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One step closer

Guess all my “careful what you wish for, libs” warnings are falling on deaf ears.

A new undercover video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas features Antifa “fight instructors” teaching activists how to incapacitate political enemies by violently attacking them.

“If you get a good liver or kidney shot, it’s pretty much crippling them,” the Antifa instructor said. “They’re going to be pretty much doubled over and in a lot of pain.”

The instructor also recommended breaking one of the floating ribs to cause maximum pain on a victim. “It’s hard to move after that — to catch a breath,” he added helpfully. He told the activists that once the target is incapacitated, they can either run away or “really put a beating on them” if they want to “make it personal.”

The instructor said if they don’t knock the victim out, they should punch him in the nose or poke him in the eyes.

Well, okay, there’s that. Then there’s this.

“Why do you think you need a gun?”

It’s a question I suspect we all get asked at one time or another. We often answer that we carry for our protection, to defend ourselves or others. Others reply with a snarky, “It’s not called the ‘Bill of Needs,’ now is it?” Neither person is wrong, nor are many of the other thousands of potential answers.

However, it seems that some in Antifa are telling protestors looking to counter a right-leaning rally in Portland to “bring their own guns.”

I’m not about to tell those who are going to demonstrate peacefully to leave their guns at home, either. While I don’t want to see shootings take place, I want to see innocent people injured or killed even less. All people have a right to defend themselves, and that doesn’t change because of circumstances.

If anyone should leave their guns at home, it’s the group known to start fights over ideological differences, namely Antifa.

The Proud Boys would be no more than smart to arm up, knowing as they must that they’re attempting free speech in the no-free-speech zone of Leftardia, Oregon. As such, they can expect to be hounded, harrassed, and physically assaulted, with no support or protection of any kind from law “enforcement,” who will assuredly look the other way as rally-goers are encircled and viciously beaten by large groups of masked cowards.

People on our side tend to bluster a bit about Civil War 2.0, asserting that the Left needs to be careful about pushing us too far lest they get their heads handed to them with a quickness. I’ve done it plenty myself, in fact, and am still inclined to think it so. But it might also be that such talk is closely akin to that preceding CW 1.0, when both sides assumed that one good, hard skirmish would settle the issue, with all the air rushing out of the other side’s will to fight following a solid demonstration of serious intent. Once the balloon went up for real, the one side would realize that the other was serious, stack arms, and go home.

It didn’t work out that way at all, of course; the most notable thing about the first Civil War was its bloody ferocity, the willingness of rank and file farmboys, shopkeepers, and factory hands to stand firm and slaughter each other at close quarters until none were left upright—very nearly literally—again and again, over the course of years.

Against all previous expectation, the Southern soldiers in particular fought on well past the point of no hope—exhausted, outnumbered, clothed in rags, shoeless, half-starved, weary, far from home, with rocks and clubs when their ammunition ran out. Very few of them owned slaves, or knew someone who did. A fair number of my own ancestors fought for the Confederacy, and not one of them had so much as a pot to piss in, as they used to say. Slavery was an issue far, far removed from them, with little relevence. Yet they fought anyway, doggedly and without thought of surrender.

Might it not turn out the same today? How seriously does the Left take its openly-declared assessment of us as evil, murderous, bigoted, Nazi despots out to do grievous harm to all within our greedy grasp? Can people who don’t even understand what socialism is be deluded enough to lay down their lives to defend it anyway?

All signs point to yes. On the other hand, though…


I dunno, I gotta say I like Team Patriot’s chances here.


5 thoughts on “One step closer

  1. You know Mike, I don’t think they have the numbers to field an actual fighting force. I think they’re close to maxed out for actual fighters. Granted they get support from democrats but most democrats are office workers, welfare bums, studies majors etc.. Good luck getting them in the field. In the Civil War both sides had tough men aplenty. Now they have a few paid scary dudes and a bunch of soy boys.

    1. But they DO have the numbers. They own the Only Ones, as has been repeatedly shown in every clash so far. And those Only Ones will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. Under color of law.

  2. If 5-10 of the commie dem assholes got their kneecaps blown off, this shit would stop in a heartbeat.

    They want us to think they “mean business.” Mean it back in full, and this shit will stop.

  3. Thank you for a great site.
    One technical point a southern boy like yourself should know: the Civil War was NOT about slavery. It was about the rich industrial North trying to turn the agrarian South into its economic bitch. This is why the South seceded. Fort Sumter was attacked because it was a Northern revenue station collecting the ruinous taxes imposed by the North. At some point, quite a ways into the war, slaves started showing up at the Union army’s lines. At first the army shooed them away and threatened to shoot them if they didn’t go back to where they belonged. But they kept coming and were a big problem for the army. Sometime after this phenomenon became well known in Washington somebody had the bright idea to use the slaves as a wedge to help defeat the South. Neither side was “winning” the war at that point. This is what prompted Lincoln (toady to the Robber Barons) to offer freedom to the slaves. It was a strategic military move. There was noting altruistic about it. The Civil War was fought over the question of whether a state could secede from the Union. The Constitution said yes, the federal government said no for purely selfish economic reasons. The Union was set up with the States all powerful. The Civil War was a violent coup by the Robber Barons seeking central control over everything, with Lincoln as their sock puppet. You may have noticed that the federal government has become more and more powerful ever since. Central control is what communism is all about. All tyrants want total control over everything. This is what those on the Left think they want. It’s not an accident that these loud mouthed, hateful, spoiled brats don’t know that communism always results in grinding poverty, secret police, gulags, and mass graves. They are not taught history. Converting the US education system into communist indoctrination centers was a covert operation undertaken by the USSR. By the time the USSR collapsed the program was advanced enough that it continued to function on its own. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Vladimir Lenin.

  4. Nice to see they are getting some instruction. Sorta like those twatter instructions recently showing ‘how to punch a Nazi in the face’. Got news for those girls – pictures and the occasional class are NOT going to cut the mustard. Oh sure, kidney, liver, or floating rib shot. OK, lets assume these dullards gleaned some basic anatomy in school (big assumption as even in the 80’s anatomy was not required). Now.. how do they propose to land that shot? These plans will work great until they get a nice shot to the philtrum . As for me.. if I see you trying to work those spots I’ll gladly open the door for you.. just to make it a little easier to break your elbow. Now I’m sure there are some on the left that have trained and even have a black belt to prove it but can they really fight outside dojo? Some surely can and some others can fight in general but my guess, based upon the ‘shrooms I see around me ain’t lasting long in a real fight. I guess most of them think its like the movies – 15 minute fights where solid blows are just shaken off. They don’t realize it takes one good shot.. or maybe making your opponent have one good hard miss to end the dance.

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