, THAT was embarrassing. More in a short, while I get my brain organized (snort!) here.

Update! Okay, first off, yeah, I kinda screwed up here. I stay a cpl-three months behind on the hosting bills, which the fine folks at Hosting Matters, bless their hearts, are always very forgiving of. I’ve been buds with Stacy Tabb, Big Boss lady at Hosting Matters, since way back yonder in the Warblogger years immediately following 9/11, when she was known by her nom de blog, Sekimori. Her, Gabby, and everybody else at HM are nothing but class, and that’s flat.

On the other hand, I had told Gabby three weeks ago that I’d be catching up the arrears that weekend, late as usual. No prob, says she.

And then the damned car shit the bed.

Now, y’all may be aware that I make my meager living with that car, using it as I do for Lyft- and Uber-driving. Car ain’t running, I ain’t working. Period. So while I desperately scrambled to sort out an overheating problem by throwing parts at it, one by one, until I’d replaced the cooling system entire and emptied my poor bank account in the doing, that’s what I was also doing: not working.

Finally, though, I got the overheating issue sorted and took the car out last night for an extended test drive. I ran a few Lyft rides, earned a few shekels, and was feeling pretty good about things.

And that’s when the ECM shit the bed.

I barely limped the car home, it was running so shitty. ECM’s—Electronic Control Module (or Unit, depending)—for those who don’t know, are hideously expensive; it’s the computer box that basically runs the whole damned car. They’re on all cars with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection), which is pretty much every car built since about 1980 or so. Being a guy who has never psychologically evolved from the carburetor (and never wanted to), I knew precious little about ’em, and cared less. But I know they ain’t cheap, and it’s a fairly involved bitch to install and program one, too.

So, long story short, the hosting payment was missed, the website went down, and all in the midst of a two-week ordeal of wrenching and cussing that ain’t done with yet. And then you guys stepped in.

I’ve said many times before here just how humbling these tangible exhibitions of how much this site means to you folks are. And today it hit me, although it really should have long ago: this website is a team effort, in every way that matters. It’s an easy thing to forget sometimes; too often I tend to dismiss the significance of this online hangout as being just my private little space in which to vent some spleen when the mood strikes and the opportunity arises, and nothing more.

But that ain’t right. I’ve been doing this a long, long time now, a significant portion of my adult (ahem) life. I’m proud of much of the work I’ve done here. I also think there’s really not another blog like this one anywhere, one that runs the gamut from domestic politics to foreign policy to military affairs, methods, and technology to civilizational clashes and warfare to music to cars to motorcycles to whateverthehell else. If there is, I can’t think of one offhand.

And you’re all—connmenters, contributors, lurkers, all—a big, big part of the whole shebang, for which participation I once again offer my most sincere gratitude. Thanks, too, to my fellow keyboard warriors out there who reached out with a quickness to express kindness and concern when things went momentarily sideways: Fran Porretto; Aesop; the Shooters; Bill Quick; Misha; and to anybody I might have missed, my apologies. Special mention to CF lifer Bob Tracy, who was on the case before virtually anybody and got the ball rolling.

I now have enough to not only reinstate the site but to do the necessary repairs to get the car back up and running as well, and my ass back to work at last. Thank God for that, and for all of you. Can’t say that enough. And now, on with the show…


5 thoughts on “Back up!

  1. Welcome back!
    I assumed you’d been censored for badthink, a not-unlikely possibility given current behavior of the TPTB running the digisphere.
    Happy that’s not the case, and glad you’re back on your feet, both with work, and online.

    Best Wishes,

  2. I figured I had been the reason you got knocked off the net. Glad to hear that wasn’t the case.

    Hope things start going better for you now!

  3. 1) Car trouble sucks. Ask me how I know.
    2) I, too, ceased to evolve at carburetors. A happy Luddite as it were.
    3) Best of luck in finding the ECM.

  4. i’m not working myself right now (suspect i hit some kind of diversity ceiling here behind enemy lines), so i’m putting on an addition to the house. SO has wanted a garage for 20 years, so here goes…

    point for today is, i am kinda an idiot savant with car electronics and researching problems such that $ seldom gets thrown at it – an even if i cannot hit you with shekels, i can do one helluva job with arms length diagnostics. if this is a team effort, and you need to keep the 4 wheels turning for your livlihood, just ask me. brother, i’ll be expecting an email from you.

  5. Good to see you back up, Mike.

    Heh. I was like Mark: I was half afraid that one of my comments got you unpersoned and deplatformed. 🙂

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