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Acosta doubles down

And steps in it again.

The truth IS prevailing, Jimmy boy. That’s what’s happening right now…and it’s driven your side right into daylight barking madness.

Pro tip: you and your faux-journalist ilk aren’t supposed to even HAVE a side, Jimbo. But you do, and we all know you do. Hannity gets the last word:

Bang fucking ZOOM.

(Via Breitbart)


6 thoughts on “Acosta doubles down

  1. It’s almost too bad that journalists are having to reap such a bitter crop. Perhaps they shouldn’t have sown it, tended it, and fertilized it so well. They have willfully and happily demonized and vilified anyone on the right for my whole adult life so their sudden consternation when it happens to them moves me not a whit.

    I don’t know whether to shed some crocodile tears or laugh like crazy.

  2. I was at that rally and started the booing that got people to swarm Jimmy the Cuban (or whatever he is). I wanted to approach the media platform, but I was afraid that I would throw something or try to grab Acosta for a good beat-down. Instead, I went to the concessions for hot-dogs and a Coke.

  3. Oh, I forgot to ask– who is it that controls all media/press/journalism/TV/movies/radio/entertainment/the Internet, etc, in America? It is on the tip of my tongue. Oh well, it will come to me.

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that after the crowd stopped jeering Acosta, he spent about 20-30 minutes talking to some of the same people who had been jeering him. I would imagine that they all shared as to why they were jeering him and the press, but it went in one ear and out the other apparently, because when I watched the news later that evening, Acosta castigated all of those people and said that they were wrong for what/why they were protesting him and the press. The guy is soul-less shit-weasel.

  5. The fact of the matter is that non-whites are incapable of creating or maintaining stable, just, and prosperous societies. This is why they always follow the white man and want to parasitize him.

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