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The magnitude of our cultural division

A bridge way too far.

If we can admit that warfare encompasses high intensity fighting (like tanks and bombers), then we need to take a look at the low intensity, too. This “Low Intensity Conflict” includes violence, but it also features other forms of warfare that we are, without a doubt, seeing today.

In fact, we are seeing every single indicator of a low intensity conflict right now, and that’s the basis for my reasoning that a domestic conflict has already started. (Overviews of the reasoning are here and here.)

I have no crystal ball and I can’t tell you exactly how bad it will get or when it will end, but I am confident in two things:

  1. It’s already started.
  2. It will get worse before it’s solved, if a solution can be found.

As I saw suggested by a comment-section wag somewhere or other the other day: the Civil War already started. But so far, only one side is fighting.

Update! There is no compromise or nonviolent solution possible. There is only victory, or defeat. Schlichter does the math proving why socialism does not work, has never worked, and cannot work.

Let’s take the richest man ever was, Jeff Bezos. He’s got a net worth of at least $150 billion. It not in actual dollars, though, unless he has the world’s biggest mattress. It’s mostly in Amazon stock. We’ll just leave aside the inconvenient issue of what would happen to Amazon’s stock value if it were “seized” and nationalized and just assume he’s got a big pit full of dollar bills. We take all that and split it among the 330 million Americans and everyone gets…$454.55. Congrats. Everyone gets one payment on their 2015 Toyota Camry. That is, unless we’re decreeing that all consumer loans are forgiven, which is probably on the socialists’ to-so list and would mean many fewer consumer loans going forward, but again I digress.

Divvying up the cash seems…unhelpful. How about we put all the money toward government spending? That would never be dropping it down a rathole because the government is awesome. Let’s see, the 2019 U.S. budget is $4.407 trillion – with a “T” – so all of Bezos Bucks would be about 3.4% of that. Yes, all of Bezos’s money would run the federal government for 12.4 days.

So, after about two weeks we’re going to need some more cash. There appear to be about 560 billionaires in the U.S. They all have less than Jolly Jeff – everyone has less than him – but let’s count each one as having $5 billion to simplify things. That’s $2.8 trillion. A lot of dough. But even assuming the entirety of their assets could be converted to cash, you could fund the government at present levels for … 232 days. That’s at present spending levels, without all the bells and whistles and free college and doctors and kale smoothie-makers everyone will get from Uncle Santa.

Remember, under socialism we aren’t minting any new billionaires, so where do we go for the money once the low-hanging billionaire fruit is picked clean? Millionaires!

A 2017 report says there are probably 10.8 millionaires in what would be the People’s Republic of America: “In 2016, there were 9.4 million individuals with net worth between $1 million and $5 million, 1.3 million individuals with net worth between $5 million and $25 million, and 156,000 households with more than $25 million in net worth, the report says.”

Now we’re hitting regular folks. If you have a house in Los Angeles or Washington, welcome to millionairehood! Or a small business – lots of us are rich on paper. Well, what’s ours is…theirs. The fact is our socialist pals are going to have to reach way down below the 1% to find enough stuff to redistribute so that everyone can have everything they want (but not enough to work for) while robots mop out the toilets.

They want your stuff. The stuff you spent years working for, saving for, sacrificing for. All gone, to someone else, because some neck-bearded Gender Studies grad decided he and not you should choose what happens to your property. All that effort, all those years you spent gainfully employed, being responsible, working while other folks played? 

Too bad. 

The socialists seem to assume that there’s not going to be any pushback from all these millions of Normal Americans who are going to fund this latest socialist experiment (Remember, this time, under these geniuses, socialism will totally work – it’s due for a win!). We’ll sort of shrug and just give up our stuff, and our freedom, to a bunch of 20-something adolescents because…the 20-something adolescents really want us to.


Hate to be always sounding the discordant note and all here, but the sad fact is socialism already has its talons deep in the thews, sinews, and viscera of American society. Worse still, too many Americans who don’t consider themselves “socialist” at all like it that way, and won’t part with their Free Shit happily, or easily. That blase acceptance of Socialism-Lite still won’t make the thing work any better than it ever has, of course. Which just means Civil War 2.0 will be twice as bitter and destructive, whether it finally ratchets on up from low-intensity conflict or not.


