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Showing fight


It’s about damned time somebody—some purported “conservative,” that is—did this. And it took Trump, bless him, to do it. Liberal “journalists,” as one would expect, immediately lapsed into paroxysms of fearful, tearful hysteria, moaning about “authoritarianism,” “oppression,” “jailing reporters,” “a climate of fear” and such-like. All Trump did was speak the plain truth about these lying propagandists; they ought to spend some time with some real journalists locked up in commie gulags like Cuba sometime to see what tyranny REALLY looks like, from inside the belly of the voracious beast.

Acosta’s whimpering, child-like response is absolutely priceless.

Best. Fucking. President. EVER. And the NeverTrumpTards wonder why, no matter how much they sneer at us and him both, we still love the guy. Ace provides a damned good explanation for them on that one, which they won’t get either:

Here’s the problem with Jonah Goldberg and why we’ve ejected him from the movement forever:

He never took a damn thing he’s written seriously. It’s all just a hustle, a paycheck. So it’s very easy for him to forget things he’s written before — he didn’t mean them when he wrote them, so it’s easy enough to slough them off like a snake’s old skin now.

At some point we all realized these people didn’t mean a word they were saying at any time. And since they didn’t give a shit about their #PaycheckConservative bullshit, we stopped giving a shit about it too.

These people lie and lie and lie, never putting the majority of the base’s concerns as any kind of priority, just paying lip service to those concerns as they ruthlessly sacrifice the base’s actual primary concerns to secure their own primary concerns, or the concerns of their liberal friends and corporate donors.

We’re tired of that. We don’t want you any more. Whether it’s Trump or whether it’s a literal circus clown: We will take the literal circus clown over you.

We. Are. Done. With. You.


There is no “spell” to break and there is no cult of personality. What there may be is an anti-Cult of Personality — millions of Republicans united not in worship of someone but united in antipathy bordering on hatred for a group of charlatan liberals who’ve been sabotaging the alleged conservative movement for decades.

We’re not coming back, and you’re not coming back, either. 

And there it is. As I always say: ask yourselves why we hate you. Or don’t, at this point we don’t give a shit whether you figure it out or not.


11 thoughts on “Showing fight

  1. If Goldberg lives another 50 years and only writes one more word, that’s too many. Same for his buddies like George Will. Sellouts, traitors, Torries.

    1. Goldberg is, and always has been, a Roosevelt Republican (Read Barry’s book). I stopped (basically) reading him 15 years ago. I am not saying hes not GOP- just a Ronny hater. Pro “Nanny State” 18 years ago; pro “Deep State” since ’13!
      The GOP is not, and never has been, “conservative”. Ronny scared Hell out of ’em from ’81 to ’88; and then the leftist Bush took over!

  2. He never took a damn thing he’s written seriously. It’s all just a hustle, a paycheck. So it’s very easy for him to forget things he’s written before — he didn’t mean them when he wrote them, so it’s easy enough to slough them off like a snake’s old skin now.

    Not that I disagree with him on Goldberg, but that’s pretty rich coming from Ace.

    1. Well, there are people who say stupid things, realize it, and change their take. Then there are people who say stupid things, refuse to realize it, and double down on stupid.

      Goldberg is in the second category. Ace is not.

      1. No, Ace is not. I’ll give him that.

        However, Ace in his “I’m off the Trump train and I’m never coming back!” post stated flat out that he supported the right-wing position throughout the Bush Jr. years even when he didn’t believe it because “he thought that that was what his readers wanted to see from him,” and he just couldn’t do it any more. Until he reversed course and found out he really could do it some more. If it hasn’t been deleted, it’s in his 2016 blog archives, you can page through and find it for yourself.

        My view that he saw which way the readership winds were blowing and jumped back on to preserve his readership and advertising/blog income, which is a perfectly fine and understandable albeit mercenary motivation – mercenary is not a four letter word.

        But it does mean that I’ll never trust him again. I fully expect him to go LGF again when it’s in his perceived best interests to do so.

        Right now he’s performing a valuable service for the Right and the Trump train, so by all means, use him as long as he’s useful.

        And you’re right: Goldberg is an entirely different kettle of Cuck. Ace just has no room to call him out.

        1. Ace is just another pig-sucking piece of shit. Like Gowdy. Piggies – and prosecutors – can’t do no wrong. But then I’m sure it’s just the case that the FBI is stuck with the dregs of “Law Enforcement” candidates, since all the good ones end up in your local “Law Enforcement” agencies. And the same goes for prosecutors and the DoJ, in comparison to your local DAs.

          There are no good pigs.
          There are no good prosecutors.
          God damn them all to hell for what they have done to this country.
          And God damn their families with them, because their spouses know full well what they are, yet they cheer them on anyway.
          “True Lies” this ain’t.

          1. There are no good pigs.

            *nod* But sometimes pigs are useful. Case in point: bacon, fatback, and ham.

            Use ’em while it’s tactically or strategically advantageous, as this is war, and you never completely discard a useful weapon in war. Discard them when they prove themselves more liability than weapon.

            Goldberg is more liability than weapon. Has Ace reached that point yet? I don’t think so, but I’m open to being convinced.

  3. In response, I would ask:
    Has Gowdy reached that point yet?
    My answer is yes, beyond any doubt.
    Ace may not be there, but he’s sure sidling up real close.

  4. But if THIS is true:
    then we now have a horse of a different color. I wonder how dear ol’ Trey will react…

    OT, but beware of the claim that someone has come forward to identify who murdered Seth Rich. Supposedly the murderers were BATFE and DEA. I would only note that NEITHER of those entities is particularly good at “wet work”, and that plausible deniability would be difficult if they were caught, because Mr. Rich would give them even less excuse for their actions than did Mr. Koresh.

  5. I’ve been waiting about 35 years for that. Thank you President Trump! Yep.. they just don’t get it. This guy sees and calls out what we the deplorables have been seeing for years while being told we shouldn’t believe our lying eyes.

  6. Time to mind job the cabal and their deep state.

    There’s 40,000 sealed secret indictments at last count waiting on something. If the white hats are running a myriad of secret grand juries to create such a never before quantity of sealed indictments, it sure looks like has the appearance of an indictment of just about every child sex slave trafficker and phedophile, actor of the deep state, dirty stinking commie, probably about 98 % of the swamp, and various “NGO” scumbag running a communist anti MAGA operation, along with a number of fake media actors. Forty Thousand…indictments…WTF?

    What if they are indictments of the sonofabitches trying to destroy our beloved Republic? Its probably not unreasonable to suppose the recipients of these sealed indictments know they are under suspicion. And maybe, its why AG Sessions is absent, he is overseeing these vrand juries, maybe Sessions publicly stated war against marihuana is a distraction for his actual activities.

    There’s 65 million of us MAGA’s who voted for President Trump, we can help our Champion out by using our power as a plurality that withdrew consent for the clowns and traitors running our great country into a banana republic 3rd world #shithole.

    #Release The Indictments!

    We can make #Release The Indictments! go viral. Imagine the effect on the sonofabitchez if there is 65 million posts of #Release The Indictments! attached to every comment, blog post, email, what have you? Remember, the purpose of all the intelligence agencies spying is to gauge the dirt peoples state of mind, what threat we are T them. So lets make it real easy for them to pick up on what we are all thinking, which I basically a call, a demand to prosecute and punish these scumbags in power who are domestic enemies of us all.

    #Release The Indictments!

    Imagine the fear and loathing this simple hashtag creates?

    #Release The Indictments!

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