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Playing with matches

Little sparks can sometimes grow into huge conflagrations.

Since the election, the Left has been dreaming up scenarios in which the results of the election are overturned. For a long time they were sure Trump would be impeached, but that seems to have faded. Last year my left-wing office manager was deep into the impeachment scenarios. Now the talk is of revolution, which probably fits better with their conception of themselves as the heroic resistance. They imagine Trump as a strong man, against whom they must resist until the system cracks, and then the revolution begins.

On the other hand, there are limits to everything. As the outrages from the Left stack up, the average white person in American grows more angry. Talk to anyone sympathetic to this line of thinking and they will tell you they have grown far less tolerant of their remaining liberal friends. I know I’ve lost touch with quite a few former friends, because I will not tolerate their nonsense. I have friends who just a few years ago thought Ben Shapiro was edgy and now think the alt-right is too soft. There is a reaction brewing in the country.

The question is what would it take to move people from yelling at their televisions over the latest liberal outrage to marching in the streets. This is never easy to know. Sometimes, the smallest spark sets off the biggest fire. The reaction to Alex Jones getting purged from the internet has been surprising, given that he is not a serious person. I got questions from people, who never heard of him until yesterday, angry over his banishment. My guess is the percentage of people thinking fondly of Pinochet is at an all-time high right now.

As far as the spark, a move against Trump is good bet. The glue that keeps things from flying apart right now is middle-class white people, who still have faith in the political system. These are the middle American radicals Sam Francis wrote about 30 years ago during the Reagan moment. They will tolerate just about anything, as long as they think they can fight the other side within the system. An effort to remove Trump or even silence his advocates, could be a spark that gets these people into the streets.

It is tempting to think this will all blow over. I was in the camp until recently. Now, I just don’t see how it will ever be possible to make peace with the Left. They hate us and will use any means necessary. The lack of code is the critical part. How does one make peace with someone that will never abide by the rules? Whether this results in revolution, counter revolution or civil war is hard to know, but the number of people thinking the gap cannot be bridged is growing every day. Now we wait for the Cossak’s wink.

The gap CAN’T be bridged, as I’ve said for a long, long time now. The conflict is between people who want total, unquestioned control (“We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives“) and people who insist on their right to be left alone—between people who believe in the Founding vision of limited government and people who want no limits on government whatsoever. How can anyone possibly imagine that those positions are reconcilable? As I’ve asked before: if you’d prefer to see Constitutional government reinstated yet also favor “compromise” with the Left, exactly which parts of the Constitution are you willing to see thrown out?

As for Alex Jones, I kinda don’t get the high dudgeon over his “deplatforming.” YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, et al have been doing the exact same thing to both strident Dissident Right types and far milder and more innocuous “conservatives” for a long while now without nearly this much ballyhoo over it. Now all of a sudden people are willing to draw a stark line around a nut like Jones? Not saying they shouldn’t, mind; if it had been done long ago, maybe we wouldn’t be where we are now. It just seems kind of weird to me that Alex Jones ends up being the Bridge Too Far, that’s all.

But it’s easy enough to explain. The Left has stayed frenziedly on the attack for so long now that people are fed up with them. Seeing as how they still show no sign at all of being willing to dial back on the cray-cray one little bit—on the contrary, they’re doubling down each and every day, seemingly incapable of perceiving the mainstream’s rapidly eroding forbearance not as the warning it is but as further incitement—it almost doesn’t matter WHO it was they went after this time.

And then the spark ignites the dry tinder, it blazes up and out of control, and everydamnedbody winds up getting burned.


7 thoughts on “Playing with matches

  1. In modern civil wars, there are no innocent civilians. Everybody, including children and people in hospital beds (a la Che) are legitimate targets. Mass bombings of civilian gatherings are the rule, not armies marching through the wheat. It will be Tutsi/Hutu or Serb/Muslim or ISIS/infidels not Chancellorsville/Gettysberg.

    People who want Civil War II don’t know what will happen, especially to them and theirs.

    1. Yeah, it seems like Resistance types wanting a revolution don’t seem to have thought about the free-for-all. I’m too comfortable to go doing this myself, but ISTM that a revolution would be a perfect time for some people with a modicum of long-range shooting skills to drastically thin the herd of antifa-types.

    2. True, which is probably why Chancellorsville / Gettysburg was not part of any civil war. It was a battle in the war for southern independence

  2. When the “fun” starts, kill the pigs first. It is THEY who are enabling this rampant fraud, corruption, treason, and sedition. Time for them and theirs to pay.

  3. Not just playing with matches, but doing so while holding a hose spewing gasoline from the largest tank possible.

    Making a list, checking it twice, gonna write down who’s left and who’s right…..

  4. In my mind the catalyst will be when a pro-trump supporter gets killed at the hands of the antifa thugs and it will be more than one of us that dies. If the police fail to intervene it will be open season on them as well as the brownshirts.

  5. Deplatforming has happened before, sure. But Infowars is the beta test for being taken completely off the internet for wrongthink. Within 12 hours, Jones was taken off all the major social media platforms. Then he was removed off of everything from LinkedIn to Disqus. This is a coordinated attack meant to take down those not parroting the approved leftist narrative. Lose this battle, and free speech will eventually die on the net. It is getting difficult just to get a host for sites “promoting hate speech.” Gab, for example, recently got threatened by Microsoft.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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