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I’ve never listened to a podcast in my life. I very seldom bother with YouTube vids either, unless I’m searching for something specific to post here like a music vid or something. Most of the time, when someone suggests I watch this or that video or listen to this or that podcast, I just agree that it sounds great, thank them, and then get busy forgetting all about the whole thing. I have no idea why I’m so resistant to ’em, but…well, there it is.

But I had a conversation the other evening with an old and dear friend of mine, a radio DJ from around these parts now living in Florida. He’s a CF long-timer, and he was very insistent that I should consider doing a podcast myself. I barely have time to even blog these days, spending just about all my waking hours either minding the young ‘un or struggling to keep my head above water via Ubering. So I was, shall we say, blase about the notion throughout.

Right up until he told me that a major radio conglomerate with whom he has a close professional association has gotten behind podcasts in a big way, and that he could easily hook me up with them for distribution purposes. They pay fairly handsomely for this stuff, he says, which I find difficult to even comprehend.

So, not being in a position to be looking any gift horses in the mouth, I confess I’m mulling it over somewhat seriously. First step, I guess, would be to start sampling what’s out there so I know what the hell anybody even does on the damned things. I mean, I can guess easily enough what podcasts are generally like, or so I think. But hey, I could be all wet, right? Could be this new expressive frontier harbors exciting and inspiring possibilities I can’t begin to imagine, and I’m only depriving myself of great satisfaction by abstaining. Could be I need to get hip and dip a toe in to see what’s shakin’.

Then again, a certain startup investment would be required, which for me right now amounts to a serious obstacle—a near-insurmountable one, honestly. Then again again: dude, BIG RADIO BUCKS. For doing nothing more than running my damned mouth about whatever I might feel like yapping about. Those who know me well, be they podcast fans or no, would surely wonder what the hell took me so long. After all, I’ve been giving it away for free all these years, to their annoyance and/or exhaustion sometimes.

Then there’s the stubborn fact that the last time this DJ friend of mine tried to coax me into the talk-for-pay business—a smallish and occasional gig at the station he worked at here (WRFX, for you locals) that could have maybe led to bigger-and-better—I poohed-poohed it out of hand. My main objection to trying it out back then was my hellishly hayseed accent, thick enough to cut with a knife and splash Texas Pete on. I’m not in the least self-conscious about that, mind. I’ve been on radio and TV plenty over the years, though, so I know what I sound like on the air. I assure you: if you ain’t from around these parts yourself, it ain’t pretty. I can’t imagine anybody subjecting themselves to such a thing on purpose.

All the same, I’ve admittedly looked back on that choice now and then with some regret. It was a missed opportunity for sure; even if it had led nowhere at all, it would have been a fun ride anyway, and I really should’ve taken him up on it. Moreover, I’ve always hated the sound of my singing voice on our records too, but it never stopped me from making more of ’em every chance I got, and selling ’em to the general public too. Clearly, then, my discomfort with my own personal vocal stylings is a good bit less than crippling, and can be overcome if necessary.

All of which is to say that, well, I’m torn here. Which is where y’all come in: any interest at all out there in listening to a longwinded, opinionated old blowhard prattle on in a hick drawl about current events, music, motorcycles, hot rods, and who knows what the hell else? Or is just reading my nonsense here quite enough to put up with all by itself, thanksverymuch?

Zman, who as you all know I respect and admire a great deal, sure seems to enjoy doing the things. It’s my understanding he was pretty much dragged kicking and screaming into it, then wound up being surprised by how enjoyable he found it. Maybe it could work out that way for me too. Lord knows I can use all the enjoyment I can find in life these days. We all can.

So feel free to let me know what you think about the idea, folks—pro, con, or indifferent—via comment or email. Any related suggestions or advice would be welcome as well. If there’s enough interest, I’ll maybe look into the expense involved and then just take it from there. Who knows, your input might end up convincing an old dog to learn a new trick.


8 thoughts on “Your thoughts solicited

  1. It’s just my two bits, but I’m much like you: I don’t listen to podcasts. Ever.

    Maybe if I drove regularly I would, but when at home I read a lot, occasionally with music playing, but podcasts mean I’ve got to sit quietly & listen while doing nothing else; that’s almost impossible for me to do. It reminds me of compulsory nap-time in elementary school, when I just wanted to read a book (not allowed!) instead of waiting interminably until the nap-time torture finished; perhaps I’m too easily bored.

    I much prefer text that I can read. I read very quickly, and talking seems to last forever without saying much. It’s also impossible to make note of important ideas or forward them to others, unless I’m listening with a notepad & pen at hand, which makes it work instead of enjoyment.

    Zman’s blog is a daily read for me, like your blog is, and I always forget that it’s Friday until I arrive at Zman’s and see his microphone logo; then I go away to return the following day. I have yet to hear one of Zman’s podcasts. They might be wonderful; I’ll never know unless he releases a transcription so I can read it.

    If there’s any chance of money for you in this, I say “go for it!” Apparently lots of people do listen to these things, and they must enjoy the experience. Lots of people like things I don’t, and vice-versa. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Go for it. A thick southern accent might just be the ticket. Who the hell wants to listen to one more mid-Atlantic voice ponderously droning on about the same old things? Here’s an intro for you.

    “Rope. Tree. Some assembly needed. This is the Cold Fury podcast.”

    I’d love to hear that in a southern accent. followed up by your acerbic take of the day.

  3. Concerned about your “ugly” voice? Ever listened to Alex Jones? That guy sounds like a bullfrog with smoker’s cough, and he gets millions of listeners a week. There’s a “comedian” named Theo Von that gets plenty of listeners, and he’s from Louisiana and sounds like it. I would suggest doing your podcasts on video as well, to get exposure on as many platforms as possible. YouTube (and the other major platforms) are censoring most channels on the right side of the political spectrum, so if you go that route have your stuff on Steemit and Bitchute as well.
    Hell, if I got thousands of views for a self-help video for people who stutter that got no publicity, you can do it and get decent viewership numbers! Are you afraid to go where I, a guy who had a severe stutter until he was 50, has gone to?

  4. I never watch, and very seldom listen. I’ll read.

    I am a fan of Scott Adams — the Dilbert guy. But I have never heard his podcasts.

    You should go for it though, but don’t forget to write.

  5. Most of my podcasts come via Youtube, which I listen to while working. I listen to Joe Rogan, the Daily Wire, Sargon of Akkad, Dave Rubin, and a large assortment of others. They are all a great place to start. Rogan’s a comedian, a UFC fighter and commentator, and skews personally liberal but 99 times out of 100, comes down on the right side of the free speech argument. Rubin does an interview show. The Daily Wire crew all have their own style of commentary, but the thing to remember about podcasts is this: podcasts are for people who don’t have time or inclination to sit down and read for long periods of time. You have some fairly lengthy blog posts and busy people don’t have time to commit to reading lots of blogs who have lengthy posts on a regular basis. Busy people do have to drive, though. They do have to do mindless busy work like cooking and house cleaning. They can listen when they don’t have time to read. I don’t think your accent will be an issue, but it’s important to have a good conversational style. I wish you the best of luck, I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  6. As long as you don’t have a voice made for print*, you should be all right.

    * Only vblogs I watch or listen to are Razorfist and Computing Forever, because, well… most vbloggers and podcasters have voices made for print.

  7. Give it a go if only to know you tried and either didn’t dig it or it just didn’t work out. No room for regrets on that path. Who knows, if it works out maybe you ditch the ubering thing and have more time for your family, doing the thing, and your blog. Heck it might even get good enough so you can pay all the bills with it. But you’ll never know if you don’t at least try.

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