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After the overwhelmingly positive comments and emails I got encouraging me to move forward with the podcast idea, well, I don’t see how I can NOT give it a whirl. So I’m kicking some ideas around with my roomie, my lifelong partner-in-crime who also happens to be the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist for the Playboys. We also happen to have a perfect room for a studio here, although it will require a fair bit of cleaning out and re-organizing. As of now I’m thinking in terms of something close to an old-school rock and roll radio show with plenty of political/current-events ranting and raving interspersed throughout. The radio-show idea is probably shorting the technological options of podcasting a goodish bit, along with imposing some limits that maybe don’t make a lot of sense in what’s supposed to be a free-form and wide-open media format, I dunno.

On the other hand, with me and Chipps doing the thing, it opens up some other vistas that as far as I know almost nobody else is doing—specifically, we can do some live music of our own here and there, to name one. The house is jam-full of musical instruments, amps, and such-like; no reason not to make use of them for this thing, I’m thinking. We’ll see what develops. Up until now I’ve been very careful to keep music and politics separate, so…well, like I said, we’ll see.

In addition to clearing out our nascent studio and mad-scientist lab here, we’ll have to assemble the necessary studio gear and all. Some of it we’re going to have here already, which ought to hold the costs down to something less than outright coronary-inducing. Nonetheless, nobody should be expecting our inaugural ‘cast to drop within the next few days, or even weeks. I’m thinking maybe sometime around Christmas-time, but I ain’t gonna rush it. I want to get things as dialed-in as possible, in terms of the production side of the house if not the content/creative aspect, before turning this baby loose on y’all long-suffering CF lifers out there.

The really funny thing here, though, is this: as influential as your supportive responses were, know what really inspired me to start thinking seriously about taking the podcast plunge? Weird as it will no doubt seem, it was this:

Hearing that remake on the radio the other day reminded me fondly of Ram Jam’s remake, a monster 70s hit that I just loved in my youth and my daughter loves now. It was originally a Leadbelly tune, which I coincidentally heard on my Spotify blues feed the other day for the first time in years. These recent coinkydinks got me to thinking about how much fun it might be to toss ’em all into the podcast mix one after another for a compare-and-contrast; this in turn got me to thinking about other off-the-wall juxtapositions I could throw out there to keep things entertaining for my pitiful handful of listeners out there.

So yeah, I’m going to be dipping a toe in as soon as I can get equipment purchased, space cleared, and some ideas jotted down. I want to have all my ducks as in-a-row as possible right off the bat, which I figure will have to make what is sure to be a sometimes painfully steep learning curve from publicly embarrassing me too badly. And I remain just about too busy to even post here with any consistency, which will doubtless not help speed things along. I’ll keep y’all posted here as the thing is slowly jolted, Frankenstein-like, into shambolic life. Thanks for weighing in, everybody.


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