1 thought on “The magnitude of our cultural division

  1. As I saw suggested by a comment-section wag somewhere or other the other day: the Civil War already started. But so far, only one side is fighting.

    Gee, that sounds just awfully familiar for some reason, Mike. 🙂

    Tellya, when I see other people in addition to Vox Day building alternative infrastructure for fighting back in the culture war, I’ll acknowledge that the Right is fighting back…

    The Right, nominally at least, has millionaires and billionaires with hefty bankrolls. Where’s the Right-wing media conglomerates to counter the Left’s nearly total media domination? (And don’t say “FOXNews” – Fox hasn’t been anything more than moderate to cuck Right from its inception.) Where’s the Right’s independent and Right-wing publishing houses? Major movie studios? Major TV studios? Where’s the Right’s right-wing academic institutions?

    Where’s the Right’s alternate financial and lending and credit institutions to provide alternatives to gun companies and others who’ve had their payment processing and banking cut off?

    Why is it only the Left that’s pulling down Confederate, Civil War, and Revolutionary War statues? Why hasn’t someone yanked down the statue of Lenin in Seattle or MLK and Margaret Sanger statues around the country?

    Schlicter says there’s a couple hundred million people on the Right who’d be out in force resisting Leftist/Socialist attempts to take their shit? Where’s the million Right-winger strong protests against ABCNBCBBSMSNBCNCNN and their blatant lies and seditious behavior? Where’s the million man march against the NFL and Colin Caepernik? (sp) Parked in front of the the major gun banning outfits? Or the SPLC? Hell, where’s even the thousand Right-winger strong protests in front of YouTube, Google, and Facebook HQs protesting Alex Jones’ deplatforming?

    Why are Right-wingers still giving over their kids to the public/private school system to be indoctrinated, brain washed, and turned against us? Still sending them to the Left’s colleges to be turned into future cat ladies and soyboys?

    Why are Right-wingers still giving over their kids to the public/private school system to be friggin’ sexually molested to the tune of several thousand cases a year? The public school system makes the Catholic Church look like amateurs in the molestation sweepstakes.

    Where’s our Right-wing public and private school infrastructure? Hell, why isn’t every kid on the Right being homeschooled at this point? It’s not like the Leftist takeover of the schools from pre-school on up hasn’t been known for over thirty years now. What – think it’s gonna get better all on its own?

    Where’s the alternative Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts? The pozzing of the Scouts is old news – at least a couple of years old – by now. Surely someone’s started alternatives to replace them. What’s that sound… crickets?

    Where’s the Right-wing ESPN?

    Why are Right-wingers allowing their churches to be fully converged and taken over by the Left? It’s kinda hard for Christianity to be one of the cornerstones of Western Civilization when it belongs to the Enemy.

    While a part of me is still humane enough that I’d truly hate to see this, where’s the Democrat congressional softball practice that’s been shot up by a disgruntled Jeb Bush supporter?

    Germans, Scandinavians (who’re as close to fully pozzed as makes no difference), Italians, and even the freaking French have been burning migrant/rapefugee relocation centers and turning away refugee ships. How much of that’s been happening here?

    Hell, friggin’ Austria has built border walls, even… and meanwhile, here, the father of a raped and murdered young American girl is busily virtue signalling how important it is to support illegal aliens in their time of struggle.

    If we’re not fighting the culture war at this point, before long, we won’t have a culture. We are perilously close to that point as it is.

    Now, keep in mind, I’m not advocating or wishing for things to kick over sideways and go hot.

    I’m just pointing out what all of us can see – or more importantly, not see – when we look around us.

    I am advocating that it’s at least thirty years past time that we started figuratively razing the Left’s fully converged institutions to the ground and actually building alternatives.

    So, yeah:

    The Left is at war with us.

    We’re not yet at war with them.

    That should be beyond obvious at this point, even to the slow students.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